Friday, August 31

New pics

I've realized that I don't have very many good pictures from this month. I think part of the reason is because my red-eye flash on my camera ALWAYS makes Beth blink! So all of the cute pics, her eyes are closed or half closed. I need to start taking more photos! It seems like for every 20 pictures I take, I get one or two good ones. Thank goodness for digital cameras, right?!

Jumping, but unsure whether to smile or not!
Us on my birthday!
Standing and looking mighty cute!
The one incredibly cute picture from this month- my two favorite people. :-)

Wednesday, August 29

Loooong video

Most might find this video a bit boring, but there are some cute parts! It's basically just of Beth playing and the dog running around. (Occasionally Vegas enjoys running laps around the sofas while barking. This entertains the whole family!) Enjoy this while I upload other photos- I found the battery charger! Yay!

Tuesday, August 28

Lost batteries!

That's the reason I haven't updated lately! My sincere apologies to all my blog stalkers. ;-) Actually I lost the battery charger (we use rechargeable batteries) and so I have no AA batteries that work, so I can't download pictures. But I will turn the house upside down tomorrow looking for them!

Yesterday Beth turned 8-months-old. EIGHT. That's almost one year! Ok not so much, but really, really close. At this point, our little bug is scooting like a mad woman- every now and then she'll stop and push herself up on all fours but as soon as she tries to go, she falls down on her tummy. She's pulling herself up to stand more and more, and we have already had a few "incidences" in which her head has made contact with a piece of furniture, poor love. I know bruises and bumps are part of the journey, but it's so sad to see my little love hurt! And we STILL have no teeth! Not even the hint of one! But everything else is the same. We're nursing still, a lot in fact, as well as two "solid" meals a day. I'm going to start introducing finger foods to her soon, as she seems ready to start putting things in her own mouth. We tried the other day with some crackers, and she really seemed to enjoy throwing them over the side of the high chair. :-)

Sadly, we're still trying to find a new home for our puppy dog, Vegas. She really is such a good dog, and we'll both be really upset to see her go, but I can't have her around Beth anymore. :-(

Today we went to the library for story time with other 0-18 month-old kiddos. It was crazy! There were probably 9 other moms with their kids, the oldest one being 12 month and the youngest one probably 2 months. We sat the kids in front of the moms and sang songs, said poems, did hand motions, read books, and then played with the other kids. It really amazed me because while we interact with other kids pretty often, today was the first day I noticed that Beth was *not* interested in me. I put her in front of me and all she wanted to do was to crawl (well, scoot) near other kids and touch them or steal their toys! It was sort of nice for me to be able to see that independece developing, sweet sweet independence. Maybe one day she'll be that way at home! It was my first time to really think, wow, this is my kid with her own personality. Very cool.

Now that she's becoming more mobile, I ordered her some shoes... I was bitten by the ebay bug and had a really fun time bidding on these shoes. They're soft-soled Pedipeds, which are very high-quality shoes. And SOOOOO cute! I want to buy all of the styles for her, but I think I would have to take on another job! She'll wear them when we leave the house since it's better for her to learn to walk barefoot.

Ok I'm off to look for that battery charger. St. Anthony, help me!

Thursday, August 23


Happy birthday to meeeeeeee. I'm 25 today, and this is the first year I think I've actually felt older on my birthday. I guess having a kid does that to you!

Monday, August 20


This weekend we took Beth to Aggieland for the first time! Well, technically I guess she's been twice in-utero, but that didn't count! We drove to College Station on Saturday morning, straight to the church for a friend's wedding. It was beautiful, I've never been to a wedding that was more focused on God than on the two people getting married. It was a beautiful opportunity to praise as well as visit the church I spent a good 5 years going to, solidifying my faith. It was also so much fun to see people I hadn't seen in a long time (years!) and to see who married who and meet all their kids. It's the first time I've felt like I really belonged because most everyone else got married around the same time we did, and have kids around the same age as Beth. I really wish we lived closer to all of these people!

After the reception we visited some old friends and met their cutie 2-month-old daughter, then visited some other friends to say hi and catch up. Afterward we went to my future sister-in-law's apartment for some yummy dinner, and met the grandparents any my sis and brother there also. We put Beth down for the evening so Grandma and Grandpa could stay with her and the rest of us went to Northgate to have some old-fashioned fun. It was my sister's first time out to a bar and I'm so glad we got to do that together. :-)

The next morning we went to Mass and then out to lunch with the whole crew for Ryan's birthday! My hubby had a great birthday- seeing old friends, celebrating like he was in college again, and having a nice lunch with extended family. What more could a guy want?

Unfortunately we didn't get to take Beth on campus, although I really wanted to. We just really over-booked ourselves this time! Hopefully next time we go in, Beth will be walking and I can get some good pictures of her around Rudder fountain- like the pictures my parents have of me. :-)

Practicing standing, with the aid of the toy basket!
Playing with Uncle Michael
Northgate! My family. :-)
Rolling around on the floor, trying to crawl but still not quite getting it.

Thursday, August 16

An old video

This video is a few weeks old, but sorta cute. She's just fussing and rolling around!

Tuesday, August 14

Fun Weekend

"Blue Steel"

We had a really busy and fun weekend! Saturday was a dear friend's baby shower for her little boy due in September. It was a couple's shower and it was very fancy! It sort of made me regret not having a couple's shower, although really the only thing that was different was the fact that men were there. Women still played baby shower games and oooed and awwwed over cute presents. The men mostly talked to each other and ate. :-) The mom-to-be looked absolutely radient, and still wearing high heels! I was impressed!

Sunday we attended a little boy's first birthday party. He's a child we know from our playgroup, so all of the moms and their kids were there. It was all very cute, Elmo made an appearance and of course, there was the token kid who cried. I don't think Beth even noticed there was a giant red furry monster running around, lol. But the party has made me start thinking about Beth's first birthday- eek! She's almost 8 months old already! But, for those of you who know me, I am a planner! So I am now accepting ideas for themes for her party!

Monday night we invited one of our new parish priests for dinner at our house. Fr. George came over and blessed our house and then we had a nice meal! I'm so happy that our house has finally been blessed! I originally had wanted to do it when Beth was baptised, but it just never worked out. Fr. George prayed over us as a family also, it was very beautiful to be able to share that with my husband and daughter.

When I found the Mother Theresa quote, I was actually looking for this one, which is actually by St. Therese of the Little Flower: "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." This helps me when I'm doing mundane chores and tasks that seem like nothing, but are my life.

Thursday, August 9

Angry at JC Penny

I'm so ticked off right now that I had to come post a blog about it! I took Beth to have her pictures taken at JC Penny a couple of weeks ago. I had a horrible time. They took at total of 17 exposures of her, and of course she was in a bad mood so that didn't help (not blaming that on them). When it was time to look at the pictures on their 1972 computer screen, I couldn't see any details because it was so fuzzy and may as well have been black and white screen. They try to get your money by only offering 1 5x7 on a page with like 4 "billfolds" and 4 "wallets"- seriously, who needs this many tiny pictures when they could have fint another 5x7 on that page? The photos we all off-centered with the background, and the lady told me she couldn't crop or edit the photos at all. So I have two good pictures of Beth with off-centered backgrounds and am told I have to order 6 pages if I want to get 6 5x7s. I left not happy, and today when I picked up the pictures, I left even not happier. My darling precious girl is cute, but the photos are awful. I get angry just looking at them! I don't plan on going back. This was a true lesson in managing my anger!

I guess part of the reason I'm so disappointed is because the first time we took pictures we had such a great experience. The first time we went to Portrait Innovations, as recommended by many people, and it was just such the opposite experience than mine at JC Penny. It was more expensive, but the photos were beautiful, the photographer was nice, their computers were up-to-date and they could edit as we wanted. I guess the lesson is you get what you pay for!

Tuesday, August 7

Eventually happened

Well we all knew it would happen eventually...Well it happened last night, the night we will all fondly remember as "Twosies in the Tub". HA! Lucky Ryan was bathing Miss Beth at the time. I don't think they make enough bleach in the world, luckily it was in her little baby tub so the whole bathtub wasn't infefected!

Ryan and I have had a good week. Our weekend was semi-eventful, in that we're attempting to clean out our guest bedroom closet. It was our place to put everything that didn't have a home when we moved in... Now we're getting rid of half of it, either selling it or trashing it. I don't know what to do with a lot of this stuff!

This weekend we have a baby shower and a first birthday party to attend, both events for little boys. And I just found out a good friend is pregnant with a boy. So I've been shopping for little boy stuff... It's all so cute! ;-)

In the basket while I vacuum
My hubby loves me. :-*
The guilty party, after "the incident"

Thursday, August 2

Taking it easy

Playing hard!

We've just been hanging around the past few days, not much is going on right now. Just trying to keep up with endless chores and do some work in the evenings. I took Beth to have her pictures taken on Monday at JC Penny and I wasn't all that impressed. We really didn't get any good ones, I don't think, so that was a bummer.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the virtue of charity. I feel like I do so many little mundane things in my life- dishes, vacuuming, picking up the same things over and over again... It's made me feel stuck in prayer. This week I was challenged by some beautiful ladies to be charitable in everything I do- even if it doesn't seem like anything at all. This week I'm really going to focus on doing all things with love, and for Christ.

I came across a quote in prayer last night that really struck me. In Acts, the Angel asks the apostles, "Why are you standing there looking at the sky?" after Jesus' assumption. Christianity isn't stargazing- it's serving, praying, and acting in this world.

"Little things are indeed little, but to be faithful in little things is a great thing." -Mother Theresa. This is my new mantra! Please pray for me this week. And please keep the people involved in or related to the Minnesota brige collapse in your prayers. Praise, our friends in Minnesota were not involved! May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
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