Friday, June 30

Headache Update

I went to the minor ER this morning because my headaches have been so terrible that they're keeping me from daily life functioning. My OB said there was nothing they could really do, so they sent me to see someone else. The dr. at the minor ER said that I don't have a migrane, but the symptoms are pretty darn close, and he prescribed me Vicodin. That's scary. I've never taken that before, don't people develop serious addictions to that stuff? And how am I supposed to go to work if the drugs make me too tired to function? So either I can be awake and in pain, or asleep and out of pain. The dr. even said it was a "bandaid" to cover up the pain. He said if I get worse, they'd want to do a cat scan or an MRI, but due to the pregnancy they're not supposed to do those things on me right now. So we're going to wait it out and see if these blasted headaches go away. I'm really nervous about the drugs, but I need some relief so I will take one and see how it goes... Please pray for healing for me.

Thursday, June 29

Maternity Clothes and Headaches

Today is the very first day I've worn a full maternity outfit. And it's weird- I actually look pregnant. When I wear my regular clothes, the ones I can still fit on, I don't look so much pregnant. I wonder if the maternity clothes were made to make you look pregnant? Just a thought. I only have one pair of maternity pants at this point, they have the low belly band, and they're a little big in the rear-end portion. But the belly is nice- it's nice to have elastic there instead of blue jeans that don't quite fit.

I've had to call the doctor about these headaches I've been getting lately... I'm still waiting to hear back. They're more severe than any headache I've had before, and it's concentrated on the left side of my head. I think it's kind of odd. I am also having neck pain on the left back side of my neck, so I'm wondering if the neck pain is causing the headaches. But I've also heard that wacko hormones can cause severe headaches, so I'm not sure- which is why I've called the nurse's line. Tylenol doesn't really seem to help all that much. Yesterday the pain was so severe I was certain I was going to throw up- it's been very unpleasant. But all for a good cause, right?

For our one-year wedding anniversary, coming up in a couple of weeks (!!!), we decided to purchase a bed! Well, a mattress technically. We sprung for a king, figuring we'll have this bed for at least 10-15 years and probably co-sleep with several kids. And a queen just didn't seem that much bigger than the full we were sleeping on. We shopped around 4 or 5 different places before deciding we were tired of mattress shopping. I know you're supposed to lay on the mattress in the store for about 15 minutes to get a good "feel" for it but I felt so odd just laying on a bed... While people walk by... And at one of the stores, a guy tried to use his high-pressure sales tactics on us. Gosh, I just wanted to punch his lights out!!! The more he kept telling us we neeeded to buy this bed from him on that specific day, the more certain I was that I woudn't buy it from him ever, especially not on that day. And then he told me that I'll be sleeping on my back when I'm 8 and 9 months pregnant... Uhh from everything I've read, a pregnant women isn't supposed to lay on her back after her 2nd trimester because it constricts blood flow. In a hormonal rage, I wanted to tell them that if he was going to try to sell to my demographic, he should learn his facts. But I kept quiet, and smiled and nodded.

So anyway, thanks to brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and friend, we now have a king-sized mattress in our second-story apartment (that is a whole 'nother story...). Poor DH threw out his back trying to get that mattress up those stairs, it was not a pleasant ordeal. When we move out, we're trying to figure out how we can chunk it over our balcony so we don't have to do the stairs again...

Sunday, June 25

Pics of my belly

These photos were taken tonight, I'm 14 1/2 weeks. Yes, I have grown, I have a small belly!
Today we toured the maternity ward at the hospital. They're upgrading and redoing all of the L&D and recovery rooms, they all look very nice! We walked by the nursery and saw some itsy bitsy babys.. So tiny and soooo precious. I can't wait to meet our baby!

Today is also our Vegas's first birthday! Her present was a flexi leash, and purple because it's her favorite color. :-) I believe she liked chewing on the packaging more than the actual freedom of the leash!

Friday, June 23

Belly Button Woes

Should I keep my belly button ring? I thought it really wasn't an option, but I've discovered there are maternity rings that are flexible. I'm not dying to keep it, but it might be good motivation to get back to skinny Stephanie after the baby. :-)

And there are other cute ones I've see where there's a little charm dangling down that says "It's a girl" or "It's a boy" or a little stork or something...

I've had this ring since 2002, so it's been a long time. And I think I'm allergic to the cheap metals- I tried to put a ring in from a Claire's-type store and it got kind of infected, so I'm concerned that anything less than stainless steel or silver or whatever is in there right now might make it more infected. My tummy is already starting to harden out though, you can tell it's not fat but baby because my rolls have disappeared (yes, there were 2 rolls before). And I can see inside my belly button. It's crazy.

It's open for discussion. Can anyone see pros and cons? Votes?

Wednesday, June 21

Bad Dreams

I had a bad dream last night. It was very vivid, why is it that you always remember clearly the bad ones and forget the good ones? Anyways, it was bad, but it also told me that I was having a little girl... This is the 4th dream I've had where there was a little girl involved! Yay. But I think my dream revolved around the fact that I really haven't gained any weight... I don't "look" pregnant yet, and I can't help but wonder if there's something wrong with me because of that. I'm almost 14 weeks! I know first pregnancies take a while to show, but I was kind of small to begin with, you'd think a smaller girl would show sooner than a bigger girl? Ah, well, there's not much I can do. I've been walking over a mile a day to stay healthy, trying to remember to take my vitamins, and drinking lots of water. I guess if anything horrible happens I'll just have to find a way to cope.

Monday, June 19

It had to happen, I guess.

We had a nice, lazy weekend. We were going to go to Galveston, but there was a 50/50 chance for rain so we didn't want to risk that- good thing, too, because it poured!

Sunday was father's day, and DH received his first father's day card from his parents. :-) I made him cinnamon rolls in the morning (a rare treat) and we attended mass, where he stood for the blessing of all the fathers. That was really nice, all the dads stood up and everyone else extended their hands while the priest said a prayer. One guy looked at us trying to figure it out (since I'm not exactly showing yet). I think it's important for dads-to-be to acknowledge that they already ARE dads! He's fathered a child that I am carrying, and though he/she isn't born yet doesn't make either of us any less of parents.

So Sunday afternoon, DH was working on homework and I was cleaning up around the house (cleaning out the fish aquarium-ewww). Something caught me off guard, whether it was the fish tank, the red beans on the stove top, or the cherry/coconut snow cone I'd had about an hour before, but I lost it. For the second time. And this time, there were no witnesses! I'm not sure how everyone else does it, but I didn't want DH near me at all while I was taking care of this business, it's kind of a gross, personal thing, you know? I'm just glad I realized it was going to happen so I could get myself to the bathroom on time!

On a different note, some people have been asking if we're going to find out the gender- YES! DH and I are much too impatient to wait it out, I don't know how other people do it! Plus I'm a freak when it comes to planning ahead, so I will *need* to know for my personal planning purposes. And I want to start calling this baby by name, instead of DH and I referring to him/her as a him/her all the time. It's time consuming!

Friday, June 16

Round Ligament Pains

From Dr. Spock:

"Many pregnant women describe round ligament pain as a pulling or sharp pain in either side of the lower abdomen. It most commonly occurs in the middle of the pregnancy.The most typical causes of round ligament pain are activities such as standing quickly from a sitting position, turning your body suddenly, rolling over in bed, or coughing. What you are probably feeling is spasms in the muscular ligaments supporting the uterus. Fortunately, this discomfort is of no real medical significance; it is just another one of those nagging aches and pains of pregnancy."

So my belly is growing but I haven't gained any weight. This is all so odd to me. I haven't worked out consistantly for 3 months, and though I've lost my appetite the things I am eating are mostly junk and "bad carbs" (I *heart* white bread). If I weren't pregnant right now, and had these same habits, I seriously would have gained at least 9 or 10 pounds. At least then I'd have a reason that my clothes didn't fit. Right now, they just don't fit, and I have no idea why...

Thursday, June 15

Second doctor visit

Today was our second visit to see our OB. (We decided to go with an OB this first pregnancy instead of a midwife because we felt more comfortable being with a doctor during the first pregnancy to get the hang of things. Maybe next time...) I was really hoping to do another ultrasound but the entire appointment consisted of my blood pressure check, pee-in-a-cup, and questions on my part. Then she whipped out the doppler, put some jelly on my belly, and searched... Then there it was! Our heartbeat! We *heard* the heartbeat! Just for a couple of seconds, then it disappeared. She said the baby was being shy, so she searched around for another 10 or 15 seconds and she found it again, nice and strong and a healthy 150- 160 bpm. DH was with me, I'm so glad we're able to share all these first moments together!

Turns out I lost a pound. Which I totally don't understand because I'm bigger (just a little bit) in my stomach? What has shifted around? Nothing's shrinking, that's for sure!

Yesterday I was 13 weeks pregnant- out of the dreaded first trimester. Next appointment is July 13, 3 days before our first wedding anniversary.

First Trimester Summary

Since I'm beginning this blog basically at the beginning of my second trimester, I'll just summarize quickly what's happened so far...

Since we chart, we knew there was a huge chance we'd conceived. I took a home pregnancy test on the day before Good Friday in April, 8 days past ovulation, and it was negative. I was pretty sure it would be, that's usually too early to tell! Easter Monday I took another test, and this one was positive! DH (dear husband) and I couldn't believe it! We knew it had probably happened, but there's something very real about seeing the positive sign on a test instead of the negative we'd gotten before. That vertical line changed our lives!

The next big step was to make an appointment with our doctor. We went on May 11, several weeks later, and she did an internal sonogram and WOW. That was 50 times more real than a positive home test! As the doctor pointed out the blinking dot on the screen that was maybe the size of the tip of a pencil, we realized that was the heart pumping, already. At about 4 and 1/2 weeks past conception. The heart was beating. (Gosh and who in their right mind calls this baby a blob of tissue??? Another story...) She changed my due date (since she *incorrectly* estimated Dec. 15 according to the LMP rule) to December 26, a little closer to the date I calculated as December 29. So we tell people we're due right after Christmas! A Christmas baby!

Other odds and ends:
1. I've thrown up once, and only once. My sincere apologies go out to the poor witnesses, my DH, dad, and brother. Those poor guys.

2. I've had major food aversions- basically all food in general has been so incredibly disgusting. DH did the majority of cooking for several weeks, and for that I love him!

3. Fatigue is something real, I always thought it was just laziness. But when you fall asleep after putting your head on your desk for 3 seconds, you know you're pregnant.

4. Acne during pregnancy is *different* from acne during puberty. For me, it's been those painful, under-the-skin mountains that won't pop but hurt like heck.

5. It's scary to tell some people who you think might not be so happy for you that you're pregnant. But in the end, your excitement is contagious and people really *do* care! And people don't wait to start offering you their opinions about maternity clothes and breastfeeding and carseats and excercise and alcohol, they don't wait one minute!

6. Pregnancy has strengthened this relationship between husband and wife. We're going somewhere together that we've never been before, and it's incredibly exciting!

7. Breath Right nose strips are worth the money.

8. A community of support is very important- you need someone whom to ask random questions and to hear similar experiences about pregnancy and its trappings.

9. Grandparents rock!

10. Prenatal vitamins suck and praying is difficult when you're exhausted, but both are extremely important to the development of your baby. :-)

Wednesday, June 14


Ok to start from the very beginning... I think it's pretty much safe to say that DH (dear husband) and I practice natural family planning, specifically the Couple to Couple League's version of the sympto-thermal method. No, this is NOT the rhythm method!!! It is completely in line with the Catholic Church's teaching on the Theology of the Body, and has truly been a blessing in our marriage (all 11 months of it!). Not only do we practice NFP to avoid conceiving children during serious times, but we used it to conceive our first baby on our first try. :-)

The running joke is that my family does *not* have fertility issues (I have 5 siblings!) so it was no surprise really that we conceived on our first try! I think though, after doing research and realizing that many people have fertility issues initially, that it really was a miraculous that things have worked out so well so far.

I really, firmly believe that a woman should understand what she does to her body when she uses artificial birth control, and that each woman should understand the cycles of her own body. It is NORMAL for a woman *not* to have 28 day cycles- something I didn't know until after I learned NFP. I thought I was broken, or that something was wrong with me, and that wasn't the case at all! Instead, each woman has a unique way in which they were made, which makes each and every woman's cycle different from the next womans. Yes, some could set their clock by their period, but it doens't mean there's nothing wrong if others can't.

I'm not trying to evangelize here. This is my blog, you're choosing to read it. That said, I hope you enjoy following along with DH and I during our first pregnancy!


Yesterday I spent a good 30 or 45 minutes writing my first real entry... And the internet went out and I lost it. All. So instead of re-writing everything at once, I'm going to take my time and break it up into smaller blogs so that I'm not so depressed if that happens again!
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