Wednesday, October 19

Luke's New Game

our newest little friend, a green hummingbird.  he's the only one we've ever seen at our feeder that we put up two weeks ago, but he seems happy to have found it because he comes several times a day!

I was recently talking to some friends about Luke.  Sunday is his third birthday, and I was trying to discern if some of his behaviors were normal or abnormal.  Of course, it's so hard to say because all kids are different so I can't compare him to Beth, he's a boy, he's a middle child, and he's just my Lukey!  I mentioned that Luke loves his weed whacker more than anything else, and someone pointed out this is a gross motor development thing.  Luke isn't interested in sitting down and coloring for more than, oh, 30 seconds, but he will weed whack his heart out for 30 minutes easily.  So I came up with a learning game using gross motor movements, but also trying to help him learn the sounds and letters of the alphabet.  I wrote out A on a sheet of construction paper and placed it near the window, then a B went by the tv, a C went on one couch, and a D went on the other couch.  Beth (who knows her letters and sounds but wanted to play too!) and Luke started at the fireplace, and I'd called out a sound.  They had to run to the letter that made the sound.  Let's just say this game was a hit, they had so much fun and were giggling up a storm!

Later, when Beth was working solo, Luke and I played a similar game but he had to weed whack the letter that matched the sound I made.  I'd let him go at it for a minute or two, until he was done, and then would say another sound.  He thought it was so silly at first but loved the game after a couple of letters!

 My goal will be to go through the alphabet with him with these games, similar games, and to quickly get my hands on some Montessori-style sandpaper letters.  I think he'd do very well with these as he does well with the tactile stimulation.  Anyone have any recommendations for similar products?

This is a picture of Beth illustrating (and later narrating) an old testament story of Abram and Lot.  She was happy with her final picture but the first picture she drew was priceless:

It cracked me up because I thought it was supposed to be ME!  I was laughing so hard on the inside because I didn't want to laugh out loud and let her think I didn't like her drawing.  Once I clarified with her that it wasn't a picture of me, I put it aside and she started working on another attempt.

Today we had our preschool pray and play group over at our home, as we do twice a month.  St. Therese was the topic and the kids made this craft. 

So cute!  Luke had one too but he ran off to play as soon as he was done so I didn't get a picture!  We have so much fun with this group, we're so glad to be a part of it!

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Kristen said...

Put colored hair gel in a ziploc bag. Draw letters on pieces of paper and place under the ziploc bag. Trace the letters in the hair gel. Then erase! Easy and kids LOVE it.

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