Sunday, March 18

Out With The Old, In With The New

This past week we sold our little green Mazda Protege!  I bought it in college from my first roommate and it's served us well since 2003, but it was time to go.  Ryan has had a few major components fixed so we felt justified in actually selling it and not just giving it away, ha!

He's been scouring the internet looking for a new-to-us truck.  Yes, a truck!  My poor man has been longing for a truck since the sad day he had to sell his Ranger in 2008.  Well, tomorrow is his lucky day because he'll be driving down south to pick up his 2004 black Toyota Tacoma!

He's so giddy, it's cute. :-)  I'm happy that we'll able to fit a couple of carseats in the back and finally be able to haul our own stuff again!  I should probably take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us haul something over the past four years... It's been greatly appreciated!  I guess we can start paying favors back now!


grandma c said...

Nice ride. So, can we borrow your truck to haul dirt...and rocks...and old dryers? Just kidding.

Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

Congrats on the new truck! Looks so nice!

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