Saturday, January 31

In transition...

Beth and Luke are both in new beds tonight. Wish us luck!!!

Friday, January 30


Beth has lots of fun "cooking" these days. In fact, she spends more time mixing water around in bowls than she does coloring, which surprises me! Water is messy, but it can be easily cleaned with a towel. Markers and crayons are a little messier, so if she's not as interested in those yet, that's fine with me!

I am in the process of storing most of Beth's cloth diapers. Other than naps and nights, she is 100% potty trained! We've been to the store, to church, and on road trips and she's accident-free so far. (Go ahead, ask me why I'm tempting fate!) Some days she wakes up dry after naps, other days she doesn't. I'm not even going to try to do nap time yet, though I would love it if she would nap/night train soon. If I put her in sposies at night, she leaks out of them. If I put her in cloth, her room smells like urine. Both types of diapers irritate her scratches on her bottom that always seem to be present since my little girl likes to scratch her bum like a dude, lol. This scratching has been a problem for it seems like forever, and it's made even worse by the cold weather I think. We have a humidifier in her room, trim her nails very short, and slather her with lotion daily, but she still scratches!

Ryan and I are trying to decide what to do with our bedroom situation. Luke is starting to go to bed consistantly at 7-8 every night, usually while one of us is putting Beth to bed the other is putting Luke to sleep. Some nights he will stay asleep until I wake him up around 11-12 to change his diaper before I go to bed. This leads us to a huge dilemma that we didn't think we'd have to face for a few more months: should Beth and Luke share a room, or should we give Luke our guest room/office? Should we take Beth out of the crib, therefore giving her free reign of the house, or should we keep Luke in our room for a few more months and possibly miss a window of opportunity? Will they wake each other up at night? Where am I going to put all of his stuff once he "moves out" of our room? What do we do when guests want to stay over, and where do we put our computer? We know there's an obvious answer that's just right in our faces but we, as we sometimes do, are totally over-analyzing the situation!

What do you experienced mommys and daddys think?

Thursday, January 29

Cute pics

Sorry, no time to write. It's been a decent week for us but I am just having the hardest time getting online to blog these days. I have a running list sitting on my bedside table of things I want to blog about... What's really important to me is that this blog isn't just to keep my family and friends in touch with what's going on at our house, it's also pretty much our family history! I need to keep it up better so that I have good records to fill out their baby books (one day!).

my new sling- a moby wrap. it's great! it's just one incredibly long piece of fabric that i wrap around me and then stick him in!

beth played dress up with the bunny (and grandma!) at grandma and grandpa's house last weekend.

bubbles, i loved it when beth did these!

luke and wesley, who is a few weeks older. luke was smiling at him, they were so cute!

Saturday, January 24

Let me tell you.

It's impossible to get a single photo of two children looking in the same direction at once!

Thursday, January 22

Chaos in the kitchen!

Wednesday night we had my friend Katie and her two kids over for dinner. Grace and Beth cooked up a storm with water, rice, and orzo while little Colin gave me a glimpse into my future! He crawled all over the kitchen and was interested in every little speck on the floor (including the dog food!) so I realize that things are going to be changing pretty radically in a few months. The dogs entertained themselves with lots and lots of wrestling. Ryan managed to catch a little bit of the chaos on camera- I can only say that I didn't have enough wine to drink with my gumbo. ;-)

Tuesday, January 20

Weekend with family

This weekend my mom, sister, and two youngest brothers came to visit my grandmother. Since she lives 3 minutes away, we got to visit too! Beth has more and more fun playing with David and Alex, every time she'd wake up in the morning or after a nap she'd ask to go play with them (they're 9 and 6).

Luke is going through a big change right now. He's very responsive to us in the sense that he "talks" and tries to laugh. He's so smiley at everyone- he'll carry on a conversation with you for five minutes. It's really difficult to walk away when he's so happy like that!

Beth is doing very well with the potty training. Today wasn't all that great but I didn't expect her to be 100% potty trained in one week! She wears her big girl undies even on outings and hasn't had any public accidents yet. I'm learning that it's all about anticipation!

calling daddy to tell him of her success using the potty

Saturday, January 17

Imitation... the highest form of flattery!

Friday, January 16

Potty Training

We have officially begun- and had success with- potty training! Yay! This week I had no plans to leave the house so I decided to give it another to shot to see if Beth was willing and able. Monday and Tuesday we had one small accident each day, and she's been accident-free since Wednesday! On Wednesday she actually started telling me beforehand that she needed to go so that's a big deal. I put her in "big girl panties" (Dora the Explorer) on Thursday and I think that helped solidify the deal. I wasn't sure how exactly to go about this, so starting on Monday she just went diaperless all day (except nap and bedtime). All day long I asked her, "Do you need to go potty?" Most of the time she said no, but when she said yes I put her on the toilet (not a little potty chair) and she went- and oh boy did we cheer and celebrate afterward! I realize it's incredibly early to consider it a complete success, but she's done so well this week I can't imagine stopping right now!

she's standing on a chair, yes, but she's so proud!


We had professional pictures taken last Saturday at Portrait Innovations. They didn't really do too well but we got a few good ones at the beginning of the session when they were both still happy!

Monday, January 12

More sickness!

Is it possible to spread viruses from man to beast? Finley is now throwing up. Unfortunately, he does it all over the living room carpet. Poor doggie! Hopefully it's a sensitive tummy issue and nothing major, though I might have to bring him back to the vet tomorrow depending on our night.

This is his new friend! Our neighbors loved Finley so much that they adopted their own Boxer puppy! He was soooo excited to meet her a few days ago, they wore each other out with all the wrestling!

Finley's new girlfriend! Maybe that's why he's sick???

Her name is Layla, she is also a fawn Boxer!

Beth isn't sick anymore! She's a happy girl, back to her normal self!

Since we didn't have anything going on this week, I'm making another whole-hearted effort at potty training. Today went mostly well- we'll see how tomorrow goes and I'll decide whether this is the right time or if we should put it off awhile longer.

Friday, January 9

A typical morning

Beth eats

Luke swings

Finley sleeps in (or at least tries to)

And mommy has a big cup of hot tea

Thursday, January 8

Pics from a beautiful day

I love this weather. It's sunny, cool but not too cool, and just beautiful. It makes me want to open all the windows and doors to let the fresh air in! It's days like today that I'm glad I have some cloth diapers to hang up outside; hanging out laundry on a day like to day is just perfect.

Yesterday we played outside a little. We went to the park in the morning and after nap, I tried to teach Beth how to ride on her tricycle. She preferred to push it. As it turns out, it's kind of hard to teach a toddler to ride a trike when you have a baby in a pouch- leaning over is sort of difficult!


It's 3:36 p.m.

Beth's asleep.

Luke's asleep.

It's 76 degrees outside and sunny.

What a lovely day!

Tuesday, January 6

Another doctor visit...

This visit went better than the last two. They had planned to do a CBC to check her blood for a virus, but her fever broke yesterday and she had been without fever for over 24 hours so he told me she's over it, whatever it was. The red/pus in her throat was also gone. Now she's suffering the residual effects of the virus- a nasty, awful cough. She still looks pretty pathetic and is acting pretty sick, but she's eating again (she has lost almost a pound since Friday!) and as it turns out, has an ear infection. We have her on a new antibiotic for the ear infection that will hopefully put her in a much better mood soon!

Oh yeah, and she's also cutting two molars. Let's just get it all out of the way at once, shall we?

Luke feel asleep on his own! Sort of. I nursed him and laid him down mostly asleep. Ryan wrapped him up in one of Beth's crib sheets (hey, when you're desperate you use what's available!) to keep his arms from jumping and the little man just drifted off into sleep... Okay it wasn't that easy, we had to replace the nuk a couple of times but overall it was a very good thing!
So we're "working" with him on trying to get him to do this a little more often. Honestly, he is an excellent sleeper at night and I really can't complain!

Lazy dog. He's been running with me at nights so he sleeps all day to compensate for 30 minutes of a fast walk (for him) in the evenings. It's rough being a dog.

Making faces at daddy!

Monday, January 5

Note to self:

Don't boil Nuks for longer than the recommended time. As it turns out, they sink and melt.

Sunday, January 4

So sad

Before you think I'm torturing my sick daughter, she wanted to take pictures and it actually kept us occupied for a few minutes before the camera battery died! This is her attempt at a smile, poor love.

I took Beth to the ER today because she woke up from her nap with a 105 fever... After a LONG time and a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, the ER doctor concluded she had a virus and that I should take her back to the pediatrician. It took him 4 hours to tell me that. *sigh* At least she doesn't have pneumonia.

Saturday, January 3


Beth's sick... I took her to the doctor yesterday because her fever spiked to 103.5 and she had been throwing up- her first time to throw up in her life :-( She had a red throat with pus on her tonsils among her other symptoms of fever, throwing up, not eating, and lethargy, so the doctor ran a strep test. Came back negative but he's treating her for strep anyways- he sent out another sample of a throat swab and we'll get those results Monday. But he didn't want to wait to treat her. Poor girl- she's absolutely miserable.

Thursday, January 1

New Years Eve photos

These are pics from last week that I just realized I forgot to post. :-) They're from New Years Eve, our little party at our neighbors house! We should have gotten some pictures of the adults...Or maybe it's better that we didn't! ;-)

Colin and Luke: Future BFFs

Grace and Beth enjoying goldfish and horns.

Beth on New Years Eve morning. This is her new table from mommy and daddy that she got for Christmas! She uses it a LOT and I love having a designated place for her crayons!

New Years Resolutions

Every now and then Ryan and I will sit down and talk about our goals- financial goals, vacations we want to take, big items we want (or need!) to buy, parties we'd like to throw, and other big events. Last time we did this was probably in June when we decided we'd need to buy a new car instead of bedroom furniture! Since it's a new year, and we were due for another "plan" anyways, we talked today and came up with a few goals for this year. I won't share all since some are personal. ;-)

I'll start with the important stuff: vacations! We have our yearly trip to Port Aransas and this year we'll most likely fly out to Baltimore in the fall to visit family who is moving there. We really want to make it out to Arizona, Minnesota, and North Carolina but I don't think any of that will happen this year! (So y'all will just have to come here to see us!) Ryan is graduating with his MBA in May, FINALLY!, so we'll throw a party for that! We'll also have a big 1-year-old party at the end of October. :-)

Since we didn't get our bedroom set last year, we're going to try to get one this year. You can't just go out and buy a set though- based on our past experience it's probably going to take us a couple of months to find one we can both agree on! That will probably happen in the summer. Also we are going to need a new computer this year. This old thing I'm typing on right now is 5 years old and just not moving as quickly as she used to! Everyone is telling me to go with a Mac- but why? What's the big deal? I've seen the commercials people- sell me though. They're much more expensive than a Dell so you're going to have to really give me a lot to chew on!

Another big goal- and soon- is to figure out how we're going to plan for our children's college educations. Ryan has already looked into all of our options and now we just have to figure out which one to go with. I know some make more sense than others, but some *cost* a lot more than others... But it's something we both agree is incredibly important, and we hope to pay for their undergraduate degrees someday!

And a goal that I hope we can start working on soon- potty training! As much as I love our cloth diapers, I am sooooo ready for Beth to be potty trained! I'm going to give it another shot at the end of January and see if she's ready yet. Since her friend is in the midst of potty training I'm hoping Beth will want to emulate her and use the big girl potty!

My personal goals include a 10K in March (started training a couple of days ago- I ran 2 miles today!) and of course disciplining my prayer life. That seems to be an ongoing struggle though. I'd also like to make an effort to keep our grocery bill down as well as write at least three articles a month for the magazine I freelance for. We also have a family goal of praying a rosary every Sunday. I won't post Ryan's resolutions, but I will tell you they're good and I have a great hubby!
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