Monday, October 29

Cute girl

Happy Halloween!

Out little kitty cat. :-)

Weekend at the Grandparents

This past weekend we traveled again, this time to see Grandma and Grandpa. Ryan had to do something for school (working on his MBA) all day on Saturday so we took a long weekend to go visit. Beth had so much fun playing!

I haven't been posting too much lately so forgive me if I repeat, but I feel like I'm very behind on updating everyone of what she's doing these days. She's standing- on her own- and walking very well with the aid of our hands. It won't be long before she's cruising on her own! She's cut her very first tooth- her bottom right tooth. It's still barely there but it took about a week to cut through the surface, and it really wasn't as awful for us as I thought it would be. She was crabby, poor girl, but nothing a few teething tabs and a snack couldn't distract her from. She's waving bye bye to every car she sees (moving or not) and claps her hands when she's happy or if someone starts singing "Patty Cake" to her. She talks a lot- lots of "mamamamama", "dadadadada" and "bababa" although I'm not sure any of these words have meaning to her yet.
Beth's first peaceful, prayerful protest outside of Planned Parenthood. We prayed for lots of babies and their mommies!

Outside at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Her first rib- wow did she like the N. family ribs!!!

Reorganizing Grandma and Grandpa's cabinets. Isn't she sweet?!

Monday, October 22

Our trip to Austin

I know it's been a long time since I've posted a new entry. SORRY! We've been very busy!

Last Wednesday we left to visit my parents and family in Austin. My college siblings were also planning on driving in to visit but my sister was in a car accident- minor, praise God, but it was bad enough to keep her from driving to see us. :-( Thursday night we saw my brother play football for the freshman team- Beth's first football game! And he scored the only touchdown for his team that night! I am very proud of my very talented family members! We also saw my grandparents and were able to spend lots of time with them.

Friday and Saturday we mostly hung out, Sunday morning was my 10K race I've been training for since my birthday at the end of August. I ran with my dad (ok, he ran ahead of me) and I finished in 62 minutes- basically 10 minute miles. I'm very proud of myself because my goal was not to finish in last place! I ran hard and pushed myself, my knees hurt me pretty bad for the rest of that day but I'm feeling pretty good now. I don't feel the slightest inclination to do it again, but I also didn't feel the desire to have another baby until 6 months after Beth was born! So maybe I'll do it again, but I have no plans to right now. I'll keep running on a lesser basis, and continue my morning/evening walks with Beth.

Big news with Beth- she's cutting her first tooth! And BOY is she cutting it! It's been coming through since about last Tuesday (almost a week) and it still hasn't broken the surface yet. It's so very close but I think mostly just causing her pain right now. She's hardly eating any solids and nursing a ton, and is of course very clingy. We're making good use of the Hyland's teething tabs- a blessing to parents around the world.

I think for Halloween we'll dress her up as a cat. She was incredibly fascinated with my parent's cats this past weekend so I think it's very appropriate and will be a good first costume. Now I need to find some kitten ears!

Beth at St. Mary's- where we were married. :-)

Walking with MawMaw and Uncle Alex
The object of her affection- Pumpkin
Playing piano with Uncle Michael
The leader of the pack! Haha.
Me and my dad

Tuesday, October 16


This video was taken on Saturday afternoon after her nap. We discovered this old toy in the garage while I was cleaning and she climbed right in! She looks so huge in it compared to a few months ago when we actually used it!

Wednesday, October 10

The many faces of Beth

Big eyes. I see Ryan in this photo.

Leaps and bounds

In the past week Beth has started clapping and dancing. It is so stinkin cute! In Mass on Sunday, Beth was getting down to the offertory music. We really couldn't keep ourselves from giggling, although we were trying to behave ourselves as much as possible. After Mass was over, an older couple sitting near us came up to us and told us how funny her dancing was! They were also laughing at her! They also mentioned wanting grandchildren of their own soon. It makes me feel so blessed to have such nice people around us at church- complimenting us on our baby instead of glaring at us for being disruptive. I've heard sad stories of parents getting mean looks because of children, and my heart breaks for those parents! Children need to be at church! After all, Jesus said, "Let the little ones come to me..."

I am working on getting a good video of the clapping and dancing. Usually I have to do a little dance with her to get her going, so it's hard to film her while dancing (because I have some crazy dance moves, lol).

Getting ready to go shopping with Emily and Hannah!
I love the way she's looking at me in this pic. It's rare to catch a moment like this with a camera. :-)

Sunday, October 7

Aggie Tailgating

Yesterday we took Beth to her first Aggie game! Well, we didn't go to the game but we tailgated in Spence Park, which is right across the street from Kyle Field. We had a great day- the weather was overcast and maybe a bit too warm but it didn't rain! When we arrived in College Station we walked around some bookstores on Northgate looking for a little Aggie souvinier for Beth but didn't find anything we wanted, so we walked across campus to the park. I think that was my first time back on campus since before I graduated! Beth was such a good little Aggie, taking it all in as she cruised along in her stroller. We hung out at Spence Park- eating, throwing the ball around, talking- until midway through the first quarter and then decided to head home (since we still had to walk back across campus and drive home). Overall we all had a really fun day, and it was exciting to bring Beth to campus for her first time, and show her where her mommy and daddy met. :-)

Rudder Fountain

My family of Aggies!

Thursday, October 4

I didn't want to jinx myself...

...So I didn't post about the night that Beth slept from 8:30 pm to 5:30 am. That was Tuesday- and it hasn't happened again since then. But at least we know she can do it! She slept in her crib all by herself that night, it was so nice but you know I was up at 2:30 and 5:00 checking on her! So I still didn't sleep through, but it's nice knowing that it's a possibility that she might.

Our lives are changing so much right now, since Beth just really seems to be growing by leaps and bounds right now. She's playing peek-a-boo, crawling like a crazy woman, pointing, and starting to sign. She has even said "Daddy", "Mommy" and "Baby" although I know she doesn't know what she's saying. Right now she's in my lap talking up a storm to a piece of junk mail. It's really amazing to see this littler person grow up like this. I feel so incredibly blessed to be her mommy. :-)

Helping Daddy do the dishes

Monday, October 1

A recap of our day- in photos

Life changed drastically when you have a crawler!

The guilty party!
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