Saturday, March 24

St. Patrick's Day Picnic

Last Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, and we brought the kids and a picnic lunch to a nearby state park.  I can't believe how close this beautiful park is but we've never gone!  Ryan and I decided we needed to go at least once a month to see how it changes over the year, but while it's beautiful right now, my allergies are killing me.  In fact, for awhile there I was certain this would be the year that my allergies actually do kill me!  It's a price to pay for the kids to experience outings like this... They loved it!


grandma c said...

Fun outing on St. Pat's Day...great pictures of the crew!

Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

Looks like such a fun day! Love that pic of Beth sitting in the flowers. I bet all the kids had a blast!

Neen said...

Those are great shots of the family. Allergies are bad at our house right now as well.

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