Monday, July 31


*8* days until we find out if I'm carrying a boy or girl!

Let the polls open... Please repond to this post and give me your vote- BOY OR GIRL?

The results will be posted AFTER both sets of grandparents have found out. :-)

Sunday, July 30

I got it!

With the help from some friends, I decided that I wasn't ready to give up my belly button ring yet. So I purchased a "maternity" ring from here. I bought the first ring listed on the page. It came in the mail yesterday, so of course, I cleaned it and stuck it in. I had to trim it quite a bit, since it was so long it was uncomfortable. I can't imagine I'll need it longer, but if so, it was only 4 bucks. :-)

Only one more week until we find out! The anticipation is wonderful! I want to have mostly gender-neutral items for the baby, but I think that buying some little pink socks or baseball-themed onesies are defintely in order. :-)

This week I researched slings and pouches. I think I've narrowed it down to having one of several, to see which is best for what. I really like the looks of pouches but I think slings might be easier to discreetly breastfeed in public with. I'm still debating a wrap- I'm thinking since they're two-shoulder instead of one shoulder, they might be better as the baby gets older.

I really like these and these pouches. I haven't found any slings yet that I'm in love with... But to help you get the idea (if you've never seen a ring sling before), some can be found here. Next week, I plan on researching cloth diapers!

Friday, July 28

Physical Therapy

This week I started physical therapy for my neck. It was prescribed by my internist, who is a genius and the best doctor I've ever visited. Anyway, we have fantastic insurance so the copay is decenet per visit, and I will go three times a week for 4 weeks. So far this week I've been twice, and she's talked to me about the pain (the headaches), applied heat to my neck, massaged my neck and showed me how to do some stretches. It's soooo wonderful, she can tell just by feeling my neck where the tension and pain is. So this is something I'll be doing for the next several weeks.

I also decided that I wasn't ready to part with my belly ring, so I ordered one. It's made with PTFE, a medical plastic substance, and has a metal ball on either end. I'm looking forward to getting it soon since my current one keeps falling/slipping out since I lost one of the metal balls...

We have a slow weekend planned. DH has a final to study for, so we'll probably go to Barnes and Noble so he can study, I'll be the person sitting in the aisles reading books. :-) Most likely pregnancy and labor books, of course. So far, I've been told to check out some Dr. Sears books and another one- can't remember the title right now. I just finished the entire Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell (fiction), so I also need to find another writer to get hooked on. Preferably another series-type thing, because I like reading about the same characters in different books. Suggestions?

Tuesday, July 25

I want to, but I can't.

I've tried four times to take out my belly button ring, to let the hole close up. Every time I've put it back in, I can't help but feel I'm losing a part of me. It's pathetic, but when you think about it, I've had it since January of 2002. It's been quite awhile! I figured I'd just let the hole close up, but I'm not ready to let it go. I keep hoping it'll fall out and I won't notice, so it will close up on its own. That hasn't happened yet. I'm so torn!

Saturday, July 22

18 week photos

Big belly.

Ignore my face. :-b

This photo was taken July 16, 2006- our one year wedding anniversary. It's at St. Mary's Cathedral and we were lucky enough to be able to attend mass on our anniversary date at that church. :-)

The year before!

Thursday, July 20

Current Ailments

1. Super stong and quick-growing fingernails (they're so pretty, I want to paint them)
2. Heightened sense of smell (kind of a bad thing, especially with a cat box around the house)
3. A vein in my right wrist that I can see pumping through my skin. Really entertaining when I'm bored.
4. Who knew I had hair on my stomach?
5. I can see inside my belly button without having to move it around (not really a useful talent).
6. My back is like an accordion. I sit down and it compresses down. When I stand up, it pops and feels like the spaces between my veretebra increases by a huge amount. I've never heard it pop this much.
7. Itchy belly.
8. Emotional. Moody. Short-tempered?

Tuesday, July 18

Our 1 Year Anniversary

As of Sunday July 16, we've been married for a whole year. :-) My fantastic DH surprised me and took me out of town on many adventures, he even secured a day off of work for me. I was able to see family, visit the church we were married in, feed sheep, read the hearts written for us at our reception, eat peach ice cream, watch bats at dusk, antique shop, and enjoy my husband's company. It was really a great weekend. Plus my little car, who so faithfully takes us wherever we need to go with decent gas milage, surpassed 100K miles this weekend. And she's still going!

I don't know if it is our anniversary or the pregnancy but I'm SO emotional right now. It's funny, at a friend's wedding when I was only 10 or 12 weeks pregnant, I couldn't manage to cry a tear. But now, silly things like a song or commercial or even just a memory make me want to bawl! I've really been having to control myself, because once I start crying it's hard for me to stop, and my nose gets really stuffy and it's hard to breath. All because of pregnancy!

I'm also starting, just now, to have real cravings. I fixate on something until I get it. Recent examples have included an M&M Sonic Blast, chocolate (any kind), Dr. Pepper (non-diet) and other things that are really bad for me. Actually I just polished off a a bag of peanut M&Ms, a regular-sized bag. Lasted about 3 minutes and I REALLY want some more.

It's more than obvious that I have a pooch now. My dad jokingly and (hopefully) lovingly called it a pudge, I believe. I gave in and purchased two pairs of maternity blue jeans from Kohls and JC Penny yesterday, I couldn't hold out any longer. I have maybe 6 or 7 pairs of blue jeanas, and only one pair still fit, so it was time. I guess I should post another picture soon!

Besides the occasional headaches (no more migranes!), I am really feeling good. I'm enjoying being pregnant right now, I'm at a very pleasant stage. Almost 18 weeks, I'm waiting to feel a kick or a nudge from little baby... I have felt what *could* be the baby, but I'm not positive that's what it is. It's difficult being a first-time mom! Just as I was writing this, I felt what could have been the baby, on my left side maybe about a finger's length from my belly button. Maybe he/she is saying hello. :-) I read in a book that at this point, babies can hear pretty well, so I'm wondering if I should do the Mozart to the belly thing... Actually in the book I was reading, it talked about how this baby, after birth, would always quiet down when the theme song of a particular soap opera would come on... Because the mom watched it every day while pregnant. Definitely something to think about!

Thursday, July 13

Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am

We had our third doctor appointment today... It went so fast! She listened to the heartbeat for maybe a few seconds, told me to pee in a cup, took some blood for tests and then I was done. If we hadn't have waited, we seriously would have been out in 3 minutes! I almost forgot to ask her about my headaches... Which she was no help anyways. She just said to ask the other dr. I'm visiting tomorrow about the headaches to call her to approve medicine. Fabulous. I did gain a whopping 1 pound though, which puts me back to my original starting weight of 135 (I'm not ashamed!). Although the weight has definitely re-distributed, I just can't tell from where though I know to where!

We did, however, schedule our next appointment- THE 20 week appointment. Wohoo! Come August 8, I will know if I'm carrying my Bethany or my Ethan. I'll start taking votes now. So far, I've got DH's brother and a few friends who've told me it's girl... Let's see what everyone else thinks. My "old wives tale" symptoms are- carrying high (I think!), high heartbeat, I've dreamt it's a girl (well twin girls, actually), and I wasn't very sick in the first trimester. I haven't done the "spin the wedding ring over the belly button" thing yet. But the dr. this morning told me I need to take out or find a non-metallic belly button ring soon, so I will have to make up my mind within the next 3 weeks! Eek!

Sunday, July 9

I have THE best husband in the world.

Last Wednesday, I asked DH what we our weekend plans were. He said, don't worry about it! He has a sneaky way of surprising me, so I didn't know what to expect... But I knew our one year anniversary was about a week away so it couldn't be a huge ordeal. I expected lunch and a trip to Rice Village to shop for maternity clothes. Well I was right about lunch! We went to a yummy little pizza place and then he wanted to go by Borders "to browse a little bit." Well it had started raining so I figured he was just waiting for the rain to subside since Rice Village is an outdoor mall. We "browsed" in Borders for a bit then around the time it stopped raining he said okay, so we left. As we were driving away he mentioned wanting a latte so we pulled into a center with a coffee house and as we started to walk toward it, he detoured into a spa! He had made an appointment for a 50 minute massage for me! I was so shocked, it was a VERY fancy place too so they really treated me well. They offered him wine while he waited but no wine for me since I was there for a prenatal massage! WOW it was amazing, I told her about my neck pains and so she spent a little extra time on my neck and shoulders... my neck pain is gone. Nada. Zilch. I feel amazing. The rest of the massage was very nice, but I am so overwhelemed that she was able to work whatever it was out of my neck. I've had *minor* headaches since then, but nothing out of the ordinary from my daily, non-preggo life. He really shocked me! He said it was my pre-wedding anniversary present, because next weekend for our actual anniversary he's planning a trip...

Again, another surprise. He's been dropping hints- I know we're going somewhere by car, not to the north or east, water is *not* the main component but a factor, and it's a series of events. I'm so excited! Our 1 year anniversary, already. I know time flies but sheesh, we still feel like newlyweds. I hope we always do. :-)

Friday, July 7

I'm feeling better.

Dare I say the past 2 days for me have been fantastic? *knocks on wood* I've had some neck pain and some headaches, but it hasn't been bad enough to the point where I have to take the Vicadin. This makes me sooooo happy! I have been a little crampy though, my lower left side of my abdomen has been hurting a little bit. But again, nothing severe like before. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers!

I went for a hair trim today, I needed one but mostly I was looking forward to the hair wash. When that gay guy went to town on my head, massaging away and rubbing my temples, I thought I was in heaven. It really made me want to go for a real massage, but in time. Maybe. If we can afford it. By the way, have I mentioned yet my birthday is in August? *wink*

I have been experiencing other pregnancy symptoms that I probably shouldn't write about on a public blog, even though it's my blog. I'm not sure how comfortable I, or you, would feel about reading some of these things. If you really want to know, ask. I'm keeping a separate journal of these other changes so that next time around, I know what's happening, or should be happening, at certain times. Something that I will tell you is the bloody nose and the "pink toothbrush" (bleeding gums while brusing teeth)is becoming more common, I believe it's due to the increased amount of blood circulating in my body. Fun.

Tonight we are going with some friends to the Astros game versus the Cardinals. I'm hoping it won't rain so we can see the fireworks since we didn't get to see them on the 4th (it rained that day too). Pretty soon I'm going to need an ark to travel to work.

Monday, July 3

Drugs :-)

The Vicodin is helping lots! I feel soooo much better. The prescription said I can take 1-2 every 4 hours "as needed" but 1 a day has been providing the pain relief I've needed. I don't actually take one until I need to, because sometimes I can take a nap and it will help. I'm so happy to be feeling like normal again, I just hope they go away before I run out of my prescription!

Today I didn't have to work. We visited my grandma and mom and several family members in Conroe this weekend, it was really nice to go spend some time over there instead of just the day like we usually do. We went Friday night and I left this afternoon, DH left last night (had to work). I went to another maternity clothing store and tried on a couple of dresses- I really felt like I was starting to show. I know in the pics I don't seem that big, but I can tell and DH can tell. My mom bought me a beautiful maternity dress, something I could wear to a work meeting or to a wedding. And it doesn't look too maternity, it's just so cute!

We purchased a book awhile ago that is a day-to-day journal of the baby development and of my progression (found here.) It's really neat, I recommend it to anyone newly-pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. :-)
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