Wednesday, September 28

Sleep Comes

Tonight I watched Luke fall asleep.  I wasn't feeling well so I invited him to curl up on the couch next to me, 6 inches between our noses.

He closed his eyes.  They twitched- a lot.  I didn't think it was real because they were twitching so much, but he never opened them back up.

He pinched my thigh with his toes, and dug them in as his leg twitched around.

His curled fingers would occasionally stroke the pillow he was laying on.

Eyes twiched more.  Lots more.

His breathing was regular the first minute or two, and slowed as his eyes slowed. His eyes popped open one time, looked at me, then closed and then it was as if that's when his sleep came.

His breath slowed.  He stopped moving.  His eyes moved under his eyelids, but slowly now.  It reminded me of a baby in my belly slowly moving under my skin.

I noticed beads of sweat on the back of his neck.  We were snuggled together under a heavy blanket, so I wiped his neck and pulled the blanket down a bit.

I watched him sleep for about 10 minutes, until Ryan came into the room and took a couple of minutes to watch him sleep next to me.  Then Ryan carried him to his bed upstairs.

I wish I gotten a picture.  These beautiful moments... I have to store them in my memory because I never have any pictures of these rare, beautiful moments.

1 comment:

mama schmerb said...

*sniff* the key word. I used to love to watch all of you sleep, even took pictures! Because of the restful, dare I say, Angelic, look on your faces. <3

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