Thursday, April 30

Lukes first sweet potatoes



My daughter has a true love for shoes, and I don't know where she gets it from (Aunt Jenny?). I like shoes well enough, I don't have many fancy pairs and tend to wear the same ones over and over again, but Beth is totally a shoe girl. She loves my shoes, she loves her shoes, she loves her friend's shoes. Every time she and Grace get together, the first thing they do is take off their shoes and trade. This is how she was entertaining herself the other day:

take out mommy's shoes, pair by pair, and lay them neatly on the floor

try on each and every pair, one by one.

walk into mommy's bathroom to hear the sound of the heels on the tile. walk back to closet and repeat with the next pair. (yes those are gorilla slippers.)

fancy tinkerbell shoes that someone gave us. they're about 2 sizes too big for beth but she didn't care! she wore them to old navy and everyone loved them.

BFF Grace, fellow shoe-aholic.

Friday, April 24

Thursday, April 23

Outdoor Concert

Last Wednesday we went to an outdoor concert near Ryan's work, the kids and I met him there with a picnic in tow. We enjoyed the music, the beautiful evening, and the company of our good friends.

enjoying a cookie!

Before we left, I made some cookies to bring, and the anticipation of waiting for them to finish baking and cool down was enough to drive a 2-yr-old mad!

6 months old!

Today, Luke is 6 months old! I took him in for a checkup yesterday and the pediatrician said he looks great. Luke is tall and thin- 27.25 inches (upper 75%) and 15 lbs 8 oz (upper 10%). He's fitting into size 9 month clothing right now, but I think it's his torso length plus the cloth diapers add a little bulk too. He's mostly sitting up (still very shaky), has a bit of fluff coming in on his head, will be starting real solids in the next few weeks, and is still trying to understand this "sleep" thing. As in, he doesn't like to do it and will hopefully learn how to do it much better in the coming weeks!

I took him today for some professional pictures that came out stinking CUTE despite his crankiness, we managed to get several great ones that I had a hard time narrowing them down. So...grandparents, godparents, family members, expect to get yours in the mail soon!

Here's Beth at 6 months old for a photo comparison. :-)

Tuesday, April 21

Zoo day!

Last Tuesday we went to the zoo (I know, I'm really behind on my posts!), Beth, Luke and I went with my friend Katie and her two kids. We loaded all our gear and kids into Katie's SUV and trekked down there together for a few hours on a crisp, perfect morning. Beth really liked it, and Luke did pretty well just chilling out in the sling. Katie and I had accidentally dressed the girls in the same shorts, so they were totally cute in their matching outfits!

First food

Last week, in a desperate attempt to help Luke sleep a little better at night, we gave Luke some rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. Surprisingly, he didn't spit it all out! He ate in total, probably a quarter of a teaspoon. I know its nothing now but hopefully in a few weeks he'll eat a little more, and his tummy will be a little fuller at night. We haven't been consistent about giving it to him every day- I was previously in no rush to start him on solids for several reasons. And still, I'm not too serious about it, part of me can't believe he's even old enough to eat solid food!

first bite ever!

"what on earth is this stuff?"

Luke is sitting up rather well now, still wobbly but well enough that I can say that I think he's officially sitting up! The high chair has become a perfect spot for me to put him down, Luke doesn't really want to sit in the swing anymore because he's too reclined. He tries to pull himself up on the little tray, so I think we'll retire that soon and bring out the jumparoo. Beth adored the jumparoo, I hope Luke likes it too!

Here he is just sitting in the high chair, chewing on a spoon (without food). The last picture is his fish face, he just started doing this after we gave him the rice cereal. After every bite he'd make this face, it's so funny!

Monday, April 20

Just a quick note...

Just a note to say we found my sling! It was at my grandmother's house afterall, apparently I'd left it there after the crawfish boil and it somehow wound up neatly folded in her garage. Wohoo!

Sunday, April 19

Nights at class

While Ryan goes to class one time a week in the evenings, we usually find things to do outside now that the weather has been nice. Ryan will graduate with his MBA in less than a month! He's so excited to finally be done with school ("forever!!!" he says) and I'm so proud of him for sticking it out and getting it over with. In the mean time, he has a nasty case of senioritis! Hang in there, baby!

In related news, Ryan was recently offered a promotion at his current company! He proudly accepted and started his new job last week. He feels this is real career move instead of "just a job," and that this company holds a lot of potential for him in the future. His office is down the hall from the CEO and namesake of the company! Hmm, should we invite them over to dinner at our house??? ;-)

Dressing herself

Beth is becoming increasingly independent, I love it! Here is a sample of what happens when I suggest she dress herself:

Friday, April 17

You know it's a rough day...

...When you're actually chafed on your hip from carrying the baby around so much!

Thursday, April 16

Easter eggs

Saturday morning, before the crawfish boil, we dyed Easter eggs at home. Beth really enjoyed dunking the eggs and grabbing them out of the dye with her fingers! She helped me "make" the dye by pouring water and vinegar into the cups, unfortunately I neglected to tell her that we don't eat the tablets. (Don't worry, everything was non-toxic!)

Luke woke up from a nap right as we were finishing, so we decided to take a pic of him with an egg. I gave him a blue one and got this pretty picture:

Then I realized the dye hadn't set, and we got this pretty picture:

Our eggs were beautiful. Beth wanted to re-dye everything over and over again so...yeah. They're lovely!

beth and daddy

Tuesday, April 14

Annual Crawfish Boil

live crawfish. this is one of the three bags painstakingly obtained for us to eat, they are in the baby pool to be cleaned before boiling.

beth kept a very safe distance at first.

she wasn't so sure about them...flipping their tails around in the water, pinchers opening and closing, frantically trying to escape before the slaughter...

luke, on the other hand, was too little to know any better. he'd have grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth had we let him.

beth always has such a great time on the tree swing with her uncles!

luke's first beer?

spending time with uncle matthew. luke had such a great day with everyone wanting to hold and play with him!

we had an easter egg hunt with plastic eggs, i guess this was beth's first real hunt. she got into it after awhile, and we spent the rest of the afternoon re-hiding her eggs so she could hunt them all over again. they had chocolate in them that somehow magically disappeared after beth left her basket alone.

got one!

luke took a nap in his sling so i could enjoy some yummy mud bugs. this is also the last time i saw my sling- it has been MIA since last saturday and i am missing it terribly!!!

while beth got closer to the crawfish as the day went on, she still refused to try them and happily enjoyed a grilled hot dog and some sausage instead.

Monday, April 13

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! We had such a blessed, beautiful weekend! I have so many photos to post, it will take me a couple of days to get everything up. Saturday we had our annual crawfish boil and Easter egg hunt at my grandparent's house with all of my extended family, and Sunday we attended mass with my grandma, family, and aunt and uncle. I am so glad we decided to go to mass on Sunday and Good Friday services with my parents- 2 hours in a church with 2 kids would have been impossible for Ryan and me to handle alone! These are a few photos from after Easter mass.

cute pic with uncle michael
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