Saturday, January 30


I'm 20 weeks along already, and as you've seen- it's a boy! I was sooo wrong, I would have bet a lot of money on a girl! Our ultrasound went well, though we'd like to ask for some prayers. My placenta is low so we'll have another ultrasound at about 30 weeks to make sure it's moved upward, away from the cervical opening. This is the most common route- imagine my uterus as a balloon that's being blown up. Pick a point on the balloon as it's only halfway blown up, and notice that as it continues to expand, that point should move upward. That point is where the placenta is attached, and the problem is only if the placenta stays so low that the baby can't leave the uterus in through the cervix. So, please keep us in your prayers- and know that we'll have another ultrasound in about 10 weeks!

We haven't picked a name for this child yet. We have a few narrowed down but it's been a very difficult decision this time around!

What else is going on... Let's see... Luke is still sick, but seemed to be in better spirits today. He's got a horrible nasty runny nose and was sneezing, coughing, and had red eyes. Today he looked a little better though, and actually played on his own for awhile. It's so hard to see him sick but the extra cuddle time is kind of nice for me. :-)

Beth is dancing and singing a lot more than normal these days! We checked out a book called Angelina Ballerina (A and B!) and I'm pretty sure it's encouraged her to dance a little more around the house! We've also checked out a few books by Karma Wilson that we're really enjoying. The Bear books, like Bear Wants More, are very cute, and Beth really likes them! She's also requesting that we sing "new" songs... Ryan and I are really struggling with this! We've resorted to singing Christmas songs and the Star Spangled Banner because we're running out of ideas for kid's songs, lol. We're halfway through our "B" week, I'll have a few things to update next week!

Friday, January 29

a brother!


I know you're all waiting for a post about the gender of #3... But this isn't it. ;-) We still have to tell some family tomorrow, then you'll get your update! Sorry to tease you all!

Instead, this entry is about Luke. He's coughing and has a horrible runny nose, so I brought him in and sure enough he tested positive for RSV. He's just miserable, but I'm very glad his fever went away. Today he seems to have a little more energy, though the coughs and the nose just won't stop! Our pediatrician suggested we use the nebulizer and albuterol treatments we have leftover from Beth's hospital visit (still good!) and that's been helping him breath a little better. I hope Beth doesn't get it again, this is no fun.

Tuesday, January 26


Tomorrow's the big day! We're having our ultrasound to find out if we're having a boy or a girl this time around! Wish us luck!

19 weeks- already squished up! (from

Monday, January 25

Cheating her?

Last week sometime I took Beth and Luke to the mall; we'd had a scheduled open house so to make use of our time we had lunch with daddy and I let the kids play in the indoor play area at the mall. Beth and Luke each ventured off immediately, so happy to be there! For a few minutes, Beth "helped" Luke play by showing him how to climb on the toys, but she soon noticed two girls- about her age- playing hide and seek. Beth asked me if she could play with them and I encouraged her to go to them and ask to play. She bravely walked away from me slowly and ask the little girl if she could play, and them immediately slunk down in their hiding spot and started talking and giggling. They played for the rest of the time I'd agreed to stay, probably another 15 minutes. She probably could've gone for another hour!

I was left thinking about this time, and how I wonder if I'm somehow cheating Beth of the opportunity to learn to play with others her age, especially girls. Since our friends moved, Beth hasn't had a friend that she sees on a regular basis. I know, she's newly 3, but she's becoming very social with other kids her age, and I feel like maybe she needs a social outlet. Dance is wonderful for her but it's not exactly an opportunity for free play!

There's the obvious option of pre-school or mother's day out, but that's not something I want to do with her. I'm uncomfortable with the idea of sending her off into someone else's care (call me controlling, but the most I can let her go is for an hour or two in the church nursery during my meetings!). I've considered starting or joining a playgroup, but I also don't want to get stuck in a group where my priorities differ greatly from the other moms in the group (cause we all know what playgroup moms talk about!). Our hom eschool group at church offers a lot of activities, even for kids her age, but I feel like I'm not ready to make any more commitments quite yet.

In any case, seeing her play with those little girls at the mall made me happy. She was having so much fun, so independently from me, and she talked about her experience with them for the rest of the day. Maybe I should just take her back to the mall once or twice a week!

Saturday, January 23

Arbor Day

We attended the local arbor day celebration again this year, but we decided to do it a little differently. In years past, we've gone after everything got started, but this year we arrived about an hour early! It was at a local park, so we drove straight up and got good parking, let the kids play on the playground, then were the first people in all the lines! We got some free tree seedlings for our new home (wherever that may be), had some free donuts, and were first in line for the bouncy-house playthings, balloons and face painting. We were ready to go about 15 minutes after it officially began, luckily right as it started to sprinkle.

We came home, had lunch and took naps, then spent the rest of the afternoon outside planting the seedlings in pots and making the outside of the house look pretty. Our appraisal will be sometime this week so we're trying to do everything we can to make the house look nice! The kids spent hours outside today and both went down for bed pretty easily tonight. I wish everyday was as pleasant as today!

Friday, January 22


I went to my first chiropractor visit today, and boy was it something else! I was nervous going into it, but I've had plenty of people assure me it's a good and wonderful thing to do while pregnant. So I tried it.

I have to tell you, when he had me lay down and he had his hands near the base of my head, I wasn't sure what was going on. He told me to relax and let my head roll, then all of the sudden CRACK. I laid still and started giggling- it seemed like I should be dead or paralyzed after hearing a sound like that! He did the other side of my neck, then my back and that was it. He did some other funky stuff that I didn't much care for or believe (NMT I think), but I think I will go back for "adjustments." I have been so loose and have experienced no soreness as a result of the visit, my head feels very unconstrained if that makes any sense.

Wednesday, January 20


We have an executed contract on our house! Wohoo! That was the first hurdle, the next hurdle is a big one: the appraisal. We have entered the 14-day option period in which the buyers are ordering an appraisal; if our house doesn't appraisal as high as we need it to in order to justify our seller's contribution, then we'll need to re-work the contact or possibly terminate it all together. So in 2 weeks we'll know if this house is officially "sold" or not!

In the meantime, we had something sort of wild happen last night. Our Realtor came over to our house to bring us the paperwork for this contract, and literally minutes before he arrived we found out the price of our "dream home" had been dropped $15,000! That's so wild- the timing is uncanny. So after talking it over, we decided that we're going to offer on our "dream home" and see if they'll accept a contingent offer. That is also very up-in-the-air, hopefully we'll know by next week if they will accept it or not.

For good measure, here's a belly shot from last weekend. Yesterday I *saw* movement from one side of my belly to the other, I am extremely nervous that I'm growing a giant!

belly shot- 18 weeks

Tuesday, January 19


Since I've been spammed a few times lately, I'm turning on the "word verification" option. I'm sorry to have to do this, but spam just ticks me off! I hope it doesn't deter my real readers from leaving comments.

Sunday, January 17

"A" is for Art

We've been slowly cruising through our "A" week last week, on Thursday we attempted some finger painting. The painting on the far left was her first experiment at getting her fingers dirty (she's a little Type A too, imagine that) and by the third painting she'd mixed all the colors together and really gotten into it! She painted for about 20 minutes and then decided she was done.

From the library, we've read Angels Angels Everywhere and The Art Lesson a lot this week, I think Tomie dePaola is one of our new favorite authors. We've had his book Pancakes for Breakfast for a long time, I only recently realized it was the same author (who does his own art, too). What I love about Pancakes for Breakfast is that it's all illustrations, no words, and so each time we read it we have a different story to tell. It's a good "lesson" for her in reading the pictures when she tells me the story.

We've also read A is for Altar, B is for Bible and An Alphabet of Catholic Saints. These are nice books I've purchased so they sit on her high shelf and we only read those at special times! (Most of her books are piled in a basket and are quite abused!) We have a few more books waiting on hold for us at the library, we'll probably make another trip tomorrow to see what we can find!

On the agenda for this week: lowercase "A," more library books, applesauce pie and maybe some molding clay!

No Joke

Around here, we take eating our Blue Bell ice cream seriously!

Wednesday, January 13

backseat driver

I suppose the newly-forward-facing status has lead Beth to believe she is now in control of our vehicle. I get orders to "go" at red lights, "go faster," "turn the music up," and the new demand, er, request, is "play my song!"

Her song is apparently Tic Toc by Kesha. The other day was pretty funny when we were listening to a secular radio station and the song started playing. I turned it up because I like the music, and Beth said, "Mom, this is my song!" really loudly, the started bopping her head to the music. How funny and cute, and how awakening to me that it's time to start listening to Christian music a lot more!

Like I need her learning the words to that one. Sheesh.

Bal-er-ay Class

We're still enrolled in ballet class every Monday. Beth's class is starting work on their choreography for the production in the Spring, and she's very excited about learning a "real" dance! She is still by far the smallest and youngest in the class, whenever someone asks me who my daughter is they always refer to her as the petite one, hehe. I guess I'd never thought of Beth as "petite!"

Luke plays with the other brothers in the waiting area, now that he's walking it's adding a new dimension to my having to keep a hawk-eye on him. A lot of the boys are older and bring small Lego pieces, which of course Luke is drawn to! He borrowed a toy car from a friend this past Monday, and starting making "brrrrrr" noises as he rolled it back and forth. It's amazing to me that car sounds are innate in little boys. I've heard gun sounds are innate too, unfortunately!

Tuesday, January 12


I felt like we had a successful day today, I'm not sure how else to put it. It's not like I had two perfect angelic toddlers running around, like I didn't ever feel pregnant, or like I had my wonderful husband around all day. In fact, Ryan had an emergency at work and isn't even home yet (everything's okay, just work stuff). I had two kids who were cranky on and off, happy on and off, a visit to my grandmother's house, an extra-long nap by Luke, a beautiful park outing and bike ride (with a small bike accident-she's okay), and a chaotic dinner but happy bedtime. It's been full and busy, I managed not to lose my temper (though there were plenty of opportunities) and am so grateful that I was able to nap, which probably helped me make it through the day! Days like this are good for me because they're real (as in, there are imperfections and chances for mistakes) but they've been successfully won. It leaves me feeling victorious.

(at our parish, an altar server rings bells during the consecration of the Sacred Body and the Precious Blood. i guess i never realized beth noticed the pillow they place the bells on to stop the ringing, because at momsie's house today she saw the pillow and said she wanted to ring the bells like at church. she kept raising and lowering the bells on the pillow. and i thought she wasn't paying attention!)

we're having to learn new rules about riding in the street and not riding too far ahead. i hate that our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks!

at the park, little brother wanted to climb up the slide just like big sister! he tried!

like father like daughter- stealing raw onions off my chopping board! we had shrimp etouffee for dinner, one of daddy's favorites. we're sad he missed dinner with us tonight. :-(

Monday, January 11


Here's a preview for a new movie coming out soon,it's called Babies. The movie is a documentary that follows the lives of four babies on four continents, from birth to age one. The first scene in the trailer nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing. For any mother who thought their kids were the only kids on earth who did these things...

Something new

As you may or may not have noticed, I have added a Google search toolbar and a few ads to my sidebar. This is my feeble attempt to make some easy money! The ads should never be offensive or risque as they generate based on what I've written on my blog! So while I can't ask you to click on them, if something looks nice to you please take a look. And if you're going to search Google, might as well do it from my blog! ;-)

Thursday, January 7

Our week

This has been an incredibly slow week for us. It started off with lots of things to do on my calendar, but slowly things have been canceled or rescheduled. We had one showing on Monday, the feedback was that the buyer put in an offer on a house with granite countertops instead, but that if that fell through they might offer on our house! I'm not expecting it to fall through, but it's a bummer that we were so close!

Since we're getting back into the routine of daddy being gone at work all week again (the holidays were wonderful!) we stayed close to home. We've been experiencing a little cabin fever because of the chilly weather, so we're finding ways to stay occupied in the house:

a slumber party in the living room

who knew boppys and blankets were so much fun?

we built a tent with beth's comforter. lots of fun for both kids, though luke enjoyed crawling in and out more than just staying inside. that's his striped back right there!

giving frisbee a big hug. yes my belly is that big already.

luke giving frisbee a big hug. actually, luke has this thing with my skin. he's obsessed with it. he loves pulling up my shirt just enough to expose enough skin so that he can lay his head on me. he also does it to my chest; he pulls my shirt down, moves my crucifix on my necklace to the other side of my neck, and then lays his head on me. so sweet! this will be something i always remember and cherish about luke!

she drew this picture when she woke up this morning. every morning, beth wakes up between 6:15 to 6:30. she turns on her lamp and her cd player and reads or plays quietly. usually she doesn't come into our room unless she has an issue getting her soaked diaper off, but sometimes we hear the music in our room! walking into her room every morning is interesting because some days every single book is out of the basket and has been read, other days her dolls are everywhere and dressed in all of beth's clothes. today it was the magnadoodle and her princess castle.

we met daddy today for lunch at chilis, to finish off a gift card we were given. luke was devouring this lemon and he kept making a silly sour face. i couldn't catch the face on camera, but i took this picture. i love the clarity because of all the natural light, and you can see the lemon in his hands. he made a big mess!

After this intense week at home, I can tell that Beth is ready for something new. She thrives with a structured environment; I'm sure part of it is innate but it's also the way Ryan and I have brought her up! I had been planning on starting a program called Along the Alphabet Path, a home school program designed for kids of all ages that revolves around the alphabet (of course!). Beth got a couple of books for her birthday and I am learning as much as I can about the rest of the program before I kick it off with "A" next week! Since Beth is constantly asking me, "What are we going to do next?" I hope to add a little more structure our days so she can anticipate doing her "school work." I will blog much more about it later as we learn more about it! I'm excited to be helping her learn and challenge her. She is a big dry sponge right now and needs to be soaked!


So much is going on right now! I've wanted to post every night but things keep coming up! So here's a preview of what's coming...

Along the Alphabet Path! We're getting it started, hopefully next week!
Foods we eat...or don't eat!
Worries, concerns and prayer requests

...And of course, pictures! Check back later tonight!

Sunday, January 3

Big progress

Luke is currently cutting four upper teeth, before last week he had two bottom teeth that had popped through but not grown much for several months. I was actually starting to get concerned about it because these teeth weren't growing! It seems they're coming in more now, and his two uppers have definitely popped through. So it's been sort of rough sleeping around here lately, I think this has officially launched him into a one-nap baby. I'm okay with that now that we're showing our house, since it means hopefully I won't be having to wake him up. I can usually get him and Beth to nap at the same time during the day, usually about 1 pm, though some days Beth doesn't really need the nap anymore.

His favorite thing right now is playing in the dog crate! We had to bring Finley's crate back in the house since we're showing it now, and Luke just thinks it's the best toy in the world. He crawls in (with or without Finley present, it doesn't matter!), giggles and squeals, and will play for 20 or 30 minutes if I let him!

Luke is also walking a lot now, he's much more confident about venturing away from the sofa or something else he's been clinging too. Yesterday he tried to run and catch Beth but he's not quite ready for that yet! Soon though, I have no doubt they'll both be running laps around the couch!

Another big change Luke is experiencing is the weaning process. I was in major denial a few weeks ago because I wasn't ready to wean him yet, but he'd stopped asking to nurse. So I offered anyway and he'd nurse, but it began to hurt so bad. So a few days ago, he stopped asking again and I stopped offering. The last time we nursed was on Friday morning. I am not sure if I'll offer again, if he'll ask again; I'm having very mixed feelings about it. Part of me really wants to continue nursing him since he still feels like such a baby to me, not to mention the health benefits, but another part of me is ready for a break for a few months. So we'll see what happens...

In addition to us switching Beth's car seat around, it seems she's going through a lot of emotional and mental growth right now. I think it's probably most apparent to Ryan and me, because she's challenging us in new ways. Lots of saying "no" in addition to all the regular talking, and Ryan and I spend a lot of time repeating our requests and answering her "whys." It seems that our quest for gentle discipline solutions will continue as we continue to explore natural consequences instead of spanking or yelling. I'm on the fence about time outs. Has anyone successfully used time outs in a non-punitive manner? I think it could go either way, it depends on how you handle them. I think more often than not, I'm the one who needs a time out away from all the talking and noise!

Number 3 seems to be growing well, I'm starting to feel baby movements on a pretty regular basis now. My bump grows bigger and bigger by the day, and I feel good. I did have my first episode of "sickness" on Christmas night, I'm totally blaming that on waaaaay to many sweets! I can't believe I'm 16 weeks! I have a checkup on Monday, and that's the day we'll schedule the 20-week ultrasound to make sure everything looks good. I am going to ask my midwife about lovely compression hose since I am having major vein issues with my legs, especially in my left leg. Each pregnancy has made it worse, and I have friends who have sworn by compression hose to help with varicose veins in their legs. I just found out that my insurance will cover prescription pantyhose (who knew?), so it's something I need to look into!

Saturday, January 2

The big switch

Beth has hit the magic number of 33 lbs; according to her car seat, the Britax Marathon, that means she has to flip forward-facing! I'm proud to say she went three whole years rear-facing! She was very excited about switching, and the first time we left the house we were just driving down the street in the neighborhood at no more than 15 mph, she exclaimed, "Mommy, we're going so fast!" I guess it's quite a different experience!

The first two times I installed her seat I put it in incorrectly, so I've already taken it out and changed things around a couple of times (after I took this pic). Taking of the headrest of the car gave it a snug fit against the seat, and I learned I wasn't supposed to recline the seat so it's sitting more upright than in this photo (when we were just trying it out!). What a big girl!

Friday, January 1


Happy 2010! I think the first thing I think of when I hear "2010" is the anniversaries and milestones we'll be achieving this year- my 10-year high school graduation, my 5-year college graduation, my 5-year wedding anniversary, the birth of my third child in June, and the 2nd and 4th birthdays of my two children. Not to mention a big birthday for the hubby. ;-) We have a lot on our plates for this year but I suppose that's pretty common for most people on January 1!

Ryan and I have made our resolutions, some the same or similar to previous year's resolutions but a few new ones too. For me, a big goal for me this year is to express more gratitude, compassion, and empathy, especially toward my family. These are my main goals, above all else (yes, even above exercise or eating healthfully!). I have been blessed so much and I know that sometimes I can look past the blessing and see it as an annoyance; I think even worse is when I become apathetic. God has bountifully blessed me! How could I ever be apathetic toward his blessings and creation, toward those He's put in my life?

Other goals include being better prepared for mealtime (a very huge source of stress for me), finding a family hobby that we can all enjoy together, spending more quality time in prayer and frequenting the sacraments of the holy Catholic Church more often. All good goals, I think- let's see how 2010 plays out!

Have a blessed and joy-filled year!
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