Wednesday, October 26

Ryan's Half-Marathon

Before the race began, psyching himself up no doubt

Ryan's cheering section.  Eating breakfast.

And they're off!  Yes, this hill is right at the start of the race, and not the only hill he had to run.  He didn't train on any hills and this is what nearly did him in.

We had lots of time to kill so we ate some more breakfast (Chex in a bag) on a hill.

I think she was expecting to watch people run the entire time, poor girl was rather bored.
Halfway done!  Only six and half miles to go!
Minutes after Ryan finished.  He really sprinted those last hundred yards or so, and given that this was his first time to ever complete this distance, he was exhausted.  And sore.  But he did it!


Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

WOW - great job Ryan!! What a beautiful cheering section he had!

grandma and grandpa said...

Wow! Awesome run, Marathon Man! What a wonderful feeling to run right into the arms of the cheering family!

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