Monday, September 6

6-cube bookshelf

This weekend we took on our first building project: a 6-cube shelf, like this:

This is a bookshelf from The Land of Nod that retails for $250.00. I found plans on a great blog site called Knock-Off Wood, which assured me the project would cost under $50. So off I went to Home Depot, pulled my minivan (oops, I mean "hatchback") in next to all the trucks, and marched straight into the lumber section. Of course I asked for help, I'm not that dumb. An employee helped me pick out my boards and then made all the cuts for me, and was super-impressed that I hardly had any wood wasted and left over. I assured him I didn't come up with the plans! It's all planned out on the web site I linked to- check it out! I brought my pile of wood home, along with some 2-inch screws and some finishing nails.

Ryan and I got started while the kids played outside and Jack sat in his bouncy chair. We figured out where to put what piece and decided to modify the plans just ever so slightly to give it a little more strength. After all, this is going in the playroom!

We got the first part together using screws. I have never used a screwdriver to pre-drill the holes so much in my life, I have to say it was a little empowering and it did give me a little endorphine rush, until my wrist started hurting from manually screwing them in. Lame.

At this point, we all took a much-needed snow cone break. Unfortunately I have no pictures to prove it, you'll just have to believe me! Afterward we walked across the street to the neighbor's house for a little barbeque, then came home, put the kids down, and went outside to finish it up.

I covered the holes with wood putty and will sand it before we paint it white. We were planning to paint it today but other things popped up, so we'll get to that later in the week.

Totally awesome. I feel so proud of myself. It was really a joint effort, but Ryan let me do most of it to make me feel good! I can't wait to paint it and get it in the house, then brag about it when every one comes over! We plan to make at least one more, and maybe a tall cube bookcase, to line one wall in our playroom. Then up next...who knows! This was a very easy project for a major beginner like me, but I've been bitten by the bug and really hope that we can build more together!

Oh yes, our other accomplishment this weekend? Ryan drafting an incredible fantasy football team, ready to win us some money! Yes, that's two computers and a beer....That's what winners are made of, lol.

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