Wednesday, January 2

Welcome 2013!

Another year already!  I just looked at my New Year's Eve post from last year and seriously, it looks just about the same as it did this year, except for Beth's hair is longer and everyone's a little taller!

For new year's eve we invited two couples and their kids over to our house, shared dinner and drinks, then put the kids to bed upstairs so the adults could stay up and usher in the new year together!  We played games then right before midnight, took our champagne outside to watch the neighbors shoot off fireworks.  There were quite a few- there always are- so we opted to watch the real ones instead of the ones on tv!  It's nice having older kids who will sleep through the fireworks!

I continue to contemplate my new year's resolutions this year, but after rereading my post from last year I think I've figured it out.  Last year I chose the word "Joy" to define my year, and I feel like I did a pretty good job of sticking with it.  There were times when I would remind myself to find joy, be more joyful, and to create an atmosphere of joy.  Looking back I can see where I could have improved-certainly there were many times when I was grumpy! On the whole one thing I came to focus on through the second half of the year was just to be more relaxed about everything.  We've raised our kids on schedules and routines, and I love that now that they're older and they know the basic way we run our lives.  But sometimes I feel like maybe it's too much, and I want to not expect so much from them and not have them worry about what's happening next.  That's a source of stress in my life, and I want them to be able to just go with the flow.  So now that they're older, I want to loosen the reigns and just be more Jamaican- no worries. ;-)

So this  year, with that in mind and with my other new goals, my word for the year is Peace.

  • I want to create a peaceful home in which we are able to share our thoughts and feelings- and without having to argue, raise our voices, or fight. As a family, we've all agreed to work on noticing and improving the tones of our voices in how we speak to each other.  This is especially important for me, because as the mother I set the tone for our whole day, and I can have a very harsh voice.
  • I want to be at peace with my home and the gifts that God has given us.  I want to avoid jealousy by giving thanks for the things I already have!
  • I want to be a peaceful presence to my husband, my children, my family, my friends, and my clients.  For me, this means putting my needs last and their needs first by being a servant.  However, I don't want to burn out- and I know that I can definitely burn out fast if I don't take care of myself- so I am going to be diligent about taking my vitamins and exercising!  And maybe I should schedule a monthly massage or something too... :-)
  • I want my mind to be at peace.  This will only come through dedicated prayer, and now that my children are older and I get sleep on a regular basis, there is no excuse for me to not carve out time for daily prayer.  There is a season for everything, and my life has scheduled time for school, house cleaning, clients, and play... It's time for me to put the Lord back in the number 1 place again! 
  • Also, and this has nothing to do with peace, but I resolve to clean my shower on a more regular basis... Eww.
On December 31st I got an iPhone, so Ryan and I both have the ability to sync our schedules and plans with a special app that we've downloaded.  I am hoping that by keeping our schedules in one place, it will allow us both to just sit back and relax to some extent!  Maybe that seems counter-intuitive for some but for us, by creating order we are also freeing ourselves to not worry about missing events or overbooking our schedules.  Now it's all in one place so I won't have to spend time emailing him our schedules or trying to figure out when to schedule meetings with clients!  This should also bring us some peace!  But the app has a place to "journal" my day, and while I try to keep my blog for that I think I'll try take one picture per day and write some way about the peace or joy it's brought to my family.  It will be a gratitude journal, so to speak.  Maybe one day I can figure out how to blog about that?

I wish you all the best- a happy, healthy, and very blessed 2013.

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