Tuesday, January 1

St. Nicholas Day

At the beginning of December, Grandpa and Grandma took Beth to see The Nutcracker at the ballet, at a special time with our homeschool group.  She loved seeing the ballet she knows so well, this time up close and personal.  After the ballet was over she had a special treat and was able to meet one of the orchestra's violin players, a friend of Grandpa and Grandma's.

The next night was the eve of St. Nicholas' visit!  We placed our shoes out with tender care, only this night was a bit different since Ryan and I would be leaving early the next morning for our trip (more on that later), so Grandpa and Grandma's shoes were left out instead.  The next morning, the kids woke up to shoes filled with oranges, chocolate coins, and for the kids- new slippers and books!

The kids had fun over the next several days with Grandpa and Grandma, then with my Mom and two brothers, while Ryan and I left town for a little vacation!

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