Tuesday, September 6

Weekend of Firsts

Friday, September 2 was First Friday, and we had our First activity of the year for our homeschool group.  Our group met for mass (the children's First time at this parish), then went to a new park for the First time.  They had a lot of fun playing with some old friends and making some new friends!  Finally I'm starting to feel like one of the "seasoned" moms in our group, and my older children are finally old enough that they'll go off and actually play with friends instead of me having to entertain them!  A new First feeling!

We had a birthday party for Mary, as in the Mother of God, whose nativity we celebrate on September 8.  We made a cupcake rosary, sang happy birthday, and made a craft of a "vase" with flowers to present to Mary on her birthday.
(Two days later, Beth was telling an adult friend that we went to a birthday party for Mary on Friday.  The friend asked, "Mary who?" And Beth said, "You know, Mary, she had two kids?  We sang happy birthday to her?"  I realized Beth thought the birthday party for Mary was for one of the Moms that belonged to our group, lol.)

Saturday morning we visited a new garden center for the First time, and I hope not the last!  We loved it!  It was a beautiful morning, the kids were in a good mood, and it was nice talking to an employee who actually knew which plants to recommend to us given our deer situation!  Saturday afternoon was spent working outside; I think it's safe to say we all spent 75% of Saturday outside!  We planted our new plants in the front gardens and a few in the back, where we also made some new garden beds.  Ryan and I have a vision for our backyard that involves less grass to mow and beautiful, overgrown gardens that look like something from a magazine.  We took that First step to fulfill that vision on Saturday!
before.  dead grass, septic tank, nothing pretty.
Sunday morning, after mass and brunch, we went to Home Depot to buy a few more rocks for our garden, and spent Sunday afternoon working outside again!
after. the start of something beautiful...when the plants grow up and cover up the cheap brick!

Ryan had Monday off and so he stayed home with the boys and I took Beth to buy some craft supplies and to our new fabulous grocery store for the First time.  Well, her First time to go, my fourth. ;-)  That afternoon we had friends over for the First time and grilled some ribs!

Which brings me to today!  Our First day of school!  We eased into the day, I didn't make a huge deal of it because I wanted everyone to be in good spirits and not expecting too much from me!  I am happy to say our first day was a huge success, and I will blog more about our school soon!

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grandma c said...

Sounds like a lot of "good Firsts!" A rosary of cupcakes...mmm...now that also sounds like a "First!"

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