Thursday, September 29

A Time of Loss

I'll just start at the beginning, because otherwise it won't make any sense.

My mom came to visit last Monday.  My two youngest brothers are homeschooled now, so my mom decided to bring them in for a quick visit since they never made it in before summer ended.  My grandparents live very nearby, so their plan was to spend a couple of nights with us and a couple of nights with my grandmother.  My grandfather lived with a caretaker due to his Alzheimer's. 

My mom and grandmother went to visit my Pops on Wednesday morning, and on Thursday morning my mom got a call that he had passed.  There was no way of knowing that Thursday morning would be the day, there's no way to explain why my mom just happened to come to town to visit and just happened to visit him the day before.  It was just one of those "coincidences" that can only be explained by God's intervention.

Wednesday, September 28

Sleep Comes

Tonight I watched Luke fall asleep.  I wasn't feeling well so I invited him to curl up on the couch next to me, 6 inches between our noses.

He closed his eyes.  They twitched- a lot.  I didn't think it was real because they were twitching so much, but he never opened them back up.

He pinched my thigh with his toes, and dug them in as his leg twitched around.

His curled fingers would occasionally stroke the pillow he was laying on.

Eyes twiched more.  Lots more.

His breathing was regular the first minute or two, and slowed as his eyes slowed. His eyes popped open one time, looked at me, then closed and then it was as if that's when his sleep came.

His breath slowed.  He stopped moving.  His eyes moved under his eyelids, but slowly now.  It reminded me of a baby in my belly slowly moving under my skin.

I noticed beads of sweat on the back of his neck.  We were snuggled together under a heavy blanket, so I wiped his neck and pulled the blanket down a bit.

I watched him sleep for about 10 minutes, until Ryan came into the room and took a couple of minutes to watch him sleep next to me.  Then Ryan carried him to his bed upstairs.

I wish I gotten a picture.  These beautiful moments... I have to store them in my memory because I never have any pictures of these rare, beautiful moments.

Fresh Paint

I've been chomping at the bit, ready to paint our downstairs, so when my mom decided to come visit and stay a few days I thought it would be a good time to paint.  In a matter of a few intense nights we got most of the downstairs done.  We are saving our two-story foyer for a professional!  We chose two Sherwin Williams colors, color-matched to Behr premium flat enamel.  The color for most of the downstairs is Dorian Gray, and the playroom is Dovetail, which is just a shade darker.  It's hard to tell a difference unless you're really looking!  The colors are gorgeous, it really takes our house up a notch and to me makes everything look a tad bit more formal- which I love! Part of me wishes maybe we'd chosen a shade that was more different for the playroom.  In a few years, when it's more of a sitting room and less of a destruction room, I hope we'll add some bead board and crown molding!  We planned on painting the foyer a dark blue, but now I'm thinking a red or maroon might be magnificent and provide more of a contrast.  We'll see...


Saturday, September 17


Jackson Paul
{almost 15 months}

 belly buttons
eating yogurt, chex, and crackers
turning off and on lighswitches
standing on his head
Doesn't Like:
staying still
being away from mommy
toys stolen away from him
What I Want to Remember:
sweet snuggles before bedtime
nursing moments, jack twirling my hair around his fingers while i kiss his toes
carrying the stool to the bookshelf, climbing high to reach books
running to grab his shoes when he hears the word "outside"
primitive words: "ball" "up" "ma" more"
his long tuft of hair that always sticks up in the back

Tuesday, September 13

New Dancing Scarves

Just got some scarves today!  Beth immediately knew what to do with them, so funny how girls don't need any explanation on how to dance. :-)

Friday, September 9

Pre School!

This week was our first full week of school!  Well, we started on Tuesday since Monday was labor day. :-)

Beth is 4.5, which means she technically isn't kindergarten age yet.  After lots of thought and prayer, we decided to start her on a homeschool kindergarten curriculum but still call it preschool, and just take it slowly with her. We chose a classical, Catholic curriculum called Mother of Divine Grace, and it's pretty much fool proof.  ;-)  It spells out everything I need to do with each subject, but allows me the flexibility to deviate if I want or need to.  And since I'm using it as preschool, we're planning on deviating a lot!
My small little compilation of our books.

Tuesday, September 6

Weekend of Firsts

Friday, September 2 was First Friday, and we had our First activity of the year for our homeschool group.  Our group met for mass (the children's First time at this parish), then went to a new park for the First time.  They had a lot of fun playing with some old friends and making some new friends!  Finally I'm starting to feel like one of the "seasoned" moms in our group, and my older children are finally old enough that they'll go off and actually play with friends instead of me having to entertain them!  A new First feeling!

Friday, September 2

Luke's Dancing Debut

Aunt Ramona got a good video of Luke dancing at the wedding in St. Louis! He danced like this all night, and we have no idea where he got this move from...

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