Thursday, January 5


Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to take the afternoon off? 
Do you ever feel trapped in your own house, look outside the window and it's almost like you're looking through jail bars? 
Do you ever look at your life and go, "Wait. What now?" 
Do you ever wonder if you're actually talking to the wall, because clearly no one has heard a word you've said all day long? 
Do you contemplate what would happen to the kids and your house if you just were to lock yourself in your closet all afternoon with a stash of dark chocolate and Dr. Pepper?  
Do you tell God, "I know you won't give me more than I can handle, I just wish you wouldn't trust me with so much?"

Oh you haven't?  Um yeah, me neither. :-b


Liz said...

Have you ever felt a deep admiration for a woman who speaks up and vocalizes the questions that every mother asks but nobody wants to admit?

I have!

Just remember- it's all a phase. In the trenches right now it may seem like you will freak if you go one more day without adult conversation. But when the kids careen through the door, pit stop at the fridge, and sequester their teenage selves in their rooms so mom and dad's lack of 'cool' won't rub off on will SO be pining for the days when they were small enough to gather in your arms and the times when their whole world was contained in your house and yard.

I know it must seem like that's so far away you might not even be able to envision it, but you KNOW it's true! How many times have we heard from our own mothers "it goes so fast"? My mom told me recently she wished she would have known enough to quit her job and stay home with me the year I was three. She said I was so much fun and so sweet, and she hates that most of my waking hours were spent in a preschool with strangers.

A friend of mine had a lot of trouble conceiving so they adopted a special needs sibling group- 11 month old twins and their 9 day old baby sister. Three weeks after they brought the kids home, she discovered she was pregnant. Two weeks after THAT...first ultrasound revealed it was twins.

Now she has five kids- age 21 months, 21 months, 10 months, newborn, & newborn. She always wanted a house full but never dreamed she would have five under age two. She said she literally cries from the exhaustion and lack of sleep. She's so tired the other day she freaked because she realized one of the newborns wasn't in the bassinette- before she realized where he WAS-- in the sling, nursing.

But she still won't accept much help...she says when five teens are thundering up the stairs, she will give anything to have them as babies for one more second.

In other words..."this too, shall pass".

And if it's passing too slowly? Tell Ryan to get his tiny hiney home early one day, and you take some chocolate to Starbucks and just chill. He'll live. They all will!

Kristi said...

Liz I don't know you, but I wish I did. You made me cry! Well, almost. ;o) Thank you for sharing your words!

Stephanie, either....:oP Especially NOT when I am approaching my...ahem...moon time...or as I have heard it called- Shark Week!

I agree with Liz, thanks for saying what someone like me is too chicken to say.

Blair said...

Nah, me neither ;-P

Wally said...

Hugs, Stephanie. I truly relate.

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