Monday, March 30

Our trip to Galveston

We went to Galveston a couple of weeks ago for a small spring break, you can read about it here or scroll down a little bit. I am just now getting around to posting it. :-)

Saturday, March 28

Still sick

We're all still sick. Really sick. Luke is being treated for pertussis, though I'm not 100% sure that's what he has (our pediatrician lacked a definitive test, the only reason he is treating pertussis is because Luke's lymphocytes were elevated and he had a minor "staccato" cough- no other symptoms). I'm pretty sure I have the flu, Ryan's pretty sure he's got allergies from hell, and Beth has a fever and threw up once or twice. So... We're just barely getting by right now. Please pray for our healing!

Tuesday, March 24


The kids are sick, that's why I've been sort of absent lately. Beth wasn't feeling great on Sunday, just a lingering cough, and then she got a little fever. Now Luke is congested and coughing. Fun times at our house.

Sunday, March 22

Bluebonnet Pictures

We took a few pictures in the bluebonnets on Sunday after mass. It was overcast but very sunny so we all had a hard time not squinting, and Beth wasn't feeling 100% well so she was rather cranky during the whole experience. We didn't get any that were great, but a couple that were satisfactory!

Friday, March 20

Happy spring!

Happy spring, and happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today I messed with my citrus trees, trimming them back a little and pulling weeds around the bases. I already have blossoms on all three- actually we already have a pretty big lime! Hopefully this year I'll do a little better with the citrus, last year was rather disappointing since my limes were attacked by mealybugs and my orange tree didn't even blossom!

Tomorrow I will be planting some herbs we bought tonight- oregano and sage by seed, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, jalapenos and "New Mexico Big Jim" peppers. We bought that last one just because of it's name (for anyone who doesn't know, "Big Jim" is one of Ryan's nicknames for some reason). I need to find some mint and then I'll be all done!

We'll work on the big bed next weekend or sometime soon. Not this weekend though- too much going on!



What a big boy!

Luke is playing in the exersaucer now! We brought it down the other day when we were watching our friend's kids for a little bit, and we stuck Luke in just to see what he'd do. He loved it! He played for a solid 10 minutes, it was fantastic!

Sleepy dog

He can curl himself up into such a little ball! He had a rough day of sleeping. ;-)

Wednesday, March 18


For the longest time, we've been debating how to archive my blog. I suppose will be around forever, and every post and photo I've put up since before Beth was born will be saved, right? Hmm. Well, since my blog is pretty much the best account of our lives, with the best pictures picked out of the hundreds and hundreds I've taken, we had the genius idea to turn my blog into a photo book. Lots and lots of photo books, I'm sure, but we want to be able to keep the text in addition to all the photos! I haven't printed off photos since before Luke was born, so needless to say we don't have photo albums laying around the house (none since college, at least!). So the money we spend on photo books, we think, will be money well-spent, since it will be a permanent tangible record of our lives since Beth's birth. I haven't worked out the details yet, like what sizes to get or from which website, but I think it'll work out well. Yay! I am so excited to get started, but I now I must find the time...

Tuesday, March 17

Trip to the beach

March 15th and 16th we headed down to the beach to visit my brother and spend some time with my parents and siblings. I love it when my entire family can get together- as my siblings get older it seems rare that we're all 6 in the same place at the same time. I love the chaos! And now, two babies in the mix!

We stopped by our c0-cathedral on Sunday morning for mass...

... then headed down to the beach. It was pouring rain, great weather for spring break!

Luckily the rain slowed down as we hung out at my brother's huge and very cool apartment,

After that, all of us (2 parents, 6 siblings, Ryan and 2 kids) went out to dinner. I'm pretty sure that when people at restaurants see us coming, they get a little scared! So we had dinner and then went our separate ways- we tried to go bowling but apparently the bowling alley was still (permanently?) shut down after the hurricane! Our little family had a hotel room, and Ryan and I thought that if we rented a movie that Beth would eventually get bored and fall asleep... Well, she didn't, and around 11pm we decided it was too late so we stopped the movie and put her in her pull-out sofa bed. She was exhausted, so she stayed there and fell asleep. It actually worked out rather nicely, except that we didn't get to finish our movie!

The next day was Monday, and we woke up and met my dad and brothers on the jetty for some fishing.

Two of my brothers caught some pretty big fish (pillowfish?) and despite the chilly breeze we all got a little bit of sun. It was too cold to let the kids play in the water so we let them play and dig in the sand. Beth had so much fun! I can't wait to bring her to the beach again!

I've never seen this before... It looked as if this man was walking on water. He was standing on something (didn't look like a surfboard!) and rowing with a paddle while standing. It was so odd! I wonder where he came from, when I noticed him he was pretty far out, rowing toward shore.

Saturday, March 14

Like her daddy

For anyone who doesn't know, Ryan has a fondness for food. Anything is up for grabs- cooked or uncooked (okay, he draws the line at raw chicken, thank goodness). Well, it seems Miss Beth has taken after her daddy in this way, as her stomach is an empty pit and she'll eat just about anything! Okay, I take that back. She's a little picky, but she rejects the good stuff but eats the nasty stuff. For example, Thursday I made smoothies- yummy banana, strawberry, and pineapple juice smoothies. Beth chose, instead, to eat raw onion and green bell pepper that I had cut up for gumbo. Ryan sampled all three!

Here she is, picking at the bowl like it's a buffet. She actually passed up the layer of celery to get to the onion- ew!

Friday, March 13

Waking up

Wednesday was a rare treat- both children slept in their own rooms for a decent nap, and each woke up happy! I love happy, well-rested babies!

There are days when I put Beth down for a nap that...uh, don't go so well. Some days she refuses to sleep, so I'm trying to work with her on playing quietly in her bedroom. Eventually, either when she wakes up or when she's had enough quiet playing, she'll come find me in my bedroom. I can always tell if she's slept or not by her head; if her head is sweaty, I know she's had a nap! I don't know why (I'm not about to go into her room while she's napping to find out!) but I'm pretty sure she sleeps under her heavy comforter so she gets sweaty. I leave the fan on and strip her down to the bare minimum, but she still wakes up with a wet head! Usually there's a big drool spot on her bed, too. :-)

Thursday, March 12

Big accomplishments

Luke has found his toes! Just in the past week he's gone from hardly noticing they exist to grabbing them at every chance he gets. I love this stage!

Yesterday, Luke also rolled over from back to tummy for the first time! He had been so close before, but he finally did it one time yesterday. I tried to get him to do it again for the camera, but he got angry and so that was the end of rolling over. He didn't do it today, but I'm sure he will soon, and next time I'll get it on camera!

Wednesday night, he was almost there!

Thursday morning, right after the big accomplishment!

Pretty day

Today the weather turned dreary, but Monday and Tuesday the weather was superb! Beth has enjoyed lots of playtime in the backyard. I prop the door open (apparently I was raised in a barn) and let the fresh air in! Beth and Finley can move in and out freely, and I can get a bit of the beautiful day inside. This all works very well now, while there are no mosquitoes and while Luke isn't yet crawling! So we're enjoying it while we can!

Tuesday, March 10

Monday, March 9

Bath time!

pretty day outside- taking ariel for a stroll

Two kids in a bath! The first time we put them in together was last Thursday or Friday, and it didn't go so well. There was lots of crying on Luke's part, and all Beth wanted to do was pour water on his head. We've done it three times now, and tonight was rather cute! Beth still wants to pour water on him, but at least he sat in there for awhile and made some cute cooing noises. We're going to try to start Luke on a rough bedtime routine- his routine now consists of lots of crying and us having to pace around the house. We're not going to do a full routine with him yet, just put him in the bath (most) nights and hopefully he'll start to understand that bath = sleep. That's our goal...eventually!

Goodness, I have had such a busy weekend. Wednesday I had a work interview, Thursday I had a work interview, Friday I had two work interviews and a haircut (it's really cute!) and Sunday we hosted a baby shower for Ryan's brother and sister-in-law. Phew! At the hairstylist, I talked to her about Beth's fine hair, and she suggested I give it a little snip to make it look fuller. So I did. Don't worry, you can barely tell I cut it, but we'll go ahead and consider this her first real haircut!

We also worked on Luke's room last week. I scored major on Freecycle and got a matching bedroom set- bumper, sheets, crib skirt, valence, blanket, mobile and wall decor. All free! It's sort of gender-neutral for my preferences (safari-themed) but it's cute and it matches! I bought some shelves at Garden Ridge to top it all off, so now his room is almost complete- I just need a lamp and a nightlight!

Thursday, March 5

What's going on with the kids

Beth's speech has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two weeks or so. If I've ever said her speech was improving before, well triple that! She repeats everything and even says stuff that I don't ever remember saying around her. Today when Ryan was leaving for work, she was in her high chair eating some cheerios. He kissed both of us goodbye and as he was walking out the door, Beth yelled, "Be careful Daddy!" She also can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star absolutely perfectly! Every time I hang up the phone, she says, "Who dat? Miss Katie? Or Daddy?" It cracks me up, she always wants to know who I'm talking to! She'll also accidentally fall down (or make her doll fall down) and go, "Oh no, Beth fall down!" She is a constant chatterbox, if she's not talking to me she's talking to Eric or Ariel, singing, or just in her own little world reciting her ABCs or counting to 10. Despite all the words she's learning, "No" still seems to be her favorite! If I had a dollar for everytime she told me no throughout the day... I'm frequently try to avoid yes or no questions, and instead give her choices. Sometimes if I'm at one side of the house and she's in another room, if I yell, "Hey Beth!" all I'll hear is "NO!" Haha... It's easy to laugh about it when she's asleep, lol. But all of this has lead me on a quest for the perfect form of discipline, and since we don't spank I am challenged to find creative ways to teach her right from wrong and correct her actions. So far I'm testing out the idea of a "naughty chair" (for her to sit in until she's ready to correct her action, not really for a set amount of time). I've read several disipline books and I honestly thought I'd be pretty good at coming up with creative ideas to discipline. But as it turns out, I'm no good in this area yet! Temper tantrums ensue!

Luke. Our boy is nearly 4.5 months old, and looking back at my blog I realize that he's a little behind where Beth was at this point. Now, I've never been comfortable comparing my kids to other kids, and I know I shouldn't compare my kids to each other, but it's made me feel bad. I feel like I put Luke down so much more during the day than I did with Beth, but on the other hand I feel like I still hold him all day long! He doesn't really enjoy sitting in the swing for very long, but he'll tolerate it for about 10-20 minutes if he starts in a good mood. Sleep is awful right now, he just totally fights sleep. He naps usually 3 times a day (sometime 4 if one of them was really short) and he wants to go to bed around 6-7 and wake up at 6:00. Uhhhhhh.... Our usual routine of putting him to sleep involves him crying a lot (because he's overly-tired) and finally getting him to pass out. It's very wearing on both of us, but I feel bad because I feel like I don't have the time (or energy) to give him what I gave to Beth. I know that's the name of the game, and I'll probably feel this way or worse with every subsequent child. But I can't help but wonder if I haven't interacted with him enough, or in the right ways, and that's why he's not quite where Beth was at this age. But, as I looked through my old blog posts, I saw that on Beth's 6- month doctor visit she was 14 lbs 4 oz- and that was exactly Luke's weight at his 4-month visit! So he does have height and weight on her, heh. But overall he is still just a mild-tempered, mellow baby. Two days ago I got my first real cackle from him and I loved it! He's been laughing for a few weeks now, when we act like fools, but this was the first time I really heard him howl with laughter- and it was at Beth kicking a soccer ball outside! I'm not sure if he was laughing at Beth or the ball, but Beth is usually pretty good at making him laugh. I still remember Beth's first "real" laugh like that, it was at Vegas our dog. I LOVE those baby sweet baby sounds!

These pictures are from last week, the first two on Thursday and the second two on Friday. Two consecutive days, my mornings consisted of Luke falling asleep on his on in my bed, and Beth playing quietly in the other room. How wonderful!

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