Sunday, March 25

Still broken

The camera is still broken. I managed to get a few pictures on the computer, but in the mean time we've been taking pictures with our digital camera. Unfortunately, the USB cable for that device isn't working, so I can't import any new pictures onto our computer. If we're going to upload any photos anytime soon, it will have to be from someone else's camera!

I'll give a written update. :-) On Saturday, Beth had her first semi-babysitting experience. Grandma and Grandpa came in to watch Beth while DH and I worked in the yard all day. We built a pretty garden in our backyard! Anyway, we were able to work outside (with temporary nursing breaks for me) for several hours, then have a nice barbeque burger dinner before it got too late. It was a really nice day for everyone- Grandma and Grandpa had some major quality time with Beth and Mommy and Daddy got to do some work and spend some time together.

We also got a sling for daddy! It's actually more like a backpack for the front-it's called a "Snugli". We actually found one in perfect condition at our local kid's resale shop for $15! That makes me so happy since Target sells them for $40. What makes me happy the most is now Daddy can wear his baby. :-) We also bought Beth a baby bathtub, since I haven't quite figured out the best way to bathe her yet. I really like the tub we bought, it supports her back and was only $3.

Beth's sleeping schedule isn't as pretty as it used to be. She's still going to bed around 9:00, sometimes a little earlier, but she's also waking up more often and refusing to go back to bed in her bassinet. So she'll sleep for a few hours in her bassinet, then wake up to nurse and winds up spending the rest of the night with me. I'm just fine with that routine, I think I get the best of both worlds- falling asleep next to my hubby and waking up next to my girlie.

I almost forgot! Beth laughed! It was real, hold-nothing-back laughter! And guess what at: the dog. The dog was chasing a ball and growling and shaking it around in her mouth (pretty vicious looking to the casual on-looker) and Beth was just cracking up! I was sitting down and holding her so she could watch the dog play and she laughed and laughed for about 3 minutes straight. Since then, I've gotten her to laugh maybe 2 or 3 times, but nothing quite like that dog. It figures, considering Vegas (the dog) has a history of being not so nice to little kids!

Saturday, March 17


I know it's been quite awhile since my last update- sorry! Spring break happened, and then our camera broke, so it's going to take me a bit of time before I can get pictures uploaded. It's not horribly broken but enough to delay me for a bit of time!

On Tuesday 3/13, Beth and I went to the beach with my side of the family. Unfortunately DH couldn't get off of work, so we took our first trip alone. I had such a nice time visiting with my family, as they live over 3 hours from us now. Beth had a couple of "firsts"- first boat ride and first hotel stay- not huge ones but firsts none-the-less. :-) We also went to the beach but the weather was very overcast and the ocean was freeeezing so she actually stayed in her sling the entire time. We're going back to the beach (a different beach) in July, so hopefully by then she'll be sitting up and able to enjoy the sand!

Sorry for the lame update, not too much has really happened lately. Right now I'm going to focus my efforts on getting the camera fixed!

Wednesday, March 7

Sleeping on her own

As you can see from the first picture, Miss Bethany is sleeping on her own, out of our bed, and the best part is she's putting herself to sleep. I am counting my blessings! We're starting to have a nightly bedtime of 10:00 for Beth, but last night and the night before she fell asleep in my arms earlier than that so I'm thinking I'll move it up to 9:00 or so. She wakes up a few times at night to nurse, so I bring her in bed with us to nurse then she goes right back into her bassinet and usually goes right back to sleep. The other sleepy picture is of a daytime nap in her bassinet- this was the first time I put her down in there during the day and she fell asleep on her own. She always sleeps with her arms above her head- she has since she was born! It's so cute!

We also finally received her stroller on Friday! DH put it together that night. Yesterday was our first real outing with it- I took her to the mall to return some things and eat lunch with DH and I think she liked it- she fell asleep! And it was sooo nice to not have my back aching because of the sling. I still plan to use it when I have to run into a store for something quick, or for grocery shopping, but it was hurting my back when I'd spend 2 hours walking the mall. So yeah, the stroller is nice. :-) Now we just have to start using it to take walks in the evenings sucessfully. Last night all three of us went for a walk and she started crying and would not stop after we were pretty far away from the house, so we went home. She's usually kind of fussy in the evenings and I was hoping being outside would distract her from crying. We'll keep trying though!

This past Sunday was Beth's first trip to her grandparent's house! DH's parents live about 45 minutes up the road so we took a day trip and Beth did great. It was so nice to go visit and I know they were happy to have us! DH's brother and his fiance were also there so it was just a lovely family get together. Beth behaved very well, for the most part... She was fussy on the way home but that was probably my fault for leaving right after she woke up instead of when she was ready to go to sleep. Lesson learned!

Saturday, March 3

Professional Pics

Here are a few samples of some of the professional pictures we had taken today at Portrait Innovations. Beth did okay- she smiled a little bit but was overall just really tired. We did get a few good ones, though. :-)

Thursday, March 1

2 months old!

Beth had her two month doctor visit on Tuesday- she checked in at a whopping 12 lbs 4 oz and 23 inches! She's right about average (50-75%) in all of her growth charts- I'm so proud of my big girl! He said she looks very healthy and couldn't get over how happy she was during the appointment. Her next appointment will be when she's 4 months old, to check again on her growth.

The stroller hasn't gotten here yet, thanks to a glitch at Babies R Us... I called them and they had to cancel my original order and offered free shipping on my next purchase, so I re-ordered the stroller and had it 2-day UPS Expressed to our house. :-) It should be here tomorrow, and THEN we can finally start walking around our neighborhood on all of the cool hike and bike trails.

Yesterday I took Beth to my old office to meet my former coworkers. It made me realize how much I missed working, but on the other hand how I couldn't imagine leaving my baby girl to go back to work. I would have had to leave her 3 weeks ago... Right when she is starting to smile big and be more interactive with me and the world. It was nice to see everyone and they, of course, loved Beth. :-)

Last night we had a major MAJOR breakthrough- Beth put herself to sleep. In her bassinett. Without me or DH in the room! The past 4 or 5 nights she'd been sleeping in her bassinett, next to our bed (before she slept next to me) and only last night did I lay her in there and walk away. There was no fussing, no crying, just a bit of babbling as she fell asleep and STAYED asleep. She woke up around 3 to nurse, and I put her back in and she went right back to sleep. That happened again at 5 and 7. I'm so ecstatic that she's doing this on her own, but part of me misses sleeping next to my girl! Today I pressed my luck and put her down for a nap. She protested for about 2 minutes, I gave her the pacifier and she fell asleep again! Which is where she is right now, so I can come update the blog. :-) I feel so incredibly blessed. I realize this might not, and probably won't last forever, but I am going to take advantage of the fact that she's self-soothing and enjoy it while it's here!
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