Tuesday, January 3

A new resolution

I still haven't decided what my new year's resolutions should be yet!  I'm a couple of days late, but I think my procrastination paid off last night when I read this blog post.  While she's a bit wordy (her book is like that too!), I felt like I could relate to certain parts of her post, and I loved her idea of giving each year a name.  Today I've been pondering what my year could be, and while I can't think of a snappy name I picked a single word that speaks to the person I've been trying to be lately.


I want my 2012 to be joyful!  I want to be able to seek joy in all things, because for me seeking joy is nearly equivalent to learning to become grateful.  Gratitude naturally leads to thanksgiving, and thanksgiving leads to humility.  I love that these virtues are so closely entwined!

Our deacon pointed out at church this week that to have a resolution means not just stating your goal, but figuring out the steps you'll take to achieve your goal...So with that in mind, here are my steps.  They sound silly but I think each one will bring me one step closer to living a joy-filled year!

purposefully laugh.
smile when i want to frown. unfurrow my brow.  don't force it- become it.
be thankful for my blessings. write down one thing I'm grateful for per day in my day planner.
seek joy in the most difficult/awkward/frustrating of all situations by pondering it in prayer before speaking.
be a source of joy to those around me, especially my husband and children.
imitate the one who was full of Joy herself, mary!

In Luke 2:19, "Mary pondered these things in her heart."  Somehow I feel drawn that spending more time pondering- instead of speaking (yelling?)- will lead me to joy.  Joy in Jesus, joy in my daily life, joy in my faith.  I'm not sure quite how yet, but I hope that by spending more time pondering, Jesus will turn my eyes to the true joy that I can only find in him!

Happy 2012!


Stephanie said...

I love this idea! My husband is always telling me to smile ... Apparently I look grumpy unintentionally. :) what a wonderful goal!

Lauren and Brian said...

Oh! I have the PERFECT book for you to read! It's beautifully written- you'll really enjoy it! Go get it TODAY! It's called 1000 Gifts. I will read it with you...I stalled out on chapter 3/4 ;) She talks about how true joy comes from eucharistio or thanksgiving. So, I think it would help us not be so caught up in the questions of today's post if we found our true joy... let's do it. buy the book and tell me when you get it. PS the first chapter is sad :( fair warning.

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