Monday, August 9

The End of Nap Time

I wake slowly, trying to figure out if I hear thunder. It's been raining most every afternoon for the past several weeks, so thunder wouldn't surprise me. I look down and see my Jack Jack snoozing happily right next to me, his body snuggled against my chest. I notice his breaths are light and even, a far cry from the uneven breaths he was taking as we fell asleep together. He must really be passed out, I think. I hear the thunder again and decide it's not thunder after all, it's my Luke thumping his legs on his mattress. Not needing to use a baby monitor in a two-story house initially surprised me, but Luke always lets us know when he's awake! I decide that Jack is sound enough asleep for me to slowly sneak out of bed, and I'm successful as he sighs a sweet baby sigh but doesn't stir.

As I come out of my room I hear a quiet discussion between a mommy and a baby; my Beth must be playing in our big open room upstairs. She hears me open the downstairs baby gate and she runs to the top of the stairs and greets me with a surprised look. "Mommy!" she says excitedly! "I was playing with my babies!" As she tells me what she and her babies were doing during her rest time, I notice she's changed into her pink princess dress, the one that Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matthew gave her for her birthday last year. It now has a huge rip in the pink tulle, I have no idea how it happened but Beth doesn't seem to mind.

We hear Luke shriek from his bedroom and Beth gasps, "Luke's awake!" She runs to his door and I follow right behind her and we sneak in, trying not to let him see us. I peek around the corner of his crib and this is what I see:Ah, so today he must have been kicking the wall instead of the mattress. No wonder it sounded like thunder! We deduce that he's happy after his nap, which means we'll have a good rest of the afternoon. Grumpiness after nap time usually equals grumpiness for the rest of the day, and unfortunately I have no control over the outcome. The end of nap time is here, and now it's time to play!

I ask Luke if he's ready to get out of his crib and he nods his head. He starts to stand up, but then drops his body back to the mattress and giggles at me, wanting to play. We play peek-a-boo for a few minutes before he decides he's done in the crib.
He tosses his nuk down to his pillow (nuks are for night night in our house!) and throws his leg up over the top rail. Uh oh, that's the first time I've seen him do that...
Hopefully he won't try to climb out anytime soon! We head out to our big empty room that is littered with toys that don't have a real home in our house. Every day I have a new idea for this room, today I think what an awesome home school room it could be. Like a photo from a Pottery Barn catalog, only with homemade bookshelves, a large wooden table, and posters of maps, art, and ABCs. Some comfy pillows on the floor for a reading nook by the window, and a nice antique teacher's desk for me. Yes, I think, maybe soon.
But for now it's just a big empty room, and it serves our needs nicely. It's a nursery for Beth's dolls, a building pad for blocks, a gymnasium for somersaults, and a racetrack for cars.
Every day I fight the materialistic urge to fill these empty rooms with stuff. Stuff. I know it could and would serve a purpose for us, as I don't like to decorate my house with things that don't have meaning to me. And I pray one day we'll have more kids to fill this huge house so it won't seem so empty, and I'm sure there will be a time when I can only vaguely remember having any free space. I truly home that day comes soon.

I look at everything I'm surrounded with and thank Jesus for my babies, my home, and even this big empty room with so much potential. I've truly been so blessed.


Kyla and Michael said...

You have such a sweet and loving family! It's so refreshing to see how much you love your children! :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

That is SUCH a wonderful space. LEAVE IT. Oh how nice a big empty room to play in!

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