Tuesday, May 31

A Long Weekend

The graduate and me. 
We've been busy!

Friday afternoon we left for what seemed like a tour of Texas!  We drove to my hometown for my brother's high school graduation and my Dad's 50th birthday party, and got too see many other friends and family along the way!

Saturday was the ceremony, Saturday afternoon/evening there was a party in honor of my brother, and Sunday after Mass we drove out to the hill country for my dad's birthday celebration.  Sunday night we drove back, and Monday we left to come home with a pit stop in our college town to visit friends and so that I could have my follow-up appointment with my first client.  We got home at 10:00 last night and crashed! 

Busy busy busy, but so much fun and we all had a really wonderful weekend!  I am so happy that we live close enough to visit my family on these special occasions! I am so blessed.
Jenny and Bethie.

Beth and luke had a lot of fun riding around with Pawpaw!

Jack played in the grass for a bit, but usually someone had to hold him!

Beth will always find a swing... She looooves swinging.

Sunday afternoon on the river.

Fishing with Daddy.

David did a belly flop into the river.


Thursday, May 26

Kid Torture

They all got in there on their own accord, I promise. ;-)

Wednesday, May 25

11 Months!

On his 11 month birthday, let the record show he took two steps alone. :-)

We've been tempting him to walk and he's soooo very close, and yesterday he actually took 2 or 3 steps unaided, several times.  Today he might have done it once or twice.  He's not ready to take off yet, but I have a feeling it will be soon!

The boy is still very passionate about life.  I don't recall Beth or Luke being such little turkeys!  Jack is insistent on his way, whether he wants a bite of what I'm eating, wants to crawl back to where I've just removed him from, or he wants the toy that big brother or big sister just snatched from him.  In any case, he will holler and make his displeasure known! 

He's still so smiley all of the time.  And he still cuddles with me, which makes me very happy!  And... he's sleeping through the night!  He has been for a couple of weeks now, but he wakes up very early, usually at 6:15 am (sometimes earlier).  We let him crawl around in bed with us or on the floor in our room, but lately I've just been having to get up with him because he's screeching or pulling on cords or causing destruction. 

Have I mentioned he loves electrical cords and outlets?  Or that he can crawl up the entire staircase?  He eats more than Beth and Luke combined, nurses up a storm, has six teeth, and plays peek-a-boo with me.  His favorite "game" is playing on the bed or on the sofa, he gets very silly and falls and rolls around and laughs.  Over the past couple of days, I've also noticed that when I'm going to unbuckle him from his carseat, he's trying to push on the button to unbuckle himself.  Silly little boy!

Tuesday, May 24

A Quiet Morning

trains, blocks, and little people.
yes, her pinky is up her nose.  she thought it was very funny.
yes, he's chewing on a baby toy.  he's always chewing on something these days.
two favorite dollies.

Sunday, May 22

Baby and Doe

This morning we woke up to a baby deer curled up under the kid's slide.  He is sooo tiny!  We didn't see Mama until a few minutes later when she came wondering out of the woods, but she didn't seem too concerned that baby was napping undisturbed under the slide.  After we came home from mass they were still out back, and at one point baby decided to get up and walk around the play structure a bit.  His little legs were so wobbly!  Mama came by again and baby got up and chased her down to nurse.  Sounds about right. ;-)  They wondered off into the empty lot next door, I'm certain that's where they still are because there's no other empty lots nearby.  Needless to say we've kept Finley very close today!

Wednesday, May 18

Tuesday, May 17

Pretty Little Princess

It's almost time for Beth's ballet production!  This costume is so cute, I know she's going to have so much fun playing in it after the production is over!  This year's production is called Antshillvania, and it's an excerpt about the parable of the prodigal son.  Beth's class is so cute, she's actually in a younger class this year than she was last year, so she's now one of the older girls in the class. 

We're not positive if she'll be doing ballet again in the fall.  The past several months she's fussed about going to class, but once she gets there she always enjoys it.  I'm not sure what I'll be up for, the studio we attend is a 30-minute drive and it's quite a bit of work to get us there with everything we need, chase the boys around for 45 minutes (although it'd be 60 minutes next year), then make it home right before dinner time.  I love this studio though and didn't like the one closer to our home, so if she does choose ballet then we'd most likely stay there.  But I don't know what else she'd do in the fall if she chooses not to do ballet!

Sunday, May 15

Where I've Been..

I've been working hard, not hardly working. ;-)

I haven't posted too much recently for a few reasons.  Reason one is that we've ditched our cable and our computer is now our television!  We don't watch a lot of tv to begin with but when we do want to watch a show in the evening, we use the computer- which means I don't have access to my blog account.

Reason number two is I've been trying to cut back on my internet time.  I've stopped reading a lot of the "mommy blogs" what I used to read because they were making me feel inferior about being a good mother and good housekeeper, despite the fact that these blogs are meant to make you feel like a better mom and housekeeper!  Not me, I guess I'm odd like that.

Reason number three is because I now have another blog to maintain!  My business as a doula is up and running, and I have another blog for that business.  I try to post there a couple of times a week so it takes time away from this blog.  I plan to keep that blog completely separate from this one though, so if you would like to know the address of that blog please email me privately.  Also, if you are in the area and are in need of or know someone in need of a doula, please contact me!

Reason number four is because I am just SO busy.  I don't know why but recently I've just felt like I do nothing but run around all day, serving and giving my every last ounce of energy to my family members.  I've never run my own daycare but I sort of imagine it would feel like this!

This blog means so much to me because it's a detailed chronicle of our life.  I haven't been great about keeping up baby books but my kids will pretty much have their life stories detailed in this blog!  I definitely won't give this up!  

Saturday, May 14

Gluten-Free Girl

Miss Bethany has been gluten-free for over six months now!  Friday we had a routine checkup with our ped GI.  Since late September, our first visit with him, Beth has gained 3.5 lbs and grown 2 inches!  If there were any doubts in her growth, in September, she was 47th percent for weight and 35th for height.  Now, she's 54th percent for weight and 40th for height.  The doctor said her growth is great but we'll actually see an even bigger change in the upcoming year, assuming she has no issues she'll go back to see him next May.

Tuesday, May 10

Mother's Day

Mother's day was just another quiet day spent at home this year!  We played outside, cleaned out the garage, moved a (free!) new-to-us couch upstairs, and let the kids do their thing.  Mommy also ran out to Target for a few items and a 1/2 price Frappacino. :-)  I picked out a Gardenia plant as my Mother's Day plant (instead of flowers) and hope to plant it sometime after we get our fence in place.  It's little but hopefully I can keep it alive!

My other present was a swing for Jackson, money well-spent as he absolutely loves it.  We've been talking about it for months, finally Ryan just went out and got it!

It's going to be hard for me to get a picture of all three of them swinging and smiling! I love letting them play outside but it's sometimes hard for me only because Jack puts every little thing in his mouth.  I don't mind a little dirt every now and then, but I draw the line at clumps of sand, pieces of chalk, and Lord knows what else!

On the Mend

Last week was a busy week.

Jack's rash started getting worse- much, much worse- on Monday.  On Tuesday I had planned to take myself to the doctor because I was certain I had the flu, but instead I took Jack to the minor ER.  I was truly afraid he was going to have some sort of anaphylactic reaction and stop breathing because his body was swollen.  The ER doctor showed me a picture of a rash called Erythema Multiforme and said it would go away on its own.  I declined bloodwork because I knew that we had a dermatologist appointment on Thursday and that he'd want to do bloodwork then.

Wednesday he started to look worse, but still he was acting pretty normally.

Thursday was the day of our appointment, and the first day he started acting sick.  He had a slightly elevated temperature and "sick eyes" as we call them, was acting lethargic, and took a 3-hour morning nap!  When we arrived at the dermatologist's office that afternoon he took one look at Jack and immediately told me that he should go to Texas Children's Hospital to see a pediatric dermatologist, who happened to be someone he'd gone to med school with.  He talked to the other doctor and they decided to put him on 1/2 teaspoon of children's Zyrtec, to see if it would respond to that.  (It didn't respond to Allergra, which is why we were sent to the dermatologist in the first place.)  Within 30 minutes of that first dose of Zyrtec, he was starting to clear up!  I'll mean, he still looked pretty bad, but you could definitely tell there had been a change.

Friday morning my mom and I headed downtown to TCH to meet with the pediatric dermatologist.  Memories of Beth's biopsy flooded my memory as we entered the hospital and I remembered carrying my sick girl through those same halls.

The dermatologist was very nice, seemed very knowledgeable and very intelligent.  I had asked so many friends to pray that we had a wise and compassionate doctor and I truly feel like those prayers were answered!  We talked for quite awhile and she told me she had no doubt in her mind that his rash was due to a virus.  My most hated phrase, our initial diagnosis!  However, this time I had to believe her.  She truly heard me out, gave me the opportunity to ask lots of questions (especially relating to food allergies), and agreed to do bloodwork for my peace of mind.  (The bloodwork was all normal, I found out this afternoon).

I feel at peace now.  Though his rash isn't completely gone yet, it looks much better thanks no doubt to the Zyrtec he takes daily.  But I've prayed, I've asked others to pray, and I have to surrender.  So for now we won't consult an allergist, and I will stop googling "baby red annular rash!"

In related news, Jack signed "more" today and I am sooo proud!  I'm freaking out a little that his first birthday is already next month!  Some days he seems so much like my baby, and other days I can't get over how old he seems.  He's not too close to walking yet, since he's such a fast crawler I bet he thinks why bother?  Ha!

Sunday, May 8

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