Monday, February 28

February Ends

I'd bet that other bloggers go through their days composing posts in their heads as events transpire, making mental note of witty captions or off-beat thoughts.  I find that I'm the most lyrical right before I fall asleep, sometimes so often that I half-dream that I've grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down my thoughts.  Then the next morning, the alarm goes off (aka Jack pulls my hair or screeches in my face), there's no scrap of paper with my scribble, and I've lost every sane thought from the previous night.  Another day begins.

my valentine's day orchid in the morning sun

(I think this is a valid reason for needing a smart phone.  For sophisticated note-taking and late-night blogging from bed.)

My recent days have been going well.  I'm not sure if it was a change of heart, coincidence, a sudden burst of creativity or what, but it was definitely the Holy Spirit.  I love myself when I'm at my best, and the past few days I've felt at my best.

I wouldn't say it's coincidence.  The older two children are ornerier than ever, each just stopping short of seriously hurting the other.  The amount of singing-only-to-annoy-the-other, toy-stealing, block-knocking-over, blanket-stealing, mean-voice-using, hitting, and shoving going on the past few days has been record-breaking.  And the littlest one... Well, let's just say he's making very s l o w progress on the sleep front.  

seeds planted by curious little fingers
 But around my home, I'm getting things done.  Maybe it's the nicer weather, allowing us all to spend more time outside and soak in the much-needed sunlight in our eyes.  My house has been clean, I've spent time collecting materials and planning lessons, my prayers have been said, blessings have been counted. 

a sleeping lizard, late at night
 February was supposed to be my month of simplicity, according to Small Steps for Catholic Moms.  On the forefront of my mind has been do do things simply, primarily by not overthinking or micromanaging.  As long as I remember to simply be in the moment, this has been freeing to me.  I have tried to argue less and listen more.  I didn't expect to feel a weight lifted off my chest, but by trying to un-complicate my life, it's been easier to count my blessings.  Easier to notice the small things.

I've been caught up in emotion multiple times, because as much as I think I've been paying attention to my children's lives, I'm still missing so much.  So many times I've wished them to be older, better-behaved, more attentive,or more cautious.  I'm missing the very things that make them my children.

flowers left on my nightstand to be discovered at bedtime
I wrap up February secretly anticipating Lent.  Another opportunity to practice simplicity in the deprivation of things I enjoy, replace vice with virtue, and hopefully grow even more as a mom, wife, and child of God.


Laura said...

What a beautiful post, Stephanie! Both the sentiment and the photography--just lovely. :)

Karen said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing
God Bless

mama schmerb said...

wonderful...still my lizard girl!

enjoy this goes really fast.

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