Sunday, October 23

Now We Are Three

Luke, today is your third birthday!  Happy day to you!  We will celebrate by having a few friends and family members come over to share some cake with you.  You requested M&M's and Mommy knows you love big machines so I will decorate your cake specially for you! 

The night before your birthday we tried to go to a pumpkin patch, but they had no pumpkins!  You were so disappointed, but we went out to dinner instead and you shared a hamburger with Daddy.  We promised to get a pumpkin later in the week!

Daddy and I wanted to share a few things about you right now that we love and want to remember.  When we go places, you always ask us, "Who mowed this grass?"  You are still obsessed with mow mows and weed whackers!  You love to watch anyone mow, but you prefer not to watch the weed whacker because you're worried you might get hurt.  You will watch Daddy from the safety of the house!

You have new tennis shoes, "just like Daddy."  And they do look like Daddy's, even with the neon green!  You want to wear these new shoes everywhere!

You talk all the time.  Seriously.  If you're quiet in the car for two minutes, I'm sure you've fallen asleep because otherwise you're asking questions, talking about what we'll do next, talking to Beth, requesting music (your "new favorite Daddy song"), or playing with a toy by talking to yourself.  Lots of talk.

Even when we're reading books you're asking questions!  You love to read, I'm sure we could easily sit and read for several hours and you'd be perfectly content.  But, you do have to ask what certain things are, or your favorite question, "Why?"

You are so spirited, have such high energy levels, and are so very outgoing.  I am so curious to see how you grow and change in the upcoming year!  We love you sweet boy!


Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

Happy birthday to our precious Godson Luke! We are so blessed to have you as a special part of our lives and your smile lights up a room! I'm sad we couldn't be at your party but we look forward to seeing you again soon!

grandma and grandpa said...

Happy Birthday, Luke! You are such a delight...we are very lucky grandparents!

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