Wednesday, February 27


Someone has molars! Not just one, but two! I let her chew on my finger for a few seconds today and discovered them- both on top, on either side. She's also officially cut the two teeth on either side of the top front center two. That makes for 9 teeth! I'm hoping this is what all the dirty diaper 5 times a day business was about. Today she woke up at 7:15 with only a wet diaper, and it felt like I was sleeping in. :-) Only we forgot to turn on the heater last night so my little girl was an ice cube! Bad mommy moment. The days have been getting so warm but apparently it was down to 28 or so last night- eek! So tonight she's in long sleeves, pants, and socks, and the heater is on. Hopefully she won't overheat!

Tonight Ryan is at a basketball game with his BFF Michael. I was certain they'd hop up and down and giggle like girls when they saw each other (Michael lives out of state and stopped in for a "business trip"- nice and conveniently scheduled) but there (sadly) was only hand shaking. I'm betting when they got in the car, out of my earshot, is when the giggling started.

Enjoying the beautiful weather!

She refuses to look at the camera when we're outside.
Too many other interesting things to look at!

Monday, February 25


Beth has been waking up every morning around 5:55 with a dirty diaper, like clockwork, so I am a sleepy momma these days. Usually she goes back to sleep after I change her and nurse her but it's a rude awakening to be smacked with the smell of poo that early in the morning! So this will be a short post. Things are going very well with the addition of Finley, Beth accepting him more and more each day. Last week we were able to stay home pretty much all week and help him get acclimated to his new home, but this week we're super-busy! Beth is growing and changing as all toddlers do, but there are no new milestones right now to report! We're really working on "using words" when she's in the middle of a tantrum. Usually it calms her down enough to sign something to us and help us get through the issue. But her temper is really starting to show through! It's something all toddlers go through, I know! I'm just trying to be a good mommy and help her communicate with us so hopefully we can all make it through with our sanity in tact. Wouldn't that be nice. :-)
Lazy dog. He's so mellow.

His ear does that a lot.

Whenever she goes into his crate to check it out, he follows her in. Usually
this is okay with her, sometimes she prefers to be in it alone!

I like the lighting in this picture.

She's brushing him. She's become very brave in touching his tail!

Thursday, February 21

Lost shoe

Since Finley has entered our lives, I've really made an effort to go walking twice a day with him. It's good for me to get out of the house and exercise, it's good for Beth to get out of the house, and it's good for him to wear off some of that puppy energy! So we've been going at least once a day, sometimes twice- the weather has been rainy, boo. We just got back from our morning walk (and now Beth is sleeping, yay!). I always put shoes on Beth just because I never know when she is going to want to get out and walk, but now that she's pulling her shoes off at every opportunity it's probably not a good idea. Yup, you guessed it, she pulled a shoe off and tossed it overboard and I didn't even notice until we got home! Her brand new shoe, her brand new expensive shoe, gone! I may have said a bad word, threw Finley inside and strapped Beth in her car seat and we took off. Thanks to St. Anthony we found it in the street and it hadn't been run over. I apologized to Jesus for saying a bad word, thanked St. Anthony for his help, and came home and now Beth is asleep. Yay for happy endings. :-)

We're going to the mall this afternoon because I need some new foundation for my face. Actually I needed new foundation about 5 weeks ago and somehow I've managed to squeeze enough out of that tiny plastic bottle to last me this long. Well I'm officially out now, so time to buy some more! Beth will enjoy the mall, she always does, I haven't decided if I'll let her play in the kid area or not. Yesterday her nose started running again so probably not... We still have yet to take her on the carousel, I'm not sure she'd enjoy it yet though. We plan to meet Ryan for lunch but now that I think about it, that might not be such a good idea for me since I got my bottom braces on yesterday. My mouth is hurting!

And she's awake. I don't even think that was 10 minutes. :-(

Monday, February 18

Introducing Finley

Finley arrived at our house today! We (obviously) were approved by the Boxer rescue, but Finley actually came from a foster mom from a local humane society. Her information was cross-posted on the Boxer rescue site, so that's how we found him. He's a big boy- around 60 lbs or so, and around 1 year old. He was a stray that had been picked up last October, so no one is positive of his history. In fact, it's possible he's a Boxer mix, because of his long legs and longish nose. He's got his natural ears and tail though, I love it. :-)

We met him on Sunday (yesterday) then met some other Boxers afterward, none compared to him. Plus he had such a complete history from his foster mom, she really talked him up and so far everything she said has been true! He knows a couple of basic commands and of course is house trained, and has been perfect with Beth. And surprisingly, Beth is doing wonderful with him too. She's not hanging all over him, but she'll touch him and let him lick her a little without squealing. This evening Beth and I took him for a walk and he did very well on the leash, walking right by the stroller. She was laughing like crazy at him in the backyard when he was playing chase. I think she likes him!
Meeting him for the first time yesterday.
Our new boy
Greeting Ryan for the first time at home!
She touched his tail! Progress!
What is this?
Insert witty comment here
She locked herself in and wouldn't come out!
Right now, passed out next to me. I think he just passed gas.


We're getting a dog! A boxer! His name shall be Finley.

More pics later!!!

Wednesday, February 13

I'm so impressed

Beth is just getting smarter and smarter! I am so impressed lately with her growing knowledge. She constantly is doing things that surprise me or crack me up. Right now he favorite attention-getting trick while I'm on the computer is she walks up to the desk, *lightly* taps her head on the corner of the desk, then fusses while she rubs her head. She knows that previously when she's bumped her head (not on accident!) I swoop her up and rub her head. So she'll do this over and over again until she gets my attention. Meanwhile it's so funny and cute to me that I watch her out of the corner of my eye and giggle while she does it!

Recently we've also discovered that she can shake her head yes and no. If you say "yes?" to her, she'll nod her head up and down. If you say "no?" she'll shake her head (and her body!) back and forth. She's so smart! We're trying to teach her how to use a spoon right now- she's really never been interested in holding a spoon during feedings so I've just fed her. It makes for a very clean meal! Now things are getting totally messy and disgusting, but she's just about figured it out. She prefers to bang the spoon on the tray, then toss it and say "uh oh!". Someone must have forgotten to tell her that "uh oh" is for accidents only!

A few days ago she was with Ryan and he was trying to help her say "banana". He's say "ba" and she'd say "ba". He'd say "na" and she'd say "na". He'd say "na" and she'd say "na". Then he'd say "banana" and she just said gibberish. It was so funny, it reminded me of the Friends episode when Phoebe was trying to teach Joey to say something in French. He got every syllable correct but when she tried to make him say it all together it came out in gibberish! Not that Beth is anything like Joey, lol!

She got some new shoes also because she's outgrown the pair I bought for her after Thanksgiving! Just in time too because those were starting to get smelly! These are her new shoes because they are the *only* soft-soled shoes I can find that fit her right now! She's between sizes in the Pedipeds and I hate the look of the Robeez and similar shoes. They weren't my favorite but she couldn't wear her other shoes anymore! And when she outgrows these, she has a pair of shoes from Christmas to grow into- pink and brown Pedipeds. Shopping for little girls is really too much fun!
Beth "feeding herself" with her spoon
Outside before Valentine's dinner. She was really excited about some water!
Pretty girl
Stuffed with yummy food, our little family.

Our busy week

Beth's taking a nap so I have maybe 5 minutes to write something. ;-)

We had a good, very busy weekend! Let's just say we learned we do NOT want a puppy anytime in the future- dog, yes. Un-housebroken puppy, NO! We had a puppy over for a few hours and she was so darling but in the time she was at our house, she had more accidents than Vegas ever did! Yikes!

Other than that we kicked back and relaxed. Well, sort of. I had a babysitting gig on Saturday night that was a fundraiser, and I actually enjoyed myself! There were 3 adults, a few teens "helpers" (if you call texting and giggling in the corner "helping") and about 28 kids. I read books to a few girls (and was told by a friend I'd be a good homeschooler!) and played poker with a 10-yr-old (with torn-up paper as our chips). They watched a couple of movies and some ran around like crazies, but overall I really enjoyed myself, plus we made a lot of money! I didn't get home until 1 am, yikes!

Sunday we stayed close to home so I could recover! We went to mass early (I love going at 9 am)and just chilled out the rest of the day. Monday and Tuesday Beth and I have been running around to meetings and trying to do chores, today we ran out to do a bit of shopping. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and the busiest day of our week! We have my Regnum Christi meeting in the morning, then a presentation at the Fullness of Truth bookstore about Jesus and the founding of the Church, then we come home for a bit and at 4:15 we'll meet Ryan at PF Changs for dinner. YUMMY! That's where we went last year for Valentine's day (with Beth- she slept!) so we'll make it a tradition. Plus I realllly want some noodles!

Then on Friday we have a big afternoon. A lady from the local Boxer Rescue group is coming to our house for a visit. Since Ryan and I have been looking into dogs, we've been told by some very knowledgeable friends that Boxers are one of the most family-friendly dogs out there. So we're going to meet with her, and ask her some questions, hopefully meet her Boxer and see how Beth does. We're really excited!

She looks like such a toddler!
Christmas present from Daddy...
She didn't really understand the blocks yet, she thought they were for eating.

Friday, February 8

A sampling of moods

"the itsy bitsy spider..."
"where's your belly button?!"
"but moooom!"
"pat a cake..."
"my teeth hurt so I think I'll chew my finger!"
"I know I'm cute!"
Big, beautiful, blue eyes!

Wednesday, February 6

Thunderous Applause!

The first part of this video is super-cute! The DVD she is watching is called "Classical Baby"- we checked it out from the library and it is a hit! It's classical music played by a REAL orchestra (not the silly Baby Einstein orchestra) and there are different animations for each song. It's pretty cute, it has a lot of Nutcracker music, Gershwin, West Side Story and some others. At the end of each piece the "audience" of animals claps and Beth stops everything she is doing and claps wildly! It's incredibly cute! Then the music starts again and she "dances" by swaying side to side, switching feet.

Filmed by her daddy. :-)

Finally a few pics!

Beth is doing much better, thanks for the prayers and well-wishes! Today she pretty much had a normal day, except she's still nursing a lot. That is getting old very quickly, but I know it's what's best for her right now! Tomorrow we have to leave the house for a meeting and errands, and I feel better about taking her out now.

Here are a few pics for your enjoyment! I don't have many good ones right now since we've all been sick, but a video will be coming up soon!

She actually picked up all three cell phones and brought them to me. This does not bode well for the future.
Her favorite new way to play with her firetruck thing- open the seat and get inside; stand and rock back and forth.
My first loaves of homemade flax-seed bread, thanks to my mother's bread machine. It was soooooo delicious!

Monday, February 4

Baby's got the flu

Not an awful case though, don't start feeling too sorry for her. She's playing like nothing's wrong, but she still has that runny nose/cough/fever going on. And she's nursing up a storm- I think this is probably the most accurate at-home diagnosis of sickness! When they want to nurse once an hour (or more) and they take their sweet old time... And refuse a banana! When Beth turns down a banana I KNOW something's wrong! She also has an ear infection, but he said it's in the very early stages so it won't get bad since I'll be starting her on the antibiotics first thing in the morning.

My throat is scratchy but her pediatrician took a peek and said it's not red, he said if it doesn't go away soon I should just call my Dr. for a prescription. I don't think I have it- I'm drowsy (I'm always tired though) and my temperature has been around 99.3 for the past 4 days (technically not a fever- just enough to make me warm!) and my throat is scratchy. I'm not really concerned, if I get any worse though I will go in.

One thing to share with the moms out there (I stole this from a post on my NFP board!)regarding rear-facing carseats! Protect your precious babes! This is from a study done in December 2007 at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

* Children 0–23 months were less likely to be severely injured when using a rear-facing car seat (RFCS) than a front-facing car seat (FFCS).

* The benefit of an RFCS was particularly great in side crashes.

* Children 12 months to 23 months old are five times less likely to die or suffer serious injuries in a crash when riding in rear-facing car seats than those in forward-facing seats.


Sunday, February 3

Hello again!

Beth and I have been out of town for about a week, which is why I have been absent for so long! We went to visit my parents and 3 of my brothers, and wouldn't you know now that we're home Beth has a fever. So I will probably remain absent for a few more days while she gets better. It's been 24 hours with the fever so tomorrow we're going to the doc. One of my brothers was diagnosed with the flu so I'm hoping Beth doesn't get that bad! Overall we had a very nice trip but I'm glad to be home with my hubby. :-)
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