Sunday, October 16

No More Cable TV

sort of a sad way to watch a football game!
I can't remember if I've blogged this or not, but we ditched our cable several months ago.  We tried in vain to figure out a way to hook our computer up to our television, but due to the age of our tv and the input types, it's nearly impossible!  We've been reduced to watching our favorite shows on the computer, which hasn't been a huge deal but it's sort of... inconvenient?  Uncomfortable?  We kept the tv hooked up to the DVD player so the kids can watch DVDs, but that was all it was good for.

Until last week.  Ryan bought a converter box and an antenna.  Do you know how much it was hurting him to watch football on the computer screen?  Lots.  Well, since we're not in the city we don't get great reception, but we now get the basic channels which means Ryan can watch most of the football games.  Yesterday's game was on a regular channel, so I took the above photo of Ryan and Beth watching the game on the computer.  Don't you feel sorry for him?

beth and jack, enjoying a snack while luke finishes his late nap


Lindsey said...

No cable here, either! (We get our internet via cable, though, and the local channels come in on that). We have Netflix and watch on our Wii; it's all we need!

Julie said...

We dumped cable after Eva was born and we didn't have time to watch anything anymore! We do have the netflix streaming thru our ps3 when we get some lazy time! Wouldn't help poor Ryan and his football games though.

Nicole said...

What about getting a projector and a big canvas? That's what we have and it's great! You can switch from computer to TV to Wii to whatever else with the click of a button! :)

mama schmerb said...

As much as I want to get rid of cable and the tv's.....I do feel for poor just ain't the same on a 9 inch screen!

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