Wednesday, May 30

5 months old!

Trying to sit up in her swing
Sitting up (sort of!) on the bed.

Can you believe she's 5 months old already?! I sure as heck can't! It's becoming so obvious though, as she's looking more and more like a little person and less like a little baby. And she's working on things like sitting up and rolling from back to tummy. She can roll tummy to back just fine!

9 years ago today I was on my way to Rome to visit Pope John Paul II for Pentecost. It was such an amazing trip! We celebrated Pentecost mass at St. Peter's and I came this.close to touching John Paul the Great as he drove past us on his pope mobile! I'd scan the picture but we don't have a scanner. Pentecost will always be special for me because of this. John Paul the Great, pray for us!

Saturday, May 26

A bit of a change...

I want to change my blog up a bit. I am constantly striving to be a woman of the Lord and I'd like to begin incorporating that a bit into my blog. Of course, I know most of you come here for photos of Miss Bethany Grace, and I plan to continue providing them for your viewing pleasure. :-) But I want to also add reflections and other thoughts I may have about our faith and my family. I hope you enjoy!

Two weeks

Sorry I haven't updated in so long. My last 2 weeks have been too busy. First, we visited my family's house because my sister was in her school's production of Les Miserables. She was amazing. Right before we left to see them I found out my great grandmother died at the amazing age of 98. After we saw the play we left to go out of state for her funeral, and have Beth meet her great-great grandmother for the first and only time. Then we were home for a day, and then left to visit DH's parents and uncle who visited from out of state. This was his first time to meet his great niece and he loved her very much! That was a short trip because we threw a party for some very dear friends who are moving out of state, and then the next day I left to go back to my parents house (with only Beth) for my sister's high school graduation. And I got home yesterday. So that's been my last two weeks- now you know why I haven't been able to update!

All of the people that I love!

5 generations of beautiful women- Beth, me, my mom, my grandmother, and the swing of my great-grandmother, where she spent a lot of time outside of her little white house.

Her first feeding with daddy and some pumped mommy milk. She did very well!

A beautiful picture with her Mamaw


She's so amazing! I can't believe she's my baby!

Meeting Uncle Dan
Snacking on some toes.

Our dear friends, Michael and Kyla, at their goodbye party. We are bonded to them forever in a special way only they know about. ;-)

Wednesday, May 9

Lots of pictures!

Bath time! She loves to take baths!
Her very first bottle with the 1/3 ounce I was able to pump out! She took it like a champ!
The "excer-sacuer". Vegas was very interested in it.
The closest picture I've gotten to the famous Beth pout. Her lip isn't quite out as far as it should be, but it's pretty close!

Playing with Myers
She's always so happy in the morning!
Eating her poor bunny slipper
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