Friday, April 29

A bunch of sickies

Jack Jack still has his rash. :-(  I don't know what's going on with this boy, but I feel so helpless.  It still doesn't seem to bother him but this has been going on for almost 5 weeks now.  The pediatrician said to give him some allergy medicine (Allegra) to see if it helped, which it didn't.  This made him prompt us to contact a dermatologist for an appointment next week.  I still feel like we should probably see an allergist but I just don't know.  During the past 5 weeks, we have used various detergents, bath soaps, lotions, and foods, so I just don't know what it could be. 

On a slightly related note, I'm becoming more uncomfortable with the fact that he hasn't gained any weigh in the past several months.  He's been 20 lbs for about 2-3 months now, and while this makes his weight more like his siblings, it's still a big drop on the growth chart. 

Beth's still been having tummy aches so I took her for another x-ray on Good Friday.  It showed she wasn't completely "cleaned out" so we've had to up her dose of Miralax some more, hoping to get everything out and eliminate the tummy aches.  In the mean time, she's becoming more and more selective about what she eats, so it's becoming more difficult for me to figure out how to pump her up with fiber and protein when all she wants to eat is Chex.

Luke seems to be doing pretty well right now (knock on wood!), he's fully potty trained now so yay for that!

I'm dealing with my own health issues, trying to pinpoint what's going on with my cycles and my moods.

I'm just so tired of all of these health issues, I'm ready for everyone to be healthy and happy again!!!

Wednesday, April 27

Pics from our crawfish boil and Easter

Jenny prepared stuffed mushrooms... Soooo good.

Sunday, April 24

Easter Sunday

Jesus Christ is risen today!  Alleluia!

Saturday, April 23

Luke gets dizzy

This video is from when we were visiting my parents a few weeks ago, filmed by my sister. :-)

Wednesday, April 20

Monday, April 18


You will not even believe what happened today. 

It almost happened again.  IT.

We got in the car to go to ballet and GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN BETH'S CAR SEAT? 

Yup, a gallon of milk!

Luckily the weather was only in the 90's today, and the milk was in the car for only 17 hours.

There are no words for that, only simply, Thank You GOD!

(If you're not sure what I'm referring to, you might want to read this post if you'd like to relive my horror.)

Saturday, April 16

Out back

We've been spending a lot of time out in the backyard since the weather has been so nice, Jack is content crawling around in the grass and Beth and Luke find something to do. Swinging, drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing with the sand table, "cooking" in the little play house, finding sticks and bugs, and now playing with the bat and ball Ryan got for them.  Beth's become pretty good, Ryan's taught her to yell, "Throw it in my wheelhouse!" at the pitcher.  It's never too early to start the trash talk, right?

Thursday, April 14

Three Things

Three things about each kid right now...

1.One of her favorite phrases right now is, "Can you even imagine?!"  She then launches into some thought process that sort of blows me away, conjuring up silly ideas or odd scenarios.  Mostly it's silly though. :-)  "Mommy, can you even imagine if Jack could run fast like Luke?!"  "Mommy, could you even imagine if I could swing so high and touch the cloud?"
2. Drawing.  The girl is an artist, but I think I've made that clear on my blog.  She loves to draw and color, and I keep buying how to draw books that probably help me more than it helps her! 
Today I just got Drawing with Children in the mail so I'll let you know how that one goes!
3. Spelling.  She's constantly asking, "How do you spell ..." and then we make the sounds of the word, and she picks the letters.  She calls me M-O-M, Ryan is D-A-D, and sometimes she'll spell Luke's name too!  I've been getting a lot of my portraits drawn by her with MOM written on the top, I'm just waiting for her to start writing me little notes!  I am in the process of pulling together a curriculum for her in the fall, even though she's not 5 before September I think we'll start kindergarten at home.  Loosely. ;-)
(And bonus #4.  Every dress or skirt she wears has to be to her knees at her demand request.  She's become very picky about her clothing, and I have bought a bunch of little bike shorts for her to wear under her skirts and dresses since "sitting politely" isn't her highest priority!)

1. He's potty training!  He's been poop-trained for maybe a month or longer now, and pee training has been officially commenced for about a week now (after a couple of previous failed attempts) and yesterday he went all day without an accident!  Today he's had a small one but I don't care, it was a small one on the tile and I can deal with that.  The best part is that his cloth diapers were starting to leak because they were getting old, and Ryan and I were contemplating buying new diapers or leaving him in disposable diapers until he trained, now it's a moot point!  Yay!
2. NO!  He's been a little stinker lately, and it's fine for me to talk about it right now because he's napping. :-)  He's been so rough, pushing Jack and hitting Beth, yelling NO! at me.  I am doing my best to ignore it but there have been plenty of time outs.  I am at a loss, reminding myself that it's just a stage and praying that this one will pass quickly!
3. As much of a stinker as he's been, he's still quite the cuddlebug at night.  He's been doing very well saying prayers with me, usually offering his intentions for "people without homes."  It melts my heart!  I'm also teaching him how to say, "I love you," because for the longest time I'd say it to him but he's just kind of moan back.  Um, no, I want my little boys to not be afraid to show affection!  So we practice saying, "I love you" in silly voices and serious voices, and now when I tell him that I love him he usually says it back.  Not always, but we're still working on it!

1. Jack is a high-speed crawler.  He just cruises along, looking around checking things out and then BAM, he sees what he wants, and he's off!  And he is so fast too, it makes me wonder if he'll put off walking because he's so efficient at crawling!
2. On a similar note, he is still putting every possible thing in his mouth.  He is obsessed with the dog food and I'd be lying if I said he's never had a taste of it before!  I sweep the kitchen floor at least four times a day but it still usually isn't enough because he always finds something.  Always.  He's so determined to get anything into his mouth that when he can't scrape something off the floor with his fingers, he leans over and puts his mouth on the ground to suck the floor.  It's truly gross.
3. He's cut his fifth tooth, the first one next to his upper right tooth.  I think six, on the other side, is due out within the week or so, and then hopefully we can start getting some sleep again!

Sunday, April 10

No more Play-Doh

Since regular Play-Doh is filled with gluten, I've kept it away from Beth because it gets all up under her finger nails which inevitably go into her mouth.  I've come across a couple of gluten-free play doughs and was going to make a salt dough, but I just made it a little easy on myself and splurged on a four-pack of Aroma Dough.  They have always looooved playing with Play Doh so it's been a long few months while I figured out what to do, and they are so happy to have something to play with again!  Aroma Dough smells so yummy and is free of dyes and perfumes, and works and feels just like Play-Doh.  They can't mix the colors but that hasn't been an issue yet!  Since it's gluten-free I can let them use our cookie cutters from Uncle J and Aunt R- thanks y'all!

Thursday, April 7

A fence

I love this view.  One of my favorite things about our home is that we sit next to an empty lot, another 1/2 acre left completely to nature.  Deer and all sorts of other critters live there and every day we have the benefit of admiring the wildlife and the beauty of the trees.  I love sitting on our couch while nursing and looking out the window and watching the trees blow simply in the wind, the squirrels hopping from limb to limb, and waiting to see if a deer will peek out.

Tuesday, April 5

"It's just a virus!"

Four words that every mom loves to hear at the doctor: "It's just a virus!"  Ugh I hate that!  I mean, I'm partially grateful it's not some horrible disease but the unknown of not having a name or treatment when your baby looks like this is just really unnerving.

Impromptu Trip

We took an impromptu trip to visit my parents and helped celebrate my mom's birthday!  We were there from Tuesday through Friday (hence my extended blog absence) and just let Beth and Luke have a blast with my brothers and sister.  Lots of fun!

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