Monday, April 30

More pics...

Taking a ride with Daddy!
Pretty baby
Housecleaning with Mommy!
A visit to Anil and Mithali's house with Uncle Josh and Aunt Ramona


Someone found her toes this week! Every time she is placed on her back, her feet immediately go up in the air and she grabs her toes. It's so cute! They haven't made it to her mouth yet, although I've seen her try to pull them up to her mouth one time.

Last week Beth and I mostly stayed home. In an effort for me to try to help her sleep better, we cut out all road trips and just stayed in. It helped! She went from napping very little and unpredictable to napping a LOT and sort of on a schedule. It's a bit easier for me to read her sleepy cues. I checked out some books from the library to try to help her sleep more, but I realied the more I read the more I thought something was wrong with her. I tried thier methods to "fix" her and it made things worse. I realized through prayer and some great friends that there was nothing wrong with her! So she wakes up a lot during the night, the good news is that she's right there with me since we cosleep, and she nurses right back to sleep. I get more sleep while she's cosleeping because I'm more relaxed and don't have to get up to get her. So I came up with sort of a compromise- she falls asleep at night in her crib in her room and I bring her into bed with us when she wakes up after we're in bed. It's nice because we don't have to tiptoe around in our room at night and I only have to walk across the house to get her once.

Saturday, DH and I had a nice day! Grandma and Grandpa came to stay with miss Beth while mommy and daddy headed out for our first post-baby alone outing! We went to a nice lunch together and did a little shopping, and came home to feed Beth once during the day. I know Beth loved ALL the attention she was showered with while they were here, and it was so nice to be able to spend alone time with DH!

On a separate note, we are looking to rehome our 2 kitties, Jezebel and Nova. They are nice, good kitties, but taking care of the animals plus the baby plus the house is too much for me right now! If you or anyone you know is interested in taking them, please let me know!!! They are indoor-kitties only!

Wednesday, April 18


Pacifier Clip

I bought one of these from a store and it was obviously homemade. So I made another one using hot glue and the same pieces, just different fabric. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out!
This is my favorite thrift store find so far. I adore this dress, and it was only $2.99! Kid to Kid rocks!

Beth had her 4-month doctor appointment today (even though she's not quite 4 months old!). She weighs 13 lbs 8 oz and is 23.75 inches long! Almost 2 feet tall, hehe. He said she looks like a happy, healthy baby!

Tuesday, April 17

Beth and Vegas

Ok it's mostly Vegas, but it cracks me up!

Her first cold

She's almost the right size for the Jumparoo!

This week Beth had her first cold. Actually she and I both had colds- poor girl was so very congested. Her sleep at night has been interrupted since she was having a hard time breathing out of her nose. I have similar symptoms, only mine is developing into a sinus infection, I think. Beth sounds a lot better now, she and I split a bottle of nose spray, lol. She does NOT like the bulb syringe used to clean out her nose, in fact, it's lead to the infamous "arching of the back". Whenever she's displeased in anyway, the back arches and I have to hold on tight! She's hard to hold like that! But now that she's feeling a little better her big smiles are back. :-)

Currently Beth's favorite game is Peek A Boo! She's also started to roll over- the easy way! She's rolled from her tummy to her back several times. She's also laughing a little more often, but at least 75% of the time it's at the dog! She loves to hear the dog growl at a ball. DH and I are feeling very good about the relationship between Beth and Vegas right now- Vegas is very fond of licking Beth's toes. :-)

Monday, April 9


We had a wonderful first Easter! Our family had our annual crawfish boil on Holy Saturday, and although the weather was terrible, we still had a great day. My parents and siblings visited town and very much enjoyed holding their granddaughter. :-)

Tuesday, April 3

Last pics from the old camera

Taking a ride in the stroller.
Waking up with Aunt Jenny. Her first stay away from home!

These two pics are from a couple of weeks ago- during spring break when Beth took her first vacation with me to the beach. We went with my side of the family to an aquarium since it was raining the full day we were there. :-/

Cute little outfit! I love these kind from Carters.

Last night we had our neighbors over and they have a son who is about 6 weeks older than Beth, his name is Myers. So far they don't really interact with each other but in a few months I know they'll be excited to have a friend!

We plan to have some pictures taken in the Bluebonnets tomorrow hopefully, the weather has been sort of overcast so I'm hoping it will clear up a little bit.

Beth is still not sleeping very well, though she is going to bed around 7:30 which is nice for me! She's cooing a lot more, drooling a lot more, and as cute as ever! I just bought her first teething ring the other day, and she'll chew on it although I'm pretty sure she's not teething yet. She's just starting to put whatever she can get her hands on in her mouth.

New Camera

We have a new camera! We couldn't find a place to fix the old one, so we purchased a Kodak C743 and I really love it so far. It's so user friendly and small. Unfortunately right now Beth is demanding my attention so I will try to post the new pictures later today!
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