Monday, October 30

Baby Shower!

I had a wonderful baby shower on Sunday! My cousin and my 3 aunts joined forces and threw a beautiful shower for me and Beth, everything was perfectly coordinated and we had many guests! The theme was pink and brown paisley, and it was kind of funny that a lot of the guests dressed the part! There was an amazing fondant cake along with chicken salad sandwiches, tea, punch and a chocolate fountain. And lots of exciting presents! Beth received many cute clothing pieces and blankets as well as a carseat, stroller and a sling. And some stuffed lions.

Here is the cake and a few other decorations.

Me, my mother-in-law, grandma, and mom.

The hosts of my shower (aunts and cousin) with me.

Thursday, October 26

32-week dr appointment

Today is October 26- 2 MONTHS until our due date!

Yesterday we went in for a dr. appointment with our new doctor, and in addition to the usual check-ups, Dr. Strong did an ultrasound. We confirmed that Beth IS, in fact, a girl, and she's looking very good! She's measuring larger than on schedule (about 1- 2 weeks ahead of schedule) but the doctor said it's not enough to change my actual due date or anything. And I've found from other women's experiences that first babies come late, so I'm not too worried about her being early. Big, yes, but early, no! We got several wonderful pictures of her face, it doesn't even look real!

My blood pressure looks good, my weight gain is good. Beth's heartrate was 158 and her head circumference is 8.11 cm. We also have the whole ultrasound on DVD, so I can throw it in and watch her move around whenever I want! She was very active during the ultrasound, Dr. Strong even commented a few times about how active she was! Ay yay yay.

In this pic you can see her face, and it's pushed up against the placenta (on top) which is next to my belly.

This is Daddy's favorite pic, but it didn't scan so well!

Sunday, October 22

New House Pics!

Some pictures of our new house!


It is with regret that I inform you that on Saturday, October 21, my belly button ring ceased to exist. It got infected due to the expansion of my belly button, became infected, and the only solution was to remove the entire ring. As of now, Sunday morning, the hole has already closed. I'm sad, but I know it was for the best. It is one of many sacrifices I'm sure I'll have to make to be the mother of this child!

Thursday, October 19

We have a house!

I think it's safe for me to officially post that we have a house! We've been house-hunting for quite some time now, and after about two weeks of going back and forth with offers and waiting on signatures, the contract was officially executed yesterday and that means we have a house! It's in The Woodlands in a newish neighborhood- the house is 3 bedroom/2 bath and is a PERFECT little starter home! And the best part is the backyard is *huge* compared to every other lot we looked at, with lots of mature trees. DH and I are so very excited- we plan to close mid-November and do some work (minor work- paint and cleaning) and then move in the weekend after Thanksgiving. The house is empty right now so we don't have to worry about the homeowners first moving out.

So now since we have a house, I've contacted the closest Catholic church which also happens to be one of the most popular in The Woodlands, and we've scheduled ourselves to attend Baptism preparation classes in November (since they're not offered in December) and we'll have Bethany baptized on January 21. It's really wild to be doing all of these things at once- preparing for a baby and buying/fixing up a house, but I'm generally feeling good still and we've had numerous offers from friends to help us move. My Dad has even offered to come help us fix up the house using some of his vacation days, so we've been very blessed to have others looking out for us as well. Since I can't be involved in any painting, I'm going to stick to packing and unpacking boxes and some of the lighter cleaning. I think that'll be really hard for me since I want to be involved in this so badly, and I'm not really the kind of person to let other people do work, especially on my house, while I just sit around. So I will have to find something to do! We already have a huge to-do list, and I'm sure things will also pop up as we go.

It's so nice to see things come together like this. Thank you Lord, for answered prayers!

Tuesday, October 17

Rolling Movements

We have moved past the kicking stage into the rolling stage... Now, instead of feeling little flutters, it's more of a rolling sensation- does that make sense? I think her rear end is under the right side of my rib cage, since I tend to feel a hard bump at that place pretty consistantly and movements are generally everywhere else. At this point only a few of her movements have hurt or made me say "Ow!" but mostly I enjoy just staring at my stomach and watching and arm or a leg or elbow or something pass from one part of my tummy to the other. I can't hunch over at all because then I can't breath, so my posture is having to improve! Tomorrow means I'm 31 weeks pregnant, which is 9 weeks away from our due date! I already feel like she's so squished in there, I don't know how much bigger I can strech!

Friday, October 13

30 Week Dr. Appointment

Yesterday morning I had my first doctor appointment with my new ObGyn. Can I just say now I love him? Even their office staff was nicer. Everything is looking good... I had my glucose screen to check for diabetes and I don't see what the big deal is with the orange stuff they make you drink... I've heard people complain about how gross it is and it was basically just about 3/4 of a can of flat orange soda. I drank it in less than a minute, no big deal. So then the dr. comes in (his name is Dr. Strong, lol) and he's caught up on my information since I'm new to him- just the basics. He measured my belly and said I'm measuring between 28-31 weeks (good) and we listened to her heartrate- about 150 (good), and too my blood pressure, which is also good. He then told me he wants to see me every two weeks since I'm at 30 weeks, and I think in late November sometime we'll switch to every week. So our next appointment is in about 2 weeks, and we're having another ultrasound done! He wants to peek at the baby since he didn't see the first ultrasound, and I want to peek and make certain little Bethany actually IS a Beth and not an Ethan! This was the first appointment DH wasn't able to come to, but he will be there for the rest! Especially the next one- the ultrasound #2. :-)

Monday, October 9

My Belly Button is Gone

Well, it's still there, but it's officially an "outie" now instead of an "innie". I still have the ring in, and despite that pushing down on the inside it's poking up even more now, it makes DH laugh. I'm feeling little Beth each day and still very obviously. The movements continue to grow- last night, while driving, I felt the hardest punch/kick yet. I laughed out loud for a couple of minutes because it was just so amazing.

Tuesday, October 3

28 week photos

Just a couple of photos from 28 weeks. Dare I say? No stretch marks yet. :-)

Monday, October 2

God "parents"

I forgot to add a couple of weeks ago that we asked my sister and DH's brother to be Bethany's Godparents. Actually, my sister will be the Godmother and my brother-in-law will be a "Christian Witness", since there are certain requirements to be a Godparent to a Catholic baby. Since he's not Catholic, he'll basically be her Godfather but technically, a witness. They were our Maid of Honor and Best Man in our wedding, and we're really excited that they'll both have another important role in our lives!

Here's more information on the Godparent/Christian Witness thing: and

This weekend we went house hunting again and didn't find anything. I did, however, realize that my feet and hands are majorly starting to swell- I couldn't pull my rings off my hand and it felt like all the blood that went to my feet just stayed there. After getting in and out of a car, hot weather, hot houses, in and out of the backyards- I almost fainted once, I'm not sure if it's related to the swelling or the fact that we were just having a very busy day! I was walking back into one of the houses and suddenly I started to walk crooked and blacked out, luckily I was able to catch myself on the door and sit down before I passed out. The realtor got me some iced water and I just sat down for a bit before we continued on... I was fine for the rest of the day! Who knows?

On Wednesday we're going to a new OB. We're just going for an interview at this point, I've heard great things about him but we're going to check things out before we make the official switch. After that we'll probably house hunt some more- wish us luck!
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