About Stephanie

Howdy!  I'm Stephanie, wife to Ryan and mom to five babies here and two in heaven.  This is my little blog!


I am convinced I have a perfect marriage.  My husband is unfailingly supportive of me in every possible way, supporting my crazy ideas, loving my quirks, and helping me make our home a little domestic church.

We've also made some pretty darn cute kids, who happen to be the main subject of this blog!

We are followers of the Catholic Church, established by Jesus Christ: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.  Daily I seek to follow not my will, but His will for me.

I dabble in everything but am master of nothing. I'm a little old-fashioned but I like my modern amenities!  I am an advocate for knowledge and research and because of that, we are pretty counter-cultural.  I am a melancholic and an ISFJ.  I'm very sensitive to conflict and insults, yet somehow I feel like this blog is my pedestal I am able to stand on and shout out my deepest thoughts, feelings, joys, and sorrows.  I always love to read comments so please feel free to leave a few!

If you feel like you're reading my diary, it's because you are in a way.  But mostly this blog is for my children.  I hope that one day they're able to read what Mommy wrote and understand a little more about themselves, a little more about me and their Daddy.  I hope they'll read about how much we loved them and did the best we could to help them along their pathway to heaven!

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