Monday, October 10

A Trip to Town

I've been feeling that with everything going on lately, our little family needed some time to get out and reconnect.  I had purchased some children's museum passes on groupon recently so we decided to go to town for the day.  First was the children's museum, and oh boy did they have fun!  A lot of it was over there heads but they could have cared less, they had a blast.  Their favorite parts were playing in the small "city" where they could go into kid-sized versions of places like a bank, restaurant, vet's office, and an ambulance, and the outdoor water play area was a big hit too.  Wouldn't you know it rained though?  We've had a drought for months and months and it rained on the day we planned to take them to play outside and have a picnic.  Figures!  It did dry up a bit so that we could go outside for a few minutes; Luke loved using tubes to redirect water that was pumped out of the stream, and Beth and Jack ran around and checked everything else out.  I love watching Luke get really drawn into something though, it takes a lot for something to grab his attention so much that he'll stop paying attention to everything else.

After the museum we drove to a park where we had a picnic lunch.  It was still wet but not raining, so we dealt with puddles but the kids didn't seem to mind that too much!  We had to stand in line in order to ride on the train, and thank goodness because the sky opened up and it poured for about 10 minutes, those poor people on the train ride before us got soaking wet!  We rode the little train around the park and both kids said this was their favorite part of the day!  (It was probably Jack's favorite part too as he nursed the entire train ride, ha!)  It was about 2:00 after the train ride and everyone was clearly about to fall asleep so we left to come back home. 

Later that afternoon Grandma and Grandpa came over to visit the kiddos, their first time to see them in a few weeks since they'd been out of town.  When Beth found out they were coming over, she declared, "This is the best day EVER!"  and Ryan and I cracked up.  We had dinner and took the kids outside to play on their new bikes- Luke's "new" Spiderman bike was an early birthday present from Mawmaw and Pawpaw!  Beth's bike isn't new but since her training wheel broke a couple of months ago, we decided that instead of buying her new training wheels we'd just take them off and see if she can ride!  Well, it took about four days of practice, but yes, she can ride.  Pretty well too, though I am concerned about her learning how to stop the right way!  Jack will sometimes push himself on his rocket (Luke's old rocket) but usually prefers to be pushed around in the umbrella stroller!

I should add that, for the record, it rained ALL DAY on Sunday!  This is easily the first time in months it has rained this much.  I'm pretty sure Jack doesn't know what rain is, he seemed a little confused when he was in the garage checking it out!  We had a lazy day at home and recuperated from our busy Saturday.

I love that the kids are getting old enough that we can do fun activities like this an not have to worry so much about naptimes or following a schedule so rigidly.  I feel like they're finally able to start enjoying things that our city has to offer!  And, I didn't bring my camera or take pictures because I wanted to be fully in the moment with my kids.  I love having photos of them but feel like when I'm trying to take pictures, I'm just observing what happens, so the only pictures I have from the day are a few that were taken on my phone!


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun family day!

grandma c said...

Sounds like a FULL fun the kids loved the train. That is why we have weekends! Great pictures!

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