Sunday, January 1

Christmas Tree Farm

Our trip to the Christmas tree farm this year was more of a trip to visit the animals, ride the train, and run around the tree fields!  The farm we go to has lots of little fun extras to see and do, and we spent more time checking out these extras than we had in the past. 


a peacock! there were lots of exotic birds.

a (very bumpy) train ride around the farm

a miniature donkey?

another donkey, beth loved all of the animals!  like mother like daughter!

jack was cracking up at the goats jumping on the gate

rabbits!  :-)

on the hay ride, out to go see the trees

it was deceptively chilly that day!

unfortunately a lot of the trees we wanted weren't for sale this year, they were saving them for next year.  i think it had something to do with the drought?

trying to find the perfect tree!

stepping on (and then falling over) a stump

our tree!  my camera battery died while we were cutting the tree down at the farm, but here's the one we chose. 

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