Saturday, October 26

Luke's Birthday Party

We threw Luke a "big" party this year for big #5 and celebrated his birthday with his friends.  It was a "Knights and Dragons" theme, and everyone dressed up!  We played with balloon swords in the backyard, ate a dragon cake, decorated "goblets," and each friend got their own cape or tiara to wear!  Daddy gave "rides" and pulled Luke and his friends around in the wagon in the backyard.  That might have been his favorite part of the day. I was so happy to have beautiful weather, a dry backyard, and a happy crew of kiddos!

Upon arriving, guests received a cape or tiara.  The balloon swords were for later!
Art provided by Beth
Dollar store "goblets" decorated with stick-on jewels, fit for a king (or a knight)

We served a dragon cake and some punch; it was a simple afternoon party!  More art provided by Beth and some our of favorite knight books set out for decor.
The dragon cake.

Princess Beth

The whole crew!  Some of the older girls were too "old" to dress up but most of the boys enjoyed the capes and other items from our dress-up box!  This was before the sword fight, which was FUN but didn't last too long because they popped pretty quickly!  Luckily Ryan and I got pretty good at blowing them up and tying them quickly, so we kept replenishing swords until we were out of balloons.  I chose this instead of making and sending home real wooden swords because I know not all moms appreciate wood swords in their homes!

Having so much fun!  He was the only one with a crown on!

Ryan dragged kids around in the wagon- they had a BLAST.  Ryan was very tired afterward though! :-)

After his friends left, we opened toys and the boys got to playing.  Beth and Ryan opened up a gift of Lincoln Logs on the floor while Luke and Jack played with the knights!

Thursday, October 24

Luke is FIVE

Dear Luke,

You Are FIVE.

Five years young.  I've had you in my arms for five years.  The days seem long but the years have been short; how can it be that my second-born is already FIVE?

I love you, guy.  You're a busy, crafty, inquisitive, and intelligent big kid- and I say big because you are almost the same size as your sister (you've been wearing the same shoe size for several months now!).  You love to play dress up- especially knights- and you use your Blue Knights sword and shield for daily dragon-slaying.  I love that because I am able to see your crafty little mind trying to figure out what to wear, how you can use your weapons, and plan an attack.  Your favorite activity though- STILL- is mowing with Daddy.  Your dreams came true this summer when Daddy got a ride-on lawn mower!  You rode with him every week when he mowed- you wanted to know how it worked (especially the engine and the blade), you were diligent about cleaning the yard first, and you always wanted to finish the job with weed whacking and blowing.  You helped Dad do that too- and you were quite upset on the days when Dad wasn't able to finish up.  Boy you'd get upset!  But you'd help him again another day, and all would be okay.

Your love of figuring out how things work is apparent in our every day activities- driving in the car, at the park or library, or at a store.  Figuring out how a cart turns its wheels, asking if a car has a blade like a lawn mower, how does the gas make the car go... 50 questions, every day.  You should really know just about everything I know by now, I think. :-)


You stay busy with your imagination- outdoor play on a beautiful day, sometimes for several hours.  You play with Beth or Jack, maybe a friend too, issuing orders to Jack or taking orders from Beth.  ;-)  Sometimes you and Jack play "farmer" with blocks, Little People, and toy tractors while Beth and I have school, or you play "Baby" and I think you're usually a Daddy.  You tell me now you want to be a worker man and a Daddy- I think you really look up to your own father, and I'm so happy he's such a good man for you to emulate!
birthday scooter

This school year you started preschool at co-op, once a week, and you LOVE it while you're there.  You are a good listener and a hard worker, asking and answering questions, and offering your two cents on everything.  I know because I'm there with you for part of the day, and I LOVE to watch you participate and learn.  You're a smart guy, and I haven't forced you to do too much schoolwork at home yet because you've preferred to play.  I can tell over the past month that you're showing some signs of readiness because your drawing has REALLY improved and you're starting to *want* to sit down and do some handwriting practice.  Of course you still love books, and I think you always will.  I will read to you and your siblings for an hour at a time and you all remain mesmerized, you have such a good attention span although of course you have lots of questions to ask during the stories!

Oh the questions!  So many questions.  I don't think your little mind stops thinking while you're awake, which must be why you still sleep so much and so well!

On your birthday we had, at your request, hamburgers and green beans, along with chocolate chip cookies!  Grandma and Grandpa joined us for dinner and presents!


Happy 5th Birthday, Big Dog (as Daddy calls you), and we pray God blesses you with many, many, many more!

Sunday, October 20

A Toad

My girl has gotten so brave about catching lizards, frogs, and bugs.  She's come a long way from her days of being icked out by a rolly polly!

Wednesday, October 16

Fall Soccer

Well we're already halfway through soccer season but here are some pics from their first practices.  This is Beth's first season to play, and she loves it!  She's naturally talented too (although of course I have to say that!) but she's got the build for it and has inherited her father's soccer genes too!  Unfortunately two of her practices and 1.5 of her games have been rained out, and they don't reschedule them, so that's been a bummer!  Her age group plays four-on-four, and she's been able to play quite a bit during the games that have actually happened!

 Luke is really enjoying soccer again!  He has played one season and this year, Ryan is his head coach of the 4-year-old boy team.  It's a little funny but they are really a lot better than they were last year!  They play three-on-three at this age, so each kid has a fair amount of time to play during the games.  He scored his first goal of the season last weekend when Uncle Michael was visiting!  Luke's practices are on a different day and his games have been scheduled earlier than Beth's, so he's had only one practice canceled due to rain.  It's been a wet fall!

This little one is so sad that he's not playing soccer this year.  I honestly had no idea just how upset he'd be every week that he doesn't get to play!  He plays at home with Beth, Luke, and Daddy, and he kicks with his left foot (he's left-handed too) so I wonder if that's an advantage he'll have when he finally does play on a team?  I really should learn about soccer- I have no idea what the positions are and who is supposed to do what!  It's not a sport I grew up around but here I am- officially a soccer mom now!

Saturday, October 5

Visit with Uncle Michael

My brother took a night out of his limited, precious yearly vacation to stay an evening with us for one night in October.  We were so happy to be able to visit, although time was short, it was awesome.  Ryan and I picked him up from the "bus station" (the gas station parking lot!) and we three went out to a late dinner.  The next morning the kids were excited to wake up with a guest in the house, and of course they played all day!  This was an inventive game of "kid on the shoulder soccer."  Looked like too much of a workout for me, ha!

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