Sunday, October 30

Luke's Birthday Party

His cake, made by Mommy of course.  He loved it!  In retrospect I should have put the M&Ms a little closer together but overall I'm happy with it!

Bethie and MawMaw

MawMaw and the birthday boy, who is addicted to juice bags

Jack wasn't so entertained with Uncle Alex's blower thingie.  (We couldn't figure out what the technical name for those things are!)

Luke had so much fun with our out-of-town guests!

A silly smile, he was too excited to play with the diggers!

I think he had some help blowing out his candle. ;-)

Look at all those presents!

He got a firetruck!  Look at that smile!

A few new books, including Daddy's favorite, "I Stink!"

Coolest toy, a working drill and little toys with screws to drill.  He loves this!

The banner I made for his birthday!

I'm planning on using this in the future too! 

We made some coordinating flag banners also, and birthday cards mixed in with my Halloween mantel.


Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

What a fun party - I'm so sad we couldn't be there! So great your family was able to be there! I can't believe little Luke is 3 years old, he is so big and absolutely precious!

Lindsey said...

These photos are so beautiful. Amazing job with the cake!! Happy birthday, Luke. Time is moving way too fast!

grandma and grandpa said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Luke. Glad you had so much fun. Also glad we got to have another "mini" birthday for you last night after we got back from our trip. You are so darn adorable and you always put smiles on our faces!!

ashley said...

awww looks like a wonderful birthday!

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