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Valentine's Day 2017

Ryan went searching for last year's Valentine's Day post, and we realized I didn't write about it because it was just so horrible!  I think last year was on a Saturday, the restuarant was incredibly crowded, the kids were ill-behaved, and I was newly pregnant and not feeling great!  Ryan almost didn't want to go back this year... But he is a man of tradition, so we went. 

This was our 11th year of having a "family date" again!  We went to PF Changs for an early dinner, Barnes and Noble to let everyone pick out a book, and then the kids rode on the carousel. We brought all of our cards for each other to the restaurant so everyone had something to do before the food came (which is the worst part that these kids, who don't eat our frequently, don't understand- that the food is made to order and you have to wait!).  I asked the boys to make cards for their sisters, and everyone had something for Ryan, and he and I exchanged little gifts.  We also had some special cards from Grandparents and Great-Grandparents!

 The family photo turned out much better than last year's photo.  Ahem.

At Barnes and Noble, Beth picked out a fantasy thriller, Luke picked out a King Arthur chapter book, and Jack picked out a Wild Kratts Level 2 Reader.  I gave the boys freedom to pick out pretty much whatever they wanted, hoping to encourage some excitement about reading.  Though Jack did bring me a scary stories book that I refused to buy!

Next we went to the carousel. Beth wanted to stand by Beth and "help" Caeli, I think she may have felt she was too old to ride and enjoy it!  But in the end she did.  I think the boys remembered it going much faster; Luke kept trying to encourage the whole thing to get a move on!

We picked up the car from valet- another Valentine's Day only treat- and were all home around 7 pm!  It was an early night- which is why I have time to sit her and write a post about it on the same day.  Every year I am so glad we kept up with this tradition.  This day isn't particularly special or romantic for us, but bringing our family out and witnessing to the world what love is and what love does has become more meaningful to me than what any society-encouraged date night could do.
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