Sunday, January 15


Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I had two night births and it's been sort of hectic!  We're trying to get back into our daily routine and we were somewhat successful last week.  :-)  One morning I was getting very frustrated by all the "mine!" and "leave me alone!" sort of comments, that I scrapped our morning lesson plan and decided to focus on teamwork instead!  I came up with a few things on the spot, and the first was a mini-lecture of sorts (ha!) on how a family is like a football team... I thought Ryan would be proud of my analogy!  We talked about how each person has strengths and weaknesses, and how we help each other out, how the coach knows each player's strengths, etc... Luke said his strength was running fast, and Beth said her strength was being honest!  So, they sort of got it. ;-)  Then I got on youtube and we watched the winning play of the Texans vs. the Bengals.  The kids watch football with Ryan so they knew what was going on, but I kept starting and stopping the video to try to make points, like this guy is good at kicking and this guy is good at catching, etc.  They just liked watching a video, lol.

After our discussion we had a three-legged "walk" around the house.  They had never done this before so I tied their legs together and let them go at it.  Surprisingly they didn't fall, but they didn't quite get it the "right" way either.  I think the benefit of this was that they were standing near each other- arms around each other- and not trying to hurt each other.  I'll consider it a successful activity.!

After this we played a modified game of hide-and-seek, but they had to hold hands and find an object I had hidden.  The goal was one person had to say, "I think it's under the pillow" and the other person had to lift up the pillow to look.  They did it well a few times, and I played too so they took turns hiding the object. 

We also read a Curious George book where George takes newspapers and makes paper boats to float down the river, and so we decided to fold a paper boat!  This wasn't really a teamwork exercise, but they thought it was really cool, and I was just happy I could follow the illustrated directions in the book!  The boat lasted about 2 minutes in the water before Luke pushed it under the water, he didn't realize that would make it sink!

I truly hope that I'm able to help them cultivate a special friendship.  So many days I think one is out to kill the other!  They have different personalities but I pray that as the years go on, they're able to share happy memories, share faith, share family, and be good friends!

And here is a photo of Jack, because although he didn't fully participate in our teamwork activities, he's definitely part of our team!

And while that would be a nice place to end this post, I have a few more pictures to share that don't belong anywhere particular. :-)

Another day last week we made a race track and blew little poms around the track with air from our straws.  Beth loved this activity, then of course the boys took matchbox cars to it and destroyed the track within a few minutes.  They had a fun time destroying it though!


Blair said...

Check out the Resolved2Worship blog! Her latest post was a bunch of analogies about parenting and being like a sports coach :) I think it's:

Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

What fun ideas! I think that is a great way to get them to work together and enjoy being a team! You're very creative!

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