Wednesday, September 16


My Bethie-Gee. How I love thee.

You are a constant source of inspiration for me. You are already wise beyond your years, there are many times I look at you and wonder when you grew old enough to string together a perfect sentence. Weren't you just learning how to walk?

Your imagination leaves me jealous, how I would love to loose myself in books and blocks for an hour at a time. When you ask me, "Are you happy?" How on earth could I say no? You can come to me in tears, sheepish, or sad- and a split second later after a tickle or a silly face you will collapse into a fit of giggles.

When I peek in on you while you're sleeping (because you ask me to check on you), it never ceases to amaze me how twisted around you are on your bed, half under the sheets, partially on the pillow... It's so funny, I wish I could take a picture without waking you up! Though you'd sleep through a hurricane (at least you have before) so maybe one photo might not wake you... I'll try it.

You are such a sweet big sister to your brother. You are a second mommy to him, and sometimes a little short-tempered, but you do such sweet-spirited things to him without my prompting. Your hugs are generous and I know you truly want what's best for him, and I know you love him so much. I love spying on the two of you when you're playing together, it melts my heart. This is what I prayed for; my dreams of being a mommy have come true.

Your hard-headedness reminds me of someone I know, but I know that one day it will help you stand up for the faith I pray you will profess throughout your life. You leave me wanting to be a better person; truly you were ordained by God to be my daughter. Every breath is a gift, and for you I am so thankful.


Wally said...

I love this. This is extremely adorable. Esp. the pictures of you and your daughter. Your note to her was very sweet...You're oozing with love for that little girl...Emelyn

Michael said...

Great pictures! I like the second picture best. Looks like you really are one lucky woman.

misty eyed mom said...

Ah, I know how you feel,
since, you are my little girl.
Ah, answered prayers.
love multiplies.

total happiness.
Thanks, I needed that.

misty eyes.

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