Sunday, March 18

Lying Around

a new dress up costume... dr. luke.  he wore this for three days straight.
 We spend a lot of time in our playroom, on the floor.  We play blocks, trains, little people, do puzzles, build towers, and usually combine them all into one giant fun mess.  It's my goal to have the playroom cleaned up at the end of each day because I find that they actually won't go in there and play unless it's clean, and they know where to find each toy.  It's a lot more work for them to go in there and start playing when it's already a mess!  But, it doesn't get cleaned every day and that's okay too. 

This day we were gone in the morning so the playroom was still cleaned after rest time.  Usually that means they have plenty of room to dance, but we were having a lazy afternoon and enjoyed rolling around on the floor instead.  And, if we're laying on the floor, 99% of the time Finley comes to join us too!

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grandma c said...

Relaxing cuties...this includes the mutt, too.

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