Sunday, April 25

18 Months Old

My little Luke-ee turned 18 months old on Friday. A year and a half old... I have to admit that this is my favorite age for babies. I love all the discovery, the imitation, the smiles. Even the temper tantrums crack me up!

As Luke continues to discover the world, we're more and more of his personality show through. Since the day he was born, Luke's been a mellow kid, and I still think he's pretty laid-back. He's content chilling at home and playing by himself; it's surprised me how well he plays alone. Of course, there's always a big sister to imitate and bother, and he rarely passes a chance to try to "play" with her. At this point, they still do better playing side-by-side and not together, though I am looking forward to the day when they can interact and play together.

His obsession with cars reminds me a lot of one of my brothers, who I remember sitting and playing with little matchbox cars and making car noises at the fireplace. Luke will do the same thing at the windowsill, just rolling the cars back and forth making noises, for what sometimes seems like forever. I love spying on him from around the corner, and just watching him play.

He also loves playing in the play kitchen, mixing a spoon around in the bowls and taking a big, exaggerated bite. He usually offers me and Beth bites of whatever he's cooking as well! Today I laughed when I saw him bring the spoon and put it up to the mouth of one of the Little People toys he'd been playing with 10 minutes earlier!

Luke loves to play outside, and will run, grab his shoes, and plop down on the floor anytime you mention "outside." He knows that shoes come off when we come in the house, and voluntarily puts them in our shoe basket- just like at bath time he voluntarily takes his dirty clothes to the hamper. I wonder how long that will last. ;-)

I am starting to understand his speech a lot better since his baby words are slowly turning into real words. Car, uh-oh, bus, dog, truck, mama, milk, cup, dada, ball, Beth, snack, cheese- these are a few of his favorite words. He even picked up Beth's Dora backpack the other day and said "bapa"- eek!

He's still sleeping beautifully, better than I could have ever hoped! He only uses his nuks for naptime (and mass), so all I have to do for naptime is go into his room, turn off the light, turn on the fan, give him his nuk and put him in bed. He curls up and passes out without a peep! While it's convenient to be able to put him down so quickly, I really do love to rock and read to him. He's not as into books as Beth was at this age, but he will cuddle up next to me and play with my necklace- rocking him is the sweetest part of my day.

I melt over his smiles and coos, and when he gets upset it's slightly frustrating for me but it's also still sort of cute. He's so dramatic! I am just eating up this stage right now, enjoying every second of it!

playing on his rocket

sweet boy


grandma c said...

Happy 18 months! Adorable pictures of an adorable kid. (His daddy did the same thing with matchbox cars...)

Julie said...

I can't believe how much he looks like a little boy rather than a baby in the top picture! He is growing up so fast!

Emily said...

What a sweet post :o) Great pictures Stephanie!

Kyla and Michael said...

I can't believe our sweet Godson is 18 months old! He is totally starting to look like a big boy! :*)

mama schmerb said...

the "obligatory saggy diaper" photo is just too hilarious!

and, he will love you for it when he is older!
NOT! but, who cares? You are mommy and have the right to remember all these sweet times.

He is a sweet boy :)

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