Tuesday, January 1

Goodbye Austin

They are gone.  My parents sold the home in which I spent the last eight years of of my childhood, and I've left so many memories- the good and the bad- behind.  They have moved because of my Dad's job.  When work calls, you gotta answer.
Saying goodbye to the house in which I spent so many formative years of my life was very bittersweet.  Remembering what had happened there... From fifth grade through high school... Well, it's overwhelming.  Then, I made new memories by watching my kids play in the house where three of my brothers were born and had spent their whole lives. 
I walked through the house one last time, alone, and I spent time recalling the happy times.  Reminding myself of the things I wanted to make sure I remembered- not just how I'd left them, but how they were when I was much younger.  My slumber party in 6th grade with my girlfriends and I sleeping in the living room... I didn't have a birthday the year before because we'd only just moved to Austin and I knew no one.  Wrestling my brothers on the living room floor.  Playing in the backyard on the fort and in the hose.  My band blockhead in the front yard.  My pets- my cats, rabbits, a brief stint with some noisy birds.  So many wonderful memories.  
I have to mention that there were many things I chose to leave behind me.  Many memories I am done with, parts of me that don't even feel like me anymore.  It is freeing to be rid of that, though I know they will never actually leave me.  I choose to learn from the past but not let it dictate who I am today.  Good riddance.
I know that saying goodbye to a house is not the most important part, because it was our family made it a home.  And I've moved on and made a new home, my siblings are doing the same, and my parents and two youngest brothers will be creating a new set of memories in a new house...Making it their home.
So, to a house full of memories, to the friends we've left behind.  To starting over again in new places, and to new memories yet to be made.  To exploring a new city and state, far far away, and to learning how to be a family though we're separated by miles.  May we all be blessed as we are on opposite sides of the country, and may we all remember to use this newfangled technology like Skype and FaceTime to see each other on a more regular basis!  This is not the end, but the beginning to a new exciting journey!  Will you please pray for my family- all of them- as we all settle in to this new way of life?  

Mom, Dad, David, Alex- we are looking forward to seeing your new digs soon. :-)

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moma schmerb said...

I just saw this. So beautiful. I love the artistic view of the house. But, I am finding out it is true...it's not the 'house', it's the peope inside that make it a home. :)

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