Sunday, November 30


Thanksgiving was spent with family and friends at Ryan's parent's house this year. We had a wonderful, yummy time!

There was wrestling...

...and naps were taken.

"Patty cake" was played...

...and much adoration!

Finley offered to bring home dinner... A small buck.

Our bellys were stuffed with delicious turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings (and milk for Luke)!

The day after, old friends were seen (:-)

And grandparents loved on their grandchildren.

Uncle Alex holding Luke after much anticipation! It's the general consensus in my family that Luke is a spitting image of his baby pictures. (But he is now a 6-yr-old stinker)

And finally a picture of a cute boy with a soft blanket from his great-grandma (who loves him very much)!

Tuesday, November 25

Very good day!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. :-)

Today, after a normal morning, we went to my grandma's house to have lunch with her. My uncle and aunt stopped by to meet Luke and we had a pretty relaxing lunch. Beth played and colored and my aunt held Luke. Well... She's always had a good way with my kids... Luke fell asleep in her arms, transitioned to his car seat, and slept for another two and a half hours after we got home! (Seriously awesome. Thank you Aunt Mel!) When we got home I was able to put Beth to sleep and she also took a long nap (almost two hours) so I had a ton of free time! I almost didn't know what to do with myself, lol. I am writing again so I had an article to work on and was able to do some other things online that I've been meaning to get done. So it was an awesome afternoon!

Beth has really been into Ariel, her doll, lately. She sleeps with her, carries her everywhere, nurses her, feeds her, and brings her in the car. She finally has a "lovey" I had tried so hard to attach her to when she was a baby!

In other news, we introduced Luke to his Nuk (pacifier) yesterday. He doesn't like it so much. With Beth we waited until she was 6 weeks in order to make sure she was nursing correctly before we let her have it, but I feel like he's doing a good enough job and felt comfortable giving it to him. Well he doesn't want it! Today he took it for about 5 minutes. He's been a little fussy in the evenings lately (not nearly as bad as Beth was) so we thought this might help. Which it might, if he'd take it...

I haven't had the kids in cloth diapers for the past couple of weeks because Beth's been battling a rash and we were given some baby disposable diapers as a gift. Plus, I'll be honest, I was feeling a little overwhelmed! But they're back in now, most of the time at least, but I'm realizing Luke doesn't have as much as I thought he did. Well, he's set with diapers but the stash of covers I had been given don't fit my big boy! So I've got to find a few more covers if I'm going to keep him in them on a regular basis!

Sunday, November 23

"Oh yeah"

In the car on the way home last night, Beth was singing to herself:

"Oh yeah, doggie. Oh yeah, mommy. Oh yeah, God. Oh yeah, Daddy. Doggieeee."

It was the best song I've heard all year. :-)

Happy Christ the King!

Today is the feast of Christ the King! Today's homily was aimed at the kids since we went to the children's mass, but there were a few good things in there for the adults too. ;-) God asks us to not only avoid evil, but to do good as well. Today is a good day to re-dedicate your heart to Christ our king!

And... a little humor!

Saturday, November 22

And the answer is...

Too easy, right? Beth is the first and Luke is the second photo. I think that they look similar, but not too similar! Luke has some distinguishing features that Beth doesn't (like a little red mark inside his left nostril) so I'll always be able to tell his baby photos from hers. Here are some other cute pictures from that day.

Friday, November 21

Thursday, November 20

4 weeks old today!

Which baby is Luke and which baby is Beth? No cheating!!!

Wednesday, November 19


This morning I trimmed Beth's bangs, just enough to get them out of her eyes. I don't know what I want to do with her hair- it's still too short all around for a pony tail or any sort of rubber band (believe you me, I've tried!) and she still isn't 100% content with using a bow to pull her bangs out of her face (doing better but she still pulls it out). So we're trying to figure out- should we keep bangs or grow it all out? What do you think?

Tuesday, November 18

All smiles

Finally! A few minutes to sit down and tell the world what's going on at our house these days. :-)

I went on retreat this past weekend, from Thursday night through Sunday. I had a wonderful time and came home feeling very spiritually refreshed. It's been probably 8-10 years since my last silent retreat (no talking the whole weekend!) and I really needed to have myself silenced in order to hear God speak to me. Luke did wonderfully- he slept pretty much the whole time. He did get congested on Friday night- Beth has had a runny nose since last Wednesday and I'm positive Luke got it from her. It's difficult to keep a toddler from touching her new brother! So right now they both have runny noses and are sneezing, and Ryan and I each have a bit of congestion ourselves. No one has fevers or anything worse, which I'm very thankful for!

I think I'm starting to get a hang of how our days are going to work around here. It's still easy right now since Luke sleeps most of the day, which gives Beth and me time to ourselves. I know this will change soon but I'm hoping by then Beth will be a little less clingy to me. Today we ventured out of the house on a walk with my big ol' double stroller. It doesn't look as big as a lot of other double strollers out there but man is it cumbersome to push! I even brought Finley with us, but he was actually very well-behaved! I can loop his leash on the stroller and he sort of helps me pull it, lol. Luke fell asleep and Beth did pretty well, though she was wanting to get out about halfway through our walk. She sits in the front and I think it'll take some time for her to get used to her new ride!

Luke is smiling! He's getting there at least! He spends about an hour or two each day in the "quiet alert" phase, just looking around and taking everything in. This is the time to make him smile, lots of coo-ing and smiling at him will usually yield a big smile from him. It makes my heart melt!

A tea party she set up all by herself! Grandma and Grandpa would be proud! She did everything here while I was nursing- flipped the basket over, draped a "tablecloth" over the basket, put the monkey on a chair, and placed all the items on the table.

baby smiles are the best!

Sunday, November 16

I'm baaaack

I'm back from spiritual exercises! I had a wonderful weekend on retreat with Luke and 70 other incredibly holy women, but I am physically and spiritually exhausted. Plus Beth wakes up at 6:00 these days so I need to get to bed! I will try to blog soon, with photos, but as it turns out having two kids and keeping a house makes it a little more difficult to get online to "play" these days!

Tuesday, November 11

New things around here

All smiles with her three (almost four!) new teeth!

How I get things done. The sling is my new best friend.

Well boy oh boy do we have some new and interesting things going on around our household! Beth has developed a couple of gross habits that I'll just blame on toddlerhood or the fact that she's just cut three teeth and is working on the fourth (ouch!). Now that it's getting cooler I've been putting her in long-sleeve shirts and this automatically gives her something to chew on- the sleeve of her shirt. It's gross and she's going to put holes in all of her new shirts. This discovery (built-in chew toy) has opened the door to the fact that she has spit in her mouth. I guess this is a new discovery because today was all about spit! She spit in my hand, spit on my cut when I thought she was going to kiss it, and spit on my shirt. Well, she might have blown her nose on it, I'm not sure but it was wet and gross. I also noticed her spitting in her own hands a lot (we washed hands a lot today!). Another new habit is sticking her hand in her diaper when she has a dirty diaper. Not cool. Luckily nothing terribly disgusting has happened yet but it really is making me reconsider starting potty training sooner than later. She's very interested in the potty and asks me to sit on it after she's already gone in her diaper. I think she's close but not quite ready yet, and I'm in no rush to be cleaning up after her so I think we'll start trying after the holidays are over and things slow down. In the mean time, if you experienced mothers have any potty training literature you'd like to recommend, please let me know!

Enough with the gross stuff. Beth is also "learning" to count! She can get to two, haha. I count to three a lot before we do something (like before I pick her up or before we change her diaper or something) and she'll count with me to two. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal but it's just so darn cute and it's making me realize how she's really growing up. She's starting to speak a little more clearly, or at least she's putting several words together now.

We're still going through an adjustment period, I'm not sure how long it will last. She gets very upset when I begin to nurse Luke ("no nurse mommy!") or when I or Ryan go to pick him up. She does calm down soon afterward but it breaks my heart to not have the attention to give her that I used to. I'm paying special attention to her now, trying to find more time to give her 100% of my attention, taking special care to be in physical touch with her more often and trying to make a lot of eye contact. I tell her I love her a lot too. Honestly I think it's just as hard for me to not be able to hold her as it is for her to watch me take care of Luke. The feelings I have for Beth and Luke, while similar, are not the same yet. I love both of them of course, but since Beth and I have a different relationship I feel the oooy-gooey type of love for her while with Luke I look at him in awe. I'm sure it's something all mommys going through "second motherhood" go through but no one really talks about. Everyone asks how Beth is adjusting to her new brother but no one asks how my relationship with Beth has evolved.

Our days at home are going rather well considering the enormous amount of rain we've been having! I've really wanted to get outside and take them walking or go to the park but we haven't been able to. So we sit around, read books, do some chores, and watch a little more tv than I'd like, but we're getting by. Dinners are prepared for us thanks to loving parents and generous friends! I still spend the day glancing at the clock waiting for Ryan to get home, but that's not really anything new! He is such a wonderful father and supportive husband, I am so thankful that I've got such a wonderful man by my side!

Sunday, November 9

Yesterday we took a family outing to Target on Saturday to buy a humidifier for Beth's room- I can't believe we're actually having to turn on the heat at night! We've been meaning to buy a humidifier for her room since she was born... Just now getting around to it! Anyways, since our Target was closed due to hurricane damage, we had to drive to one a bit further away. As it turns out, Luke will sit in his car seat contently for about 10 minutes- then the crying begins! Poor baby! And our church is about 12 minutes from our house so he really gets himself worked up right before we arrive! Anyways, while in the parking lot at Target I experienced something that I've only heard about before. There was a mom (or a grandmother-hard to tell) yelling at and spanking the living daylights out of a child probably around Beth's age, yelling at him to get in his car seat and "shut up and leave me alone." I'm getting tears in my eyes just thinking about it, I was so upset for that poor little boy. I realize the mom/grandma might have been having a bad day but it's so hard for me to hear someone treat and speak to their child like that! I wish I was a witty, confrontational person but unfortunately I don't think anything I would have said would have made a difference to this mom, so I prayed for her and cried a little behind my sunglasses. Please pray for this woman and her child!

The kids did really well at mass today- Beth had one of her best days on record and Luke slept in his sling, nursed a little, then slept a little more. Perfect! After mass we came home, had lunch and naps, then went to a friend's second birthday party. Beth had a good time chowing down on some cake and ice cream! She usually doesn't get a lot of sweets but we let her have at it today and man, does the girl like cake and ice cream!

This week will be my first week at home alone with the kids. Ryan has class so I'll have to put Beth down alone with Luke- I think this will be my greatest challenge! Luke is spending a lot more time awake now, just looking around and checking things out. But of course, he prefers to be held than to sit in his swing! I think I'll use the sling a lot more with him than I did with Beth! On Thursday I'll be leaving (with Luke of course!) for a long weekend. I am attending spiritual exercises- a silent retreat for 4 days! Well, Thursday night through mass on Sunday. This will be my first retreat in years and I am so excited that I can go! Ryan and Beth will have some quality father-daughter time and I will have some quality time alone in prayer to hopefully get my spiritual life back on track!

Thursday, November 6

Doctor visit

I took Luke today for a 2 week checkup- everything is wonderful and the boy is a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz! That's almost a pound in two weeks! They were impressed with his weight gain, lol. I also had a midwife checkup today and I am also in good health. I've dropped 18 lbs and have been given the okay to start slowly working on those last 6 lbs. Luke is still nursing well and I'm still healing but overall we're all in good health over here! Beth and Luke will both be due for their next pediatrician appointments right around Christmas so I'll take them both then, and I go back in another 4 weeks.

Sorry I don't have any pictures today. He's getting cuter every day though. :-)

Tuesday, November 4

Big sis and little bro

Today was my first day at home alone with the two kiddos. It went incredibly well! Beth slept late (considering the time change- till 7:15!) and I left sleeping Luke in bed to take care of Beth. Well he slept for another hour or two, enough time for Beth and me to have breakfast, get dressed, and start playing! I got the itch to get out of the house (just to see if I could do it) so I got everything ready, woke up Luke, and we all went to Sams to get a few things. I wore Luke in the sling and Beth rode in the cart- we got in, got our stuff and left. No problems there! On the way home we stopped at the park so I could let Beth play, again I wore Luke and chased Beth around the playground. We got home, had lunch with Ryan, and I put Beth to sleep. I got in bed to nap with Luke (yes, he sleeps a lot!) and when Beth woke me up it had been two hours! Glorious sleep, I haven't napped that well since before he was born! And neither has Beth, for that matter. The rest of the afternoon we spent playing in the house, doing some laundry and taking these pictures posted below. All in all it was a great day for us! I feel like it gave Beth a little bit of "normal." She's been kind of a different kid since Luke was born, just generally cranky and out of sorts. Today I felt like I had my little Beth back. It was really wonderful to rock her to sleep for her nap and to get to spend one-on-one play time with her. And the fact that she napped for so long didn't hurt either! We had an excellent day. :-)

new shirt from Nicole- thank you!

posing for mommy

Monday, November 3

Sunday, November 2

Our first family outing

Today we took our first outing as a family of four. (We've taken him to the doctor but Beth wasn't with us!) Ryan and I loaded up the kids (lol) and went to mass. I think it would have gone a lot better if the time hadn't changed (Beth was a little crankier than normal) and if I hadn't forgotten her nuk (she is allowed to have it during mass and sleep time). So... It was a little rough but Ryan thinks it went rather well considering the circumstances. Luke did fine- he nursed at the beginning then Ryan held him while I held Beth since she was putting up quite the fight to get to me! Afterward I had to change him in the car since he had wet through his outfit, and his umbilical stump fell off! WOHOO! You have no idea how happy that makes me- that thing was gross!

Beth as a bee! Her favorite bug- she was obsessed with them over the summer and would constantly ask me to draw her a picture of a bee on her magnadoodle. I am now very good at drawing bees!

Finley dressed up for Halloween too! Well, sort of... I think he felt emasculated by the Mardi Gras beads.

Ryan's pumpkin. Later we set up some empty beer bottles by it.

Luke's first ride in the sling! He liked it I think- he fell right asleep! I think I'll get a more manly sling so he doesn't have to ride around in flowers. :-b

My mom with her two grandkids. Thanks for coming to stay with us mommy! :-)

sweet boy
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