Sunday, June 29

Falling asleep

I never thought this child would ever do this... Last night, Beth just couldn't stay awake during dinner. It was so funny we grabbed our video camera and I filmed 2 minutes of it before we couldn't take it anymore and put her to bed. This was at 6pm last night, and she slept until 7 this morning!

(Thank goodness Ryan was bit by the organizing bug last night because we found a USB cord for our digital camcorder I thought we had broken. I now have all sorts of pictures and videos ranging back to Beth's baptism!)

Saturday, June 28

New Camera (again)

We've gotten a new camera. Again. Hopefully this one will last longer than a year! We shopped till we dropped today finding the perfect camera, and we decided on the Kodak EasyShare z1085. I am REALLY excited about this camera because our in-store trails were really awesome, and the EasyShare line came highly recommended to me. Incredibly clear zoom, fast recover time, crisp pictures. I hope you will be able to notice a difference once we get it! I found it on sale online so it will be a few days before it gets here!

Meanwhile, we haven't had a camera to capture the shenanigans all week. My mom and two youngest brothers have been visiting, and my dad came in on Wednesday evening. They weren't staying here but Beth and I pretty much spent every day with them since we don't get to see them very often. There were multiple opportunities for photos but unfortunately no working camera! So just imagine 8-yr-old and 6-yr-old boys entertaining an 18-month-old. They all left to go home today so it's back to life as usual!

Friday, June 27

18 months!

Happy half-birthday to my sweet girl! Today she is 18-months-old, that means every day forward she will be closer to two years than one year. I had some professional pictures taken today and of course they're incredibly cute! I love you my big toddler girl!

Tuesday, June 24

Broken camera...again!

I've broken my camera. This is not as bad as last time though, I hope not at least. The lens won't close and so it gives me an error and won't let me take photos. What am I going to post now??? Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon- I don't know where to take it! Suggestions? I really don't like Best Buy, I feel like they're always ripping me off.

Here are two photos that I stole from a friend's blog. :-) It's of Beth and family friend Hannah. They are 7 months apart and just now starting to really interact when they play together. Unfortunately we don't get to see them enough but it's cute to see the way their play changes each time we meet up! What's fun is our next 2 kids will be only 2 months apart so they'll get to grow up together too!

Saturday, June 21


Today we had a family reunion of sorts at my grandparent's house. Beth was a little shy at first but she warms up quickly! I don't have any pictures because I completely forgot to bring out my camera, I will make sure to take some this week while my mom and brothers are in town. My youngest 2 brothers are 6 and 8 years old, and Beth has so much fun with them!

Tomorrow I'll be 23 weeks pregnant. Time is flying! I'm watching A Baby Story and some of those other TLC tv shows to remind myself of birth and labor, to try to get pumped up. I cry every time a baby is born, it's really sort of sad how fragile my emotions are right now! It is bringing up memories, mostly good, from Beth's birth. There are a few things I want to do differently so I'm making a huge list of questions for my OB at my next appointment. I am going to be trying for a med-free birth again, hopefully my labor will be shorter than 2 days and I'll be able to get some rest naturally this time!

Wednesday, June 18

Playing with baby Eric

I finally caught her "silly noise" on camera!!! It's at the very end, you may need your sound higher to hear it. She's been making this noise for months now and I don't know how she does it, but we can ask her to make her "silly noise" and this is what she does. I crack up every time she does it!

Notice he's swaddled.

Tuesday, June 17

Father's Day

Sorry this post is delayed, I had to wait for the video to process on YouTube. ;-)

Happy Father's Day honey!!! How does it feel to be a father of TWO (plus a stinky dog)? I know I will always be safe from wasps with you around, and that makes me feel like a better mom. I owe you a breakfast in bed!

Ryan and his brother Josh, killing wasps.

Monday, June 16

"Helping" Finley eat

We have an odd couple of kids around here. Finley prefers not to eat his food from the bowl, so Beth "helps" him eat. He is not the type of dog that immediately goes to his food bowl once I fill it up, his food will literally sit there all day until Beth intervenes. So it goes something like this: Beth notices food in the bowl, picks up the bowl and carries it to wherever Finley is and gives it to him, hand-fed, piece by piece. But eventually she'll get bored with that and start putting it somewhere else, like a windowsill or on the carpet. He doesn't mind, as long as it's not in the bowl. She might get bored with that so she might dump it on the carpet and he'll continue eating. However it happens, it's a process that usually entertains them both for 20 minutes. It's rather disgusting to me because she smells like stinky fish-dog slobber and dog food by the time it's all over, and the windowsills have looked better, but it's a battle I've decided not to fight. It's a weird, symbiotic relationship that makes them both happy- Finley eats and Beth is entertained. What more could a mom ask for?

Post- meal wrestling

He's such a good dog to put up with her!

Sunday, June 15

Wednesday, June 11

"Bye bye Luke"

People keep asking me if Beth knows I'm pregnant. I think she understands minimally- Beth knows where baby Luke is for the most part (in my belly). Although sometimes she'll point to her belly and say "baby!" and we giggle. We'll talk about Luke periodically throughout the day, I'll ask Beth to say hello to Luke, ask her to say his name, we'll talk about being a big sister and sharing her room, today we looked at clothes for baby brother. I think at her age it's impossible for her to completely understand what is going on. When she wants to "see" Luke, she'll lift up my shirt and say hi, or give him a kiss, then will say, "Bye bye!" and pull my shirt down. It's really cute!

Today I saw this on sale for $10, and I probably would have bought it with store credit had Beth not started screaming right exactly then. I took it as a sign to leave before I got myself into trouble!

How cute for a second baby, lol. They had several other super-cute Dr. Seuss onesies, I probably would have left with a couple if Beth hadn't "saved" me!

Have I mentioned we're having a boy? LOL!

Monday, June 9


Well guess who is officially a little toddler stinker? No, certainly not the precious, darling, polite little Beth! :-b We're hearing a lot of her new favorite word- no! The good news is I don't think she totally understands what she's saying, because sometimes she'll say no but still want what you're offering. She will add the head shake though, as if to emphasize her point. And she'll still nod yes, but she doesn't really speak the word yes. "Yeah," sometimes. Yes ma'am? Definitely not. But I'm not giving up on her yet! She's also added "me" into her rotation, but it's not used correctly. It's just another syllable to pronounce when she doesn't know what else to say! She doesn't say the cute "manaa" anymore when asked "What sound does a kitty make?" Now she says "me." It's sort of sad, her kitty meow ("manaa") was just the sweetest sound on earth- and if you had the chance to hear it you'd know what I was talking about. But she doesn't say it anymore. I guess growing up is part of life!

My goal this week is to update Beth's baby book. Hold me accountable!!!

Making a mess is more fun when there are two involved!

I love this doggy look, lol.

Sunday we went to a professional baseball game, Beth's second game. We went with some friends and had a really nice time- it was nothing fancy but a good time to catch up and talk. :-)

Thursday, June 5

Laying low

We've been home all week since Beth has had a runny nose and since I'm trying to save on gas. So not much to update- Ryan's been busy with work and his summer school started this week, and Beth is fine other than the nose issue (but it's been enough to keep us home from the pool). We've been out for daily walks which is good for all of us (including Finley) but we're trying to keep Beth inside as much as possible because of those darned mosquitoes. She has 4 bites on her legs that won't go away, they've been scratched and are sort of scabbing over. Sort of gross but there's really not much I can do since she pulls off band-aids, so I keep lightweight pants on her as much as possible. She's continued to love the chocolate milk we're giving her but it's taken a toll on some of her cute clothes, so chocolate milk is now only given in her high chair with either her shirt off or a huge plastic bib on!

In addition to labor I'm also making a mental list of things we'll NEED to have before Luke is born. First on my mind is his car seat. I think this time we'll put him in an infant seat (whereas Beth went straight to her convertible) because I am imagining that it might be easier since he'll be our second child. So I have to find something that is safe but that will fit into my stroller so I can make it into a "travel system" if I want. Right now I'm looking at the Graco Safe Seat and the Chicco Keyfit. Both have been recommended to me as extremely safe yet comfortable. I still need to drive to a Babies R Us with my stroller and see if they'll both sit in the stroller safely enough. I'd also like to get a new sling, probably a pouch like I had with Beth since I loved it. Something in a manly color. ;-) We can't have him in Beth's fall-colored girly pouch now can we? That's more of a want though, not a need!

In the future we'll need another bed (he'll be with us for at least 6 months so we have awhile to decide whether we'll move Beth to a toddler bed or straight to a twin mattress), and maybe another high chair? I don't know, do 28-month-olds use high chairs or booster seats? We're also considering painting Beth's room since they'll eventually be sharing, something a little more gender-neutral (right now it's pale pink and green). Safari animals, baby animals, sea animals? I don't really want to do Winnie the Pooh or anything that's a passing fad. We have plenty of time to figure that out though!
20 week belly shot

Sunday, June 1

How it went/20 weeks

Well I know you're all dying to know how our test-driving experience went! LOL. First off, the two salesmen we talked to were both very nice, neither were pushy at all. Totally not what I was expecting! I would say the dealerships we went to were medium-sized to small even.

First we went to Toyota and found out that the Rav4 only comes with a 3rd-row seat in the Limited model. Bummer because that makes it more expensive. Also, no rear air vents. And small steering wheel. Other than that, it drove a little bumpy for me, more like a truck. I liked the interior.

Second was the Mazda dealership. They had only 1 Mazda5 on their lot because apparently they are sold very quickly. The salesman said last year they couldn't give them away and now they're flying off the lot! We test drove their only one and let me tell you- this is my future car. It drove like a car- which I like- but was higher up than a car. Not too high though, the ride was smooth. The interior space in the 3rd row is incredibly tight, but we plan to have this car through our 4th child which means there shouldn't be too many times when an adult would have to fit back there. Although the back doors are sliding like a van, the windows roll down (neat!) and there are vents in the back. Not where I'd like them to be (on the ceiling) but they're back there. The seats are easy to move, the front console was easy to figure out, and generally we were impressed with the car overall. It's kind of in a class of its own- not technically a minivan, a crossover, wagon, or an SUV. It's a car with 3 rows and sliding doors/hatchback with awesome gas mileage and priced at a steal. I am definitely motivated to start saving money now! It's going to be a very cheap summer here at our house! Not only will we continue with our standard "leftover Fridays," but we are planning implementing "grilled cheese Wednesdays" and maybe 1 other meatless meals. And we're going to cut out eating out to once every two weeks. Yikes!

Anyone have any other money savers? Our summer entertainment- which has already been paid for- is our community pool. I canNOT go to the mall or Target to cure boredom- that's how the little purchases start adding up! If we cut back on eating out and our grocery bill, we will easily have enough to put a decent amount down on the new car toward the end of September. Wish us luck!

And by the way, today marks my halfway point through my pregnancy. This makes me incredibly excited and anxious at the same time. I realized today that my hunch of being "smaller" this pregnancy is based on fact- my waist is 2 inches smaller and I am 10 lbs lighter right now than I was at this point in my pregnancy with Beth. I blame it on the fact that I started 8 lbs lighter in this pregnancy! Thank you 10k! (Also, I'm not sure if I've previously mentioned this, but I plan on running a 10k after every child. At least this time it proved to be an excellent move on my part to get back into shape post-baby.) I am feeling little Luke kicking a lot now- in fact he's definitely awake right now. Ryan is able to feel kicks also which is really neat for him. My legs are feeling "full" after standing for awhile and my belly is itchy. Other than that I really have no complaints! Thank you Jesus for the ability to carry this child with such ease! (Are you prepping me for something painful in the future?)

I am thinking a lot about labor and delivery already. I have decided to investigate the program Hypnobabies at the recommendation of a friend. I am intrigued and interested in learning more, and am kind of at the point where I think anything to help me cope with labor is worth looking into. I want to try again for a med-free birth. Hopefully this time my labor will be much shorter- I feel like I chose the epidural last time not because of the pain but to let me get some sleep! It was hard for me to imagine having the strength to deliver after being awake and laboring for over 30 hours, so that's why I chose the epi. And boy did it work- it knocked me out for a couple of hours if I remember correctly! My OB assured me that my labor will *most likely* be much shorter this time, and that my pushing phase should be shorter too. Since I pushed without the epi with Beth, that part won't be new! We also have a new book, Husband-Coached Childbirth, which will help us prepare with new methods of coping. I don't know if we'll take a Bradley class this time, only because I can't imagine being able to do it with Beth since they're in the evenings. I hope that if we do a lot of reading and practicing at home that it will suffice.

Anyone with thoughts on natural childbirth? Mandi?
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