Sunday, June 2

Frank Frank

 We found a turtle in the yard a few weeks ago and the kids wanted to keep him, so I compromised and said we could read about turtle habitats and food and keep him for the weekend. ;-)  So they named him Frank Frank and we made him a home in a big box, fed him and watered him, and then they lost interest, so we let him go in the empty lot next to him.  I meant to mark his shell with a bit of nail polish or something but I didn't, then maybe a week or so after we let him go we had another turtle in our backyard.  Not sure if it was the same one, but whatever the case, they need to realize our backyard is not the safest place for little turtles. ;-) 

End of Soccer

 Luke's soccer season lasted from the middle of February to the beginning of May.  They had practices on Friday nights and games on Saturday mornings.  Ryan was the assistant coach and his friend was the head coach.  Luke had a lot of fun playing soccer, but especially having special time for just him and Daddy every Friday night.  Anyone who knows Luke knows he's not aggressive, so he wasn't really the kid who was getting in the middle of a group trying to kick the ball away, but he certainly had a few moments and a few goals throughout the season!  We would always ask him how many goals he had in his feet for the game... Sometimes he'd say two or three, occasionally six!  The teams played 3-on-3, so it's wasn't super busy or chaotic.  Remember, this is a team of 4-year-olds!  Grandma and Grandpa came every weekend to support Luke, and had flashbacks of soccer games with Ryan all those years ago.  Beth is super-excited to start soccer too, in the fall we will have both Luke and Beth on teams.  Jack could potentially be on a team too, but we will have to see. I have a feeling that we will be getting to know these soccer fields really well over the next few years!

Bluebonnets 2013

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