Wednesday, February 21

A new stage

Happy! A diaper change!
Extreme closeup!
What we've been seeing a lot this week... Pouting and crying!

Taking a (very!) relaxing nap on daddy.
Blowing bubbles!

This week Beth has begun to scream. It's lovely! Actually just in the past couple of days she's been very fussy with both of us, refusing to just let us sit down and hold her... She must be carried around. She really likes it when Daddy carries her though, which is nice for me to have a bit of a break! The good news is though is that she's starting to fall asleep on her own at night. We'll all get in bed (she sleeps with us!) and I'll lay her down after she's nursed and she'll babble on for a bit with her nuk (pacifier) and fall asleep. No mommy required (except to stick the nuk back in when it falls out). I'm hoping this will remain a good habit and eventually become a daytime nap habit too. I tried today to put her down after she fell asleep in my arms and she woke up... So I tried again. And again. And again. I gave up after the 4th time because by then she was wide awake! I'll keep trying. I love holding her while she sleeps, but I know she's got to learn to sleep without me or DH holding her so I can get stuff done! She's also started blowing bubbles when she's sitting contently in her bouncy chair, she reminds me of a little sand crab!

Sunday, February 18

Wednesday, February 14

Baby's First Valentine's Day

Taking a ride on Daddy!
Enjoying her bouncer chair.
Not enjoying tummy time very much.

Today Beth is 7 weeks old! This week we did two big things: ordered a stroller and some cloth diapers! Actually we went stroller shopping one day but as it turns out, the Toys R Us here is run by a bunch of morons so we came home empty-handed. The good news is after messing with display strollers at Toys R Us and Target, reading reviews on, and talking to a LOT of people about strollers, I finally decided to order one off Babies R since they were having a sale. :-) I was hoping it would be here by now but it's not, so I'll post a picture when I do the next update!

I also ordered some cloth diapers from The diapers are bumGenius! brand- which are supposed to be some of the best out there. These come highly recommended to me by other women who cloth diaper their babies. I just ordered a 3 pack to get us started since DH is still unsure about the whole cloth diapering thing, but I'm sure he'll get used to it! In the long run, it will be a major money saver, not to mention we won't be creating that much more trash. The kind of diapers we ordered are one-size, meaning that they will grow with Beth so we don't have to keep buying different sizes. And they're made very well so they should last us through another baby!

Wednesday, February 7

6 weeks old already

diaper changes are fun!
pushing herself up on the boppy

the new thing... this was supposed to be the "spitting it out" picture...

It's hard for me to believe. She's moving from the "newborn" to the "infant" stage... She's starting to look less like a newborn to me, especially after reviewing the past week's worth of photos!

It's been a big week. Miss Bethany has discovered she has lungs. And she isn't afraid to use them either- wow that girl can shriek! Sometimes it's random but also whenever she's the slightest bit displeased.

We also took the leap and gave her a pacifier. I was having serious reservations about giving her one but finally realized that maybe I wasn't meeting one of her needs so I'm trying to view it as something that's beneficial to her. The funny story is that the first time I put it in her mouth, she made a sour face and spit it out(I was so happy!) so I grabbed the camera to take a picture of her spitting it out and stuck it in her mouth again... She kept it in! Little toot.

We also had an incident at the mall this week. I was shopping and had her in her sling and she started going to town making a dirty diaper. It was so loud another customer laughed and made a joke about it. Shortly after I felt something warm on me, through the sling, so I hightailed it to the ladies room. Umm yeah, she had exlpoded through her diaper and all in her bodysuit (it was a footed onesie)and I'm pretty sure nothing was in her diaper. It was everywhere else though (including her feet, not sure how that happened). So I wipe her down with diaper wipes and reach for her spare onesie I keep in the diaper bag... Yeah, not there. I debated putting her back in the nasty outfit or going naked. Naked won. I took her to Macys (closest store) and grabbed an outfit off the rack and brought it to check out. By this time Beth was angry that I had her back in the pouch (she had only a diaper on!) so she was screaming at the top of her newly-discovered lungs. I was so flustered I asked the lady if I could just put it on her right there at the checkout and she helped me get Beth dressed, then I hurried back to the ladies room to nurse her and de-stress myself. It's funny now but not so much while it was happening.

Today I had my six week OB checkup and it was weird going back with the baby outside of me this time, lol. I'm healthy and properly healed, but he's got me taking some iron suppliments because I was and still am pretty anemic. I am also only 3 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight, which was nice to hear since I was prepared to see a much worse number and am struggling with body image issues right now. Having a baby changes lots and as well as you prepare yourself for changes, you just can't know what to expect until you're there.

Saturday, February 3

Beth's 5th Week

Beth and Vegas
In the first piece of clothing she ever owned, given to her by her Grandma and Grandpaul!

Ok I know it's almost her 6 week birthday but it's hard for me to get online sometimes!

I feel like the past few days she's really "grown up" a lot. She spends a lot more time recently with her eyes wide open, taking in the world. She's taken an interest in her mobiles, which means she's been more content just laying in her crib looking around and listening to music (Baby Einstein CDs or the lullaby the mobile plays). She's also starting to enjoy her swing a little bit more since she likes to look at that mobile now. Today I found out from out friends that she's probably ready, or will soon be ready for a Bumbo seat very soon. These, I hear, are great. :-)

I have my 6 week checkup with my OB this week, which means I should get the okay to begin exercising again. I don't plan on joining a gym because I'm not ready to leave my Beth alone yet (!) but I do plan on buying a stroller and taking her on walks once the weather gets a bit nicer.
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