Saturday, January 7

Welcome 2012!

 Last Saturday night was New Year's Eve, and we celebrated at home with the kiddos this year.  We grilled some ribs and played outside- wearing shorts and t-shirts. ;-)  I bought some firework popper things, I thought they just shot out streamers but I didn't realize there was actually a pop!  The kids "helped" Ryan pop a few while we were making dinner, they thought it was the coolest thing ever!  Even Jack wanted a turn!

We had a delicious family-style dinner, which is another one of my resolutions.  Ryan and I get very frustrated during mealtime when the kids are making demands constantly... more milk, more water, new napkins, give me mustard, I need a new fork... So we're putting everything on the table before dinner, and asking the kids to help out by either getting their own water or by setting napkins/forks at each chair.  So far it's wonderful!  Ryan and I can actually sit down and eat with the kids, instead of one of us always having to get up!  It creates some extra dishes but in the end, we're okay with that!

As soon as it got dark, the neighbors started shooting off firecrackers.  Not little firecrackers or occasional pop, but the real kind that make you feel a BOOM in your chest.  Needless to say our children were not interested in going to bed!  We stayed up a little and let them watch the show, and eventually put them in their rooms to bed with their fans (white noise) on as loudly as we could manage.  I'm amazed they went to sleep, and stayed asleep during the grand finale at midnight!

New year's morning was Sunday, and we went to mass as usual and came home and made an extra-fancy brunch!  Mimosas for Mom and Dad, and bacon, hash browns, eggs, and pancakes for all.  Family style, of course, in my new serving dishes from Target!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, talking about our goals for the year, and working in the yard a bit.  Ryan had Monday off too and we took a family trip to Ikea for a new bookshelf for my new printer (more on that later!).  Never again will Ryan and I take them to Ikea... It's really just not worth it!!!

It's been a wonderful treat to have Ryan home so much during the Christmas break!  He's back to work as usual and I'm ready for us to start school and get back on our schedule again.  Tonight we took down our Christmas decor and Monday we'll start our spring semester! 


Neen said...

Another plus to putting everything on the table is that you become a family instead of servants to each other.

ashley said...

happy new year!

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