Tuesday, October 11

Random School Pics

reviewing at the end of the week.  we didn't get much schooling done during our rough two weeks, so we had lots of reviewing to do before we get back into things again!

sorting shapes and colors.  after this we made patterns.


black beans and water play.  biiiig mess.

measuring cups and spoons.

and jack had a snack!

finger paints, an even bigger mess!

somehow mixing all the colors made purple!
paint up to her elbows!

they love to read, jack was even sitting on the couch reading!

luke's pray and play craft

beth's pray and play craft, we had a lesson on sincerity
We are on week 5 in our lesson plans, and mostly ahead of where we should be.  Beth loves handwriting and anything with numbers, either writing or counting, sorting, adding, and subtracting.  We're continuing on in the bible, reading and illustrating as we go.  We're on lesson 25 of our reading lessons (out of 100 lessons) and Beth's first sight words (other than her name) include Mom, Dad, no, and cat.  I have some flashcards we might start this week with other sight words like the, at, that, etc.  Luke joins in on most of our school lessons and participates to some extent, I've been surprised at how easily he memorizes the poetry!  Jack is starting to drop his morning nap so this is presenting a bit more of a challenge about when we get our school work done.  He's not napping but that doesn't mean he's happy either, so dealing with a grumpy baby means we school when he's happy!  Ahh, Mommy's first lesson in flexibility.  ;-)

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grandma c said...

Am wondering if your foyer walls should be....purple! If so, you've got some painters that could help. Love the pictures of the little students and the snacker.

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