Sunday, January 8

Our Christmas Gifts

Our Christmas gifts for the kids this year were given with the hopes that it would provide lots of entertainment for them upstairs.  We hardly spend anytime upstairs during the day, except when the kids have rest/nap time.  Luke is still napping, but I have a feeling that he will drop it sometime in the next several months.  Luke received a bunch of matchbox cars, trains, a set of semi-trucks, and books to fill up his little bookshelf in his bedroom.  I kid you not, before Christmas he had books and a set of wooden train tracks in his room- not really conducive to extended playtime! He now has plenty of toys, hopefully he will enjoy playing on his own for awhile since he's not really into sharing right now. ;-)

trucks, cars, diggers, trains, helicopters, blocks, train tracks!  you think it'd be enough to entertain him for hours! 

the melissa & doug fleet from grandma and grandpa- each carries a different load!

as much as he loves vehicles, blocks have always been one of his favorites.

a few new books for christmas too!
Bethany received a bunch of playtime dolls from both sets of grandparents for Christmas and her birthday.  We decided to allow her to have Barbies... I know, some of you (all of you?) are probably thinking I was crazy for considering not letting her own Barbies.  But seriously, they're not exactly dressed the way I want my daughter to dress, and their makeup is a bit trampy.  I know that so many people say that it doesn't matter, but to Ryan and me it does.  So we picked out a couple of Barbies that we thought seemed decent enough, I purchased a few hand-made Barbie dresses from etsy, and she was thrilled to receive them!  She also received a lot of new furniture and a few new dolls for her Loving Family dollhouse, which was so graciously given to us by a friend a few months ago!  We moved Beth's bedroom furniture around a little to make room for everything, and we also finally added a chair to her desk so she can color and draw in her room.  Lately she enjoys making "cards" for everyone by using up all of my envelopes! 
big girl using her desk now for drawing and coloring!

doll house people and furniture, three new barbies and a corvette!

her play corner- the toys tuck away nicely in the unused side of her closet. :-)

my girly girl.  a new jewelry box from mommy and daddy, a place for bows and headbands.  a drawer full of scarves and other "accessories."
Both Beth and Luke also received a CD player for their bedrooms.  We listen to a lot of music in our house and it's always calming and soothing for them, and keeps them engaged in their activities.  Right now they just have kid CDs in their rooms but I'll be adding to their collection soon I hope.  They both LOVE their CD players and feel so grown-up by choosing and playing their own music!

Jack received a few new toys and some blocks, and a couple of cloth diapers. :-)  What can I say, the boy plays mostly with Beth and Luke's toys! 

For Christmas I received a new all-in-one printer from Ryan to replace the dinky cheap-o one that hardly ever worked!  It's beautiful and wonderful and wireless!  I love it! 
my new all-in-one printer from ryan- it's wireless so I can print from my downstairs laptop!  and it scans and copies- yay!!!
I gave Ryan a photo of a basketball goal. ;-)  We are planning on buying in in February after we take care of Finley first- poor doggy has to have some lumps removed and have his teeth cleaned at the same time!  We've been told that the lumps are harmless but it's safer to remove them now, so we're hoping that he'll continue to be healthy after this.  Ryan's been wanting a basketball goal for over a year now, hopefully one more month shouldn't be too much longer of a wait!

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Stephanie said...

I agree with you on the Barbies ... I am very picky about which ones I will buy for my nieces!

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