Saturday, March 24

St. Patrick's Day Picnic

Last Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, and we brought the kids and a picnic lunch to a nearby state park.  I can't believe how close this beautiful park is but we've never gone!  Ryan and I decided we needed to go at least once a month to see how it changes over the year, but while it's beautiful right now, my allergies are killing me.  In fact, for awhile there I was certain this would be the year that my allergies actually do kill me!  It's a price to pay for the kids to experience outings like this... They loved it!

Tuesday, March 20

The Next Step

March is more than halfway over and I am already seriously thinking about next year's school.  I've talked to lots of experienced homeschool moms about the ins and outs of home education, why they've chosen to do things certain ways, and gotten some tips about how to be a successful mom, teacher, wife, and housekeeper.  (Simply put, several of them have said just hire a housekeeper. ;-)  This year we started off using the Mother of Divine Grace kindergarten curriculum but (and I think I've mentioned this), we both got a little bored with it.  Beth likes to do a lot of hands-on activities, and I want to take advantage of the way she learns and encourage her to love learning. 

I'm soooo close to designing our own curriculum.  I feel like I just need a little urge from a friend or The Spirit letting me know I'm making the right decision!  I want to be able to include Luke in our lessons, so that I can teach both him and Beth on their own levels.  For this reason unit studies seem really appealing to me, but what I have in mind doesn't exist in a formal curriculum. 

I'm glad it's March and I have some time.  It's been my goal to finish my doula training packet and then I'll start work on our curriculum, whether I find one or design one.  This past week marks the one-year anniversary of my training course last year!  I am nearly done with my packet I have to send off to become certified, I only have to print off my essays, proof-read everything, make copies, and mail it off!  My goal is to go to the post office on Friday!

Sunday, March 18

Lying Around

a new dress up costume... dr. luke.  he wore this for three days straight.
 We spend a lot of time in our playroom, on the floor.  We play blocks, trains, little people, do puzzles, build towers, and usually combine them all into one giant fun mess.  It's my goal to have the playroom cleaned up at the end of each day because I find that they actually won't go in there and play unless it's clean, and they know where to find each toy.  It's a lot more work for them to go in there and start playing when it's already a mess!  But, it doesn't get cleaned every day and that's okay too. 

This day we were gone in the morning so the playroom was still cleaned after rest time.  Usually that means they have plenty of room to dance, but we were having a lazy afternoon and enjoyed rolling around on the floor instead.  And, if we're laying on the floor, 99% of the time Finley comes to join us too!

Out With The Old, In With The New

This past week we sold our little green Mazda Protege!  I bought it in college from my first roommate and it's served us well since 2003, but it was time to go.  Ryan has had a few major components fixed so we felt justified in actually selling it and not just giving it away, ha!

He's been scouring the internet looking for a new-to-us truck.  Yes, a truck!  My poor man has been longing for a truck since the sad day he had to sell his Ranger in 2008.  Well, tomorrow is his lucky day because he'll be driving down south to pick up his 2004 black Toyota Tacoma!

He's so giddy, it's cute. :-)  I'm happy that we'll able to fit a couple of carseats in the back and finally be able to haul our own stuff again!  I should probably take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us haul something over the past four years... It's been greatly appreciated!  I guess we can start paying favors back now!

Wednesday, March 7

Growing Up

 My little Beth is growing up so much lately!  At the start of Lent, we implemented a (very basic) chore system, and Beth has taken it to the next level.  Every day she begs for a chore and, well, there's only so many days a week to clean the windows!  I've been coming up with odd tasks for her to do but she loves helping Mommy with chores.  I should add that we're paying her a dime per task (Luke too, when he helps out) and teaching her to separate her money into three jars- spend, save, tithe.  We'll use the tithe money during Lent somehow and she's still thinking about what she's saving her money for!

All of this, plus probably a bit of her age and other factors about her temperment, means she's going through a "phase" right now.  It's not a bad phase, but I just can't think of  better word to describe how she's sort of changed in the past few weeks.  She's become more-than-ever eager to do things on her own, things like prepare a snack or breakfast, get out her school supplies, or fold a pile of clothes all by herself.  Especially kitchen items though, so much so that I've rearranged the pantry a bit so that she can reach some breakfast and snack items, and I've very much reassured her that she'll be more than welcome to cook on the stove and wash ALL the dishes in a couple of years!  That day can't come soon enough for her though! 
getting snack ready for me

Thursday, March 1

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